AJ Styles wins WWE title at Smackdown


It was a phenomenal Smackdown in Manchester for AJ Styles as one of the most popular Superstars in the WWE today got his hands on the WWE title for the second time in his still-short, but eventful WWE career.

WWE titles rarely swap hands on International tours, yet this week, two titles change hands when you also add the Raw Tag Team titles. However, the big prize, the WWE title, has never changed hands outside North America and while the title did change hands occasionally on Raw and Smackdown, it was the first time that such a change occurred across the Atlantic.

Styles used the Phenomenal Forearm to pin Mahal clean as the fans in Manchester went absolutely bananas, still in disbelief that the title swapped hands. “The phenomenal one is going beast hunting,” Corey Graves exclaimed.

Indeed he is. With the second title change in a week, the Survivor Series card took a different shape as now it will be AJ Styles who will take on Brock Lesnar in a champion vs champion non-title match. It’s one of those dream matches that we have never seen before, now a match that will take place on the WWE Network at the Survivor Series just 11 days away.

You can see AJ Styles winning the WWE title and the closing moments of the match against Jinder Mahal below.