Becky Lynch gets her preferred partner for Mixed Match Challenge


As Becky Lynch was meeting fans outside the arena last night at Smackdown, signing autographs and taking photos, she encountered a “fan” who did not want her to autograph…but a tag team partner.

“Becky, Becky! It’s Becky, love you too!” the fan said. “You want me to sign?” replied Becky. “No, no I don’t want a signature. I want…a partner,” he said as he removed the wig and hoodie, revealing himself to be Sami Zayn.

Becky, who has been lobbying to be teamed up with Zayn, jumped up and down with joy and said that she’s gonna bring the old Sami back…the good Sami. Zayn said he’s always been the same and now he’s going to bring the best out of her too.

You can see the video below.