Austin and Rock congratulate Kevin Steen


The arrival of Kevin Steen at NXT and eventually in WWE has a lot of fans excited and Steen received two encouraging tweets from two of the biggest Superstars to have ever graced the squared circle – Steve Austin and The Rock.

“Two C words for @FightSteenFight… Congratulations and Cardio. Good luck, kid,” Austin tweeted yesterday. Steen credits Austin for helping him, telling him to keep “running his mouth” when he met him in 2005.

Fellow former WWE champion The Rock also chimed in with his congratulatory message. “@FightSteenFight Welcome to the club homeboy. Very happy for you and your family. #MoveTheCrowd #HaveFun #WellPlacedSunsetFlips”

Steen reports to NXT on August 25.