Bella Twins in Paris just minutes out from terrorist attack locations


If you follow Nikki and Brie Bella on their Twitter and Instagram social media accounts you will know that the twins have been in France and were at the L’Hotel in Paris yesterday, around 6 kilometers away from where the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris took place.

France was shocked with coordinated terrorist attacks yesterday night around Paris, with deadly blasts at different restaurants and a concert hall, leaving nearly 150 people dead.

Their brother JJ posted on his Twitter that all of them are safe. “My family is safe! Thank you for the concern! Let’s keep Paris in our thoughts,” he wrote, and earlier today, both Bellas addressed the situation themselves.

“I saw a City come together to protect one another. I thank the French people for our safety last night. They gave everyone amazing hospitality and protection and it didn’t matter your race, religion or nationality,” Nikki wrote on her Instagram account. “I will stand by France. I will pray for them. I will pray for peace. I pray that one day we all can live in this world together as one. But until that day I will stay fearless. Love.”

Her sister Brie also user her Instagram to talk about the terror attacks. “Last night I was enjoying the beautiful history and art in Paris at The Louvre. It saddens me how quickly something so beautiful can turn ugly. It breaks my heart in a million pieces to the victims of the terror attacks. You can feel the sadness here, but also the unity of the world. I was reminded so quickly how far world peace is…. but standing in the City of Love I know in the end love will prevail,” she added.