Another #1 contender’s match for WWE title scheduled for Smackdown


WWE threw in yet another curve ball in the quest to name the number one contender for the WWE title.

First Randy Orton gave up his right to wrestle Wyatt after winning the Royal Rumble, then came in a number one contender’s battle royal, which ended in a draw, then came a Luke Harper vs AJ Styles match to figure out who is going to WrestleMania, and then Randy Orton decided to burn Bray Wyatt’s place with Sister Abigail’s remains inside.

AJ Styles defeated Harper earlier this week to advance to WrestleMania but now WWE.COM is reporting that a match between Styles and Randy Orton has been set up for next week’s Smackdown with the winner – hopefully – being the true number one contender for Bray Wyatt’s WWE title.