Amazing WrestleMania 31 opening video with LL Cool J revealed


The opening video for tomorrow’s WrestleMania has been revealed. Starring NCIS: Los Angeles actor and rapper LL Cool J, the opening pays homage to Silicon Valley and how mediums have changed apart from one thing: Us.

The video starts with footage of radios, to televisions, to old computers, and the Internet with LL Cool J narrating the story. Footage of clips from previous WrestleManias then play with Hogan/Andre to Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 12, to Rock vs Hogan, Rock vs Cena.

“Tonight, these men, these women, these athletes, these larger than life Superstars, will take the biggest stage in live entertainment,” LL Cool J says as images of the participants in this year’s WrestleMania show on screen as he walks towards the camera.

He continues, “Once again inspire us, move us, shape us, they will, connect us. Tonight, the world will be watching. This is WrestleMania.”

It’s a fantastic opening accompanied by some amazing visual effects, music, lights, and a great narration. You can see it below.