Betting odds for tonight’s WrestleMania 33

What a difference a few years make…

Whereas, until a few years ago betting on WWE was at best, frowned upon by betting companies, it seems that such outlook is very rapidly changing. In the last few years, we have been noticing a rapid increase in the number of betting websites offering betting on outcomes of WWE matches.

What is really impressing us as of late is the variety in the offers being presented. No longer its a matter of betting on who will win a particular match but now bookies are offering a variety of prop bets going from duration of the actual match, number of times a listed move is performed or who will attempt the first near fall.

And that’s not all. Seems like in the past week, oddsmakers have listened to every wrestling podcast on the planet and put odds on all topics discussed in them….such as Shane jumping from some crazy height, Samoa Joe interfering in the Rollins vs HHH match or if John Cena will propose to Nikki.

Below is a quick look to how the odds look for each match at the time of print and some of the related props. Odds courtesy of 888sport.com.

Battle Royal

What seemed to be a sure win for Braun Strowman (favorite since the market started being offered back in December), is currently in doubt. Braun’s 7/10 odds are closely followed by big-climber Sami Zayn (at odds Evens) after Braun was lurking around the 1/10 area for most of last week. Noteworthy interest seems to have been attracted by Mojo Rawley over the weekend. He features as 3rd favorite @ 7/2.

Neville vs Austin Aries

Neville is 1/15 favorite to win the match against Aries 6/1. Duration: 14 minutes: Over 6/5, Under 3/5

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse

Cena & Nikki are very strong favorites at 1/13. Duration: 11 minutes: Over 11/10, Under 13/20. Cena to propose is currently priced at 13/20.

Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker

Bettors seem believing Reigns will cause The Undertaker to chalk up another defeat to his WrestleMania record. Reigns is currently 1/8 to get the W, with Taker a 4/1 underdog. Duration: 18 minutes: Over 18/27, Under Evens. Interestingly Braun Strowman is also quoted at Evens to interfere in the match that should start after the predicted lengthy Undertaker entrance. Odds setters have put the Over/Under line at 5:00 minutes from the first gong to when Taker sets foot in the ring: Over 9/10, Under 4/5.

Triple H vs Seth Rollins

The Architect (1/15) is highly expected to beat The Game (6/1) if betting odds are anything to go by. Duration: 16 and half minutes: Over 1/2, Under 7/5. Samoa Joe is expected to continue playing a role in the feud (odds to interfere 1/5) alongside a crutch (1/10), the historic sledgehammer (1/7) and maybe the re-emergence of Rollins’ Curb Stomp (odds 33/50).

Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles

AJ is a strong 1/10 favorite against Shane (odds 19/4). Duration: 15 minutes: Over 4/5, Under 9/10. Besides the possibility to bet on whether Shane will take another one of his crazy bumps (odds 2/5 to jump from anywhere acknowledged to be 10 feet or over), it’s worth noticing the unusually low odds for such a match to end with anything but a pinfall or submission. Seems like the idea of a “non-clean” finish is gaining steam.

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton

Orton is a 1/10 strong favorite to win against Bray’s 5/1. Duration: 17 minutes: Both Over and Under options with odds 17/20. Bettors have backed Bray Watt to kick from an RKO (odds 3/5) but also Randy to successfully deliver 2 or more RKOs (odds 1/2).

Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin

Corbin is a 1/10 favorite to win against Ambrose (19/4). Duration: 13 minutes: Over Evens, Under 18/25. It is also possible to bet that during the expectedly hard-hitting contest Ambrose will deliver a successful lunatic fringe’s Rebound clothesline (odds 3/5) before Corbin executes Deep Six (odds 6/5) on the former Shield member.

Alexa Bliss vs Carmella vs Naomi vs Mickie James vs Natalya vs Becky Lynch

A hometown victory by Naomi (odds 1/5) seems to be the bettor’s choice followed by Carmella (5/2). Since the announcement that the match will not be on the preshow but on the main card there has been a change in the minutes line which have now fallen to the 10 minute mark with Under as favorite.

Gallows & Anderson vs Sheamus & Cesaro vs Enzo & Cass

Enzo & Cass are 1/3 favorites to win their first ever WWE gold. Gallows & Anderson have been attracting interest lately. As a consequence their odds have improved to 7/4 at the expense of Cesaro & Sheamus who have dropped to 6/1. Duration: 13 minutes: Both sides at 17/20.

Bayley vs Charlotte vs Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks

In a match that is expected to be one of the longest on the card (line has been set at 20 minutes), Bayley seems to have stabilized as a 1/10 favorite followed by Charlotte (odds 2/1). Though bettors seem to have little faith in Sasha regaining the gold (odds 8/1) and even less in Nia winning (10/1, and odds 1/4 to be first eliminated), they seem quite confident Sasha and Bayley will be the final 2 (odds 1/2). Possibly setting the stage for a Sasha turn.

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar

Speaking about match duration…from the patterns we noticed over the weekend it seems like the question on everyone’s mind is not who will win the title. Lesnar having his odds at 1/34 and Goldberg having his at 8/1 seems like answering that question. Instead, a lot of interest has been noticed in whether the match will exceed a particular timeframe. Passing the 8 minute mark is currently the favourite at odds 4/5 against the 9/10 of the UNDER option. Goldberg might be in for a tough night given the over/under line of 6 suplexes executed on the 50-year old superhero. And for those who believe the former UFC Champ will be motivated enough to take Goldberg to Suplex City and beat the record of 16 suplexes delivered to Cena in August 2014, the bookies are offering a 7/1 payout.

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens

In another match expected to go long (line set at 20 minutes too), Owens (1/13) is expected to beat his former best friend Chris Jericho (odds 11/2). Samoa Joe could possibly play a role here too (odds 3/5 to interfere in the match).

Odds quoted from 888sport.com

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