Antonio Cesaro gets a massive endorsement from John Cena


Antonio Cesaro got a nice surprise at the non-televised live event in Munich, Germany, last night after he was invited by John Cena to the ring after the show was over.

Cena said his German was not good so he’d like Cesaro to come out. Cesaro shook Cena’s hands as he came in the ring and then spoke in German to the local fans as Cena was telling him what to translate.

Cena then took the mic after Cesaro refused to talk about himself. Cena then put over Cesaro big time, telling fans he wrestled everywhere and he’s earned everyone’s respect.

He thanked fans for believing in Cesaro, his first night in front of a German crowd on a big stage.

“I know a good thing when I see one. Congratulations for finally coming home. This man has the makings of a future champion,” Cena told the crowd while looking at Cesaro, who he referred to by his real name of Claudio.

Cena then tossed the World Heavyweight championship to Cesaro but Cesaro took the mic and returned the World title to Cena, who clapped and left the ring, leaving the spotlight on Cesaro.

Cesaro said he’d come back one day as the WWE champion as fans clapped and showed their appreciation.

You can see the great video below.