Arnold Schwarzenegger to be RAW social media ambassador tomorrow


Former California Governor and Hollywood movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the social media ambassador for tomorrow’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

Schwarzenegger will be tweeting to his 2.6 million followers on Twitter while WWE will return the favor by plugging his new book titled ‘Total Recall’ during the broadcast.

The Governator got into a war of words with Money In The Bank winner Dolph Ziggler over the weekend on Twitter after Ziggler said he bought his book to “study his workouts for the media and movies” after he cashes in his MITB contract. Schwarzenegger thanked him for the support and told him good luck, two words that Ziggler didn’t appreciate.

“Hah relax brother, i don’t need luck & im not a fan, just a heads up, im on my way to being a much bigger STAR than you,” Ziggler tweeted back.

This is not the first time that Schwarzenegger worked for WWE as in 1999 he appeared in an episode of Smackdown and got physical with Triple H, attacking The Game and then downing a few beers with Steve Austin in the ring afterward.