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Alicia Fox reveals battle with alcohol addiction


Former WWE Divas champion Alicia Fox revealed in a post on Instagram that she has been battling alcohol addiction and has been sober for the past few months.

Fox has been absent from WWE television for a long time but recently appeared at the WrestleMania tickets on-sale party in Tampa.

She said that for a while, she thought she could avoid addressing her recovery but she realized that it was time to be transparent and honest with her fans.

“I’m a few months sober, I’ve creatively navigated my emotions, snagged some new skills AND I WANT TO HELP,” Fox wrote. She added that she learned that being an alcoholic is life threatening and thankfully there’s support for it.

“I figured I can sharing my insight and BE of SERVICE to anyone finding it hard to believe that ‘YOU ARE IMPORTANT’ and deserve an opportunity to learn how to live a clean and sober life… it would be an honor to share my hope, strength, and experience,” she added.

Fox then gave out her Florida address and told fans to send her snail mail if they want help.