Big Show admits his full-time wrestling career is coming to an end

Big Show Big Show

WWE Superstar the Big Show hinted at retirement in an interview with British-based Digital Spy while he was promoting his movie Vendetta.

“Am I a little sad that my wrestling career is towards its end? Well, yeah, because this has been my life for 20 years,” Show said when asked if Vendetta is the beginning of the end for his wrestling career.

“But I think I can continue to help some of the younger guys get over and develop and find out who they are then find a pleasant transition for myself. I’m not quite in the old folks’ home yet, I’ve still got more to do.”

Show said that it’s a natural evolution for him to try and transfer over to film and television and added that he hoped he could keep entertaining his fans in different avenues in the years to come.

The former champion said that one of the things that will happen will be not being on television every week but when he gets a chance to return he hopes to have “a little bit more impact and a little bit more fun.” Show added that he thinks he’s been on television too much although part of it was a necessity.