American Grit reality TV show for FOX with Cena debuts April 14


The reality TV show that John Cena will be hosting for FOX, American Grit, will be starting on April 14 at 9PM EST and will air every Thursday night head to head with the second hour of Smackdown.

Cena spent two months away from the WWE filming this series, dropping the U.S. title to Alberto Del Rio at Hell In A Cell before vanishing. WWE did not explain his absence for several weeks until FOX announced that Cena will be hosting the show.

The series was filmed in Eatonville, Washington, with Little Mashell Falls and Pack Forest serving as the background for most of the filming. It is a competition-themed show testing 16 men and women in four-person teams in military-grade and survival-themed challenges with a prize of up to $1 million.

FOX released the trailer for the series yesterday which is narrated by Cena. You can see it below.