Bella Twins open up about AJ Lee and Raw chants


As part of the European tour, several WWE Superstars and Divas are doing media rounds and British-based DigitalSpy caught up with Nikki and Brie Bella to talk about life in the WWE.

When the subject of AJ Lee retiring was brought up, Brie said she was shocked by the news because she was having a great career in the WWE. She mentioned that the Divas were sad to see AJ go but like everything else the Divas division will keep on going and it’s in good hands with the current crop of roster.

Nikki said that AJ is a big loss to the Divas division but great Divas always go eventually.

“But I do wish AJ the best of luck. What she did for us was great and I’m real excited though at the same time to see who’s going to step up,” Nikki added.

Asked about the post-WrestleMania chants which included, “You suck Bryan,” and “You suck Cena,” Brie said that she had mixed feelings about it. She appreciated that fans are creative and it was a bit funny but at the same time they work just as hard as the guys, so they want the same respect. She said the #GiveDivasAChance has to start from the fans and they have to stop the silly chants.

Her sister Nikki didn’t find it funny at all and said it was 100% disrespectful.

“Not only disrespectful for being a Diva, but for being a woman. It was so derogatory, it was so just inappropriate,” Nikki said.

She mentioned that at their shows they have little kids in the audience and it’s a family-friendly show so it was disappointing for her to hear such chants from the best crowd of the whole year.

“I think there were much better things to chant than stuff about what we do to our men – or the stuff they think we do to our men,” she concluded.