Attorneys for Wyatt’s estranged wife say WWE is intimidating client and acting in bad faith is reporting that WWE is playing hardball with Samantha Rotunda, the estranged wife of WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt and her attempt to extract as many information as possible in their divorce court proceedings.

Rotunda is requesting WWE to turn over all documents from February 2011 to present related to her husband which cover tax returns, financial statements, banking information, loan applications, credit cards, pension plans, real estate, mortgages, partnership and joint-venture agreements, fictitious names, employment records, contracts, fringe benefits, trusts, disability pension, and safe deposit boxes.

This information will help Rotunda seek the appropriate amount of money for alimony and child support from Wyatt’s intellectual property, merchandising, licensing, payments, and other revenue streams stemming from his WWE employment.

WWE attorneys however objected to the subpoena, and while they did release some information, they are saying that the estimated cots of compliance with the subpoena would be “somewhere between $247,500 to $483,000” since “specially-trained review attorneys” would need to “collect, process and review the WWE’s electronically-stored e-mail information.”

Samantha Rotunda’s attorneys filed a memo in the Superior Court of Stamford, Connecticut saying that WWE is acting in bad faith by intimidating her from conducting discovery.

Bray Wyatt is in this nasty legal mess after he was discovered that he was cheating on his wife with Raw ring announcer JoJo.