Another Hell In A Cell match…and another dangerous jump from Shane McMahon


Shane McMahon’s third Hell In A Cell match once again ended in a spectacular fashion, with the Smackdown Commissioner taking another leap from the top of the cell, only to crash hard on the announcers table.

McMahon did the exact same spot at WrestleMania last year against The Undertaker. In that match, Taker moved away on his own, while this time around, unlikely ally Sami Zayn moved Owens out of the way as Shane crashed and burned hard at high velocity.

The 47-year-old also took some dangerous spots on top of the cage, including a Pop-Up powerbomb. Owens did his highspot as well, going halfway down the cage through the announcers table.

You can see the dangerous jump from on top of the Hell In A Cell, filmed by R/SquaredCircle user m4n0nthem0on who was front row and directly behind the table below.