Bayley cheers up Finn Balor at NXT show in Indianapolis


With one ankle heavily taped up and crutches, Finn Balor looked on inside the NXT ring yesterday in Indianapolis, Indiana, as he was interrupted…by his own theme song.

But no, there was not another Finn Balor coming out, it was NXT Women’s champion Bayley who came out with a Balor Club jacket, mimicking his entrance and hitting all the spots that Balor usually does. Once in the ring, the two then hit the “too sweet” hand sign and Bayley hugged Balor with the two eventually falling down and rolling around in the ring.

With no crutches to help Balor stand up, Bayley hoisted up her fellow champion and then the two celebrated to Bayley’s theme. Balor might not have wrestled but this was a pretty entertaining segment that lifted up the crowd.

You can see the full video which was shot by WWE below.