An emotional John Cena appears on Raw Talk after No Mercy


An emotional John Cena appeared on Raw Talk after No Mercy ended on the WWE Network to discuss his match and what’s next for him.

Cena made it look like he’ll be gone for quite a while after his match, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd and then giving them the salute before heading backstage.

“It was a very emotional night. Having done a lot of these and having been in a lot of situations, and being in the same building where I jumped in the crowd after I won my first championship…ah…it’s…it’s cool,” Cena said as he fought back tears.

With Lawler patting Cena’s back, Cena continued. “No man, it’s cool, it’s alright, it’s just a…transition. Transition is tough but uh, it’s wonderful.”

With Hollywood knocking on his door more often, Cena’s time in WWE is very limited now and there will be less screen time for the leader of the Cenation on WWE television except for big pay-per-views such as WrestleMania.