AJ screws John Cena as Dolph Ziggler retains his MITB briefcase

For over a year now, CM Punk has displayed over and over again that he is the best in the world but in the last few months, it has come with major controversy. First it was interference by a rogue referee, who low blowed Ryback which allowed a fast count pin by CM Punk.

Then 3 men came out of the crowd and attacked Ryback which allowed CM Punk to pin John Cena. Now, due to an injury and knee surgery, the WWE Champion will not defend his title tonight.

The original main event for tonight was going to be CM Punk defending against Ryback in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. This was changed due to the surgery on CM Punk’s knee to now a 6 man tag team TLC match with Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) and Ryback vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns).

The largest athlete in the world, The Big Show looks to keep his Heavyweight title reign alive against Sheamus in a chairs match. Big Show has poked the Irish Man a little too far to the extent of a no contact clause between the two.

Not to forget that many matches tonight will be allowed to use either Tables, Ladders, and/or Chairs.

Preshow Match is a Santa’s Little Helpers battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the Divas Championship.

The following Divas were in the Battle Royal

Layla, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, natalya, Tamina Snuka, Aksana, Roda Mendes, Naomi, and Cameron.

Winner of the Match – Naomi

Tonight, WWE’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs  is live from The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

WWE opens with a toll of the bell 26 times for each victim for the horrific attack on Friday at a Connecticut Elementary School.

The play-by-play broadcasters tonight are Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL.

Our 1st Match is Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody The Mustache Rhodes and Damien Sandow in a Tables match to determine the #1 contenders to the Tag Team Championship.

This is a tables match as one member needs to be put through a table and all men can be in the ring at the same time. We start off with Mysterio and Sin Cara controlling this match and don’t take long to get tables out.

They attack Rhodes with a table then attack Sandow in the ring. While Rhodes and Sandow are down, they set up a table in the ring and get ready to take out Sandow. Rhodes saves the match and throws Mysterio outside of the ring,

Rhodes and Sandow work on Sin Cara but Rhodes quickly takes out Mysterio on the outside so both men can continue to work on Sin Cara. They prepare to get Sin Cara through the table in the ring but Sin Cara counters and takes out Sandow.

This allows him to work Rhodes alone in the ring. Outside of the ring, Sandow and Mysterio battle it out while Rhodes puts a hurting on Sin Cara. All men are now outside and Rhodes/Sandow are destroying Sin Cara and Mysterio.

Another table is introduced and is used to slam the steps while Sin Cara’s leg is stuck between the stairs and ring post.

Now 2 tables are setup outside with both Sin Cara & Mysterio are laying on them. Rhodes was about to fly over the top rope but Mysterio blocks it then takes out both Rhodes and Sandow.

Rhodes gets taking out to the outside while Sin Cara takes out Sandow in the ring. Rhodes almost gets a power bomb through a table to Mysterio but Mysterio counters, hits the 619. Sandow saves Rhodes from getting frogged Splashed though the table.

Sandow and Rhodes slam a table directly into Mysterio head but then Sin Cara takes out Sandow, slowing the match for a few until, until Sin Cara attempts to jump over the ropes to get in the ring. Rhodes jumps in and pushed Sin Cara while he is in mid air and Sin Cara falls backwards through both tables setup outside.

Winners of the Match – Team Rhodes Scholars via Sin Cara though table to become #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship.

A Shield Promo is played.

Our 2nd Match is Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth for the United States Championship.

Truth comes out throwing Cesaro to the corner but Cesaro comes back to overpower and control Truth with a headlock. Truth breaks the then able to get a 2 count. Then another pin attempt allows Truth to control Cesaro in the middle of the ring, keeping Cesaro on the ground.

Cesaro out powers Truth which allows him to work Truth on the mat, gets a 2 count pin attempt then wears down Truth in the ring. Really slowing down the match but the announcers are having a great time cracking jokes about each other.

Truth tries to get the Brooklyn crowd back into the match but Cesaro don’t care and Truth begins to fight back. Truth hits a Scissors kick for a 2 count then Truth again takes out Cesaro with a high leg kick to again get a 2 count.

Truth gets whipped into the corner but seems to avoid the ref. This allows Cesaro to quickly hit the Neutralizer for the 3 count

Winners of the Match – Antonio Cesaro via pinfall to retain the United States Championship.

Matt Striker starts an interview with the winner. Cesaro claims to be the greatest US Champion, ever.

After a quick promo about Tribute to the Troop this week, Josh Matthews has in interview with Dolph Ziggler. He claims is a little unfair that he already won the Money in the Bank contract, he wants John Cena to not only lose but also watch as Ziggler becomes a bigger icon then John Cena.

The Miz then makes his way to the ring as they have setup the Greatest talk Show Ever, MIZ TV! His guests tonight are the 3MB.

Personal Note, I WANT TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL. What happened to you Drew, why..why..why.

After a few minutes of crap, they are talking crap about the spanish announcers then begin to attack them. Ricardo then comes out then Del Rio comes out and attacks 3MB. The numbers games catches up and 3MB pick apart Del Rio.

Back in the ring, The Miz takes out Health Slater, then both Del Rio and Miz clare the ring. Slater then issues a challenge for Miz and Del Rio to find a partner and have a 6 man tag team match. Miz accepts the match.

Yet, another segment, Now with Kane and Daniel Bryan talk about what they need to do during this match.

Then yet, another interview with Wade Barrett telling how he beat Kofi multiple times and will win tonight.

Our 3rd Match is Kofi Kingston (c) vs Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship.

Barrett start off laying out Kofi then gets a quick pin attempt of 2. Kofi then break out of a small slump to use his legs to try to control the match but Barrett quickly stops that.

Kofo gets to the outside and is able to regain control by taking out Barrett. Both men back in the ring and Barrett regains control and slams Kofi to the mat for a kick out pin attempt.

Kofi again tries to fight back and a tilt a whirl back breaker stops that. Barrett from the second rope nails an elbow drop to the chest and attempts to pin but Kofi kicks out. The crowd starts to get back into Kofi corner and he is able to hit a leg sweep then a couple of shots to the chest of Barrett allow Kofi to hit the Boom Drop.

Kofi signals the Trouble in Paradise but misses but he does hit the S.O.S. Kofi pins but Barrett kicks out. Barrett does fight back and slams Kofi hard and attempts a pin but musters only a 2. Back and Forth we go.

Kofi nails a kick to the head and Wade rolls through a cross body slam but Kofi kicks out of the pin attempt. Barrett then begins to signal the Bull Hammer after taking down Kofi but Kofi avoids the elbow, hits the Trouble in Paradise and is able to pin Barrett 1-2-3.

Winners of the Match – Kofi Kingston via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

CM Punk is then introduced in his personal Skybox above the crowd. Punk got himself another new shirt with “Knees 2 faces” on the front and GTS on the sleeves. There is something on the back of the shirt but its to dark to view.

Punk then begins to insult the Brooklyn crowd. He then thanks Ryback on hurting him so he couldn’t embarrass Ryback. He states he started 2012 as the WWE Champion and will end 2012 as the Champion. This is day 392 as the WWE Champion.

Our 4th Match is Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) and Ryback vs The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns) in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match that will be decided by either a pinfall or submission.

Surprised this is not the 2nd to or last match. The Shield do have an entrance theme but enter the arena through the crowd and all hell breaks loose. They are all fighting on the outside. there will be no tagging and just a fight.

In the ring, Ambrose works Ryback but Ryback just laughs it off and just takes out Ambrose. Now, both Kane and Bryan were taking out on the outside which allows all members of Shield to take out Ryback. Kane then begins to take out a ladder but its returned directly to his gut by the Shield.

Another ladder is brought in and The Shield take out Bryan with it. Ryback comes back in then starts to slam the ladder against 2 members of the Shield but Reigns enters and nails a chair into Rybacks chest.

Now Kane and Bryan come in and destroy Reigns in the corner. Reigns is then thrown into the corner where a ladder stands. A drop kick to Reigns brings a 2 count from a pin attempt by Kane. Rollins gets caught by Kane and takes a huge uppercut from Kane in the ring.

Now, Rollins is in between a ladder and Kane starts to nail the ladder. A Huge DDT from Ambrose on Kane is delivered onto a chair. Rollins grabs a Ladder and takes out Ryback who just entered the ring.

Now the Shield work Ryback alone until Ryback fights back. He then picks up both Rollins and Ambrose, and suplexes both of them on a ladder. Reigns then enters to take out Ryback. Now all three members of Shield begin to hurt Ryback with a ladder and chair. No tables as of yet. Until now.

The Shield begin to take apart the spanish announce table and as the start to powerbomb Ryback, Ryback gets slammed hard into the table. Bryan then comes in and takes out all three members of Shield but the numbers get the better of him.

Kane tries to help but he gets taking out by Reigns. Ambrose and Rollins work Bryan in the ring with multiple chair shots, including a body slam while Ambrose hel a chair to Bryan’s back.

Bryan is alone in the ring with Ambrose and Rollins setup a table on the top rope corner. Then run bryan, chin first, into the table then place him on top of the table. all three are standing on top of the table and delivery a huge superplex to Bryan.

Kane runs in to stop the guaranteed 3 count. Now, Kane in the ring, its his turn and he gets thrown into the table. Rollins and Ambrose are going to try the superplex on Kane. Kane does fight back and takes out Rollin and Ambrose but again the numbers don’t allow much.

Kane does catch Ambrose in a chokeslam though a chair that was setup by Ambrose. Reigns then spears Kane right through the barrier around the time keeper area. Not, The Shield bury Kane under multiple chairs and chairs.

Bryan then applies the No Lock on Ambrose then Rollins then Reigns but is able to get any one of them to tap. Now, all three members of Shield again work bryan but Bryan begins to kick out of the trouble. Ryback then comes back from his nap and takes out each member one at a time. He throws Ambrose to the outside of the ring into Rollins.

Ryback was going to powerbomb Reigns but Ambrose stops it. A spear from Ryback on Ambrose then the meathook close line sets up Shellshock on Ambrose. The 2 other members of Shield break up the pin. Ryback goes after these 2 men on the outside but Reigns with a chair shot to the back.

Ryback and all three members of Shield go up the aisle towards the entrance and all three are just destroying him. They place Ryback on a table then Rollin claimbs a huge ladder. 20 feet maybe but Ryback gets up.

He then begins to chase Rollins up the ladder. He then throws Rollins off the ladder and through multiple tables. Back in the ring, Ambrose and Reigns are taking out Bryan and powerbomb Bryan through a table in the ring.

They then are able to pin Bryan 1-2-3. Insane match

Winners of the Match – The Shield via pinfall.

Our 5th Match is – Eve (c) vs. Naomi for the Divas Championship.

Both ladies trade shots but Naomi with a nice leg drop gets Eve to run to the outside of the ring. As Eve tries to get back in, she takes out Naomi then she works the arm shoulder of Naomi. Naomi then fights back but misses a cross body which allows Eve to hit a neck breaker then pins for 3.

Winners of the Match – Eve via pinfall to retain the Divas Championship.

Big Show interview which he claims Sheamus should have hit him to cancel this match. Big Show claims a win.

Our 6th Match is Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus in a Chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Sheamus just runs into Big Show right when the bell rings. Big Show tries to stop him but Sheamus just keeps coming. He then takes out the legs of Big Show. Sheamus now grabs a chair but it gets thrown out by Big Show.

Big Show then rolls to the outside but Big Show gets a high back kick to take out Sheamus. A slap to the chest twice allows Big Show to slow this down then he goes around looking for something but Sheamus comes back and attacks Big Show.

Now back in the ring, both men trade shots but Big Show wins the power battle. Big Show leaves again and gets caught again. Now Sheamus grabs another chair and begins to clobber Big Show.

Then a huge powerslam gets a 2 count pin. Sheamus now bleeding from the mouth and he again, starts to swing the chair. Big Show then gets nailed by Sheamus who jumps from the top rope with chair in hand.

Sheamus again to the top rope but this time, Big Show spears him in mid air. Big Show then slowly walks over and now its his turn to swing the chair. A few hard shots to the back, then Big Show gets Sheamus back into the ring.

Now Big Show takes his time and continues to hurt Sheamus. A knee to the head from Big Show stuns Sheamus and this allows him to slowly destroy Sheamus. As Big Show tried to leave the ring, Sheamus catches him between the ropes.

Sheamus now back into the action swings wildly then hits  high running knee but then he walks into a chokeslam with Big Show trying to pin but only gets 2. Big Show again trying to find chairs and grabs 2 from one side of the ring, then grabs another 2 from the other side of the ring.

Sheamus stirring but gets a kick to the gut then Big Show, with chair in hand, takes out Sheamus. Now, Big Show trying to jump off the 2nd rope, slams Sheamus while a chair is on his chest. Big Show goes for the pin but Sheamus kicks out.

Big Show begins to setup 2 chairs in the middle of the ring and goes for the chokeslam, Sheamus counters and Sheamus nails White Noise on the 2 chairs. Big Show kicks out of a very close 3 and we continue. Sheamus then signals for the Brogue Kick and misses. this allows for the WMD but Sheamus then kicks out.

Big Show then finds this huge chair, Its freaking huge. Its at least 2-3 times a normal size chair. He then nails Sheamus with it square on the back.. Big Show then pins Sheamus for 3 slams of the refs hand.

Winners of the Match – The Big Show via pinfall to Retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena is shown preparing for his match and AJ walks in to say sorry about what happened last week on Raw when she snapped after her losing match vs Vicki.

Our 7th Match is Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, and The Brooklyn Brawler and  vs. 3MB (Health Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre).

Talk about a crazy mix of a tag team members, oh man.

Alberto starts this off against Slater and he works in the corner then Alberto tags the Brawler. He takes out Slater but then Slater catches him with a high kick. Drew gets tagged in and continues to bring down Brawler then Slater misses a high fly slam.

The Miz gets tagged in and takes out Jinder and gets a 2 count. Alberto enters and double knee backers Drew. Ricardo then gets involved and takes out Slater on the outside of the ring. Now, The Miz hits his Skull Crushing finale but does not pin Jinder. He tags Brawler instead.

The Brooklyn Brawler, Yes, The Brooklyn Brawler applies the Boston crab and Jinder taps out.  The announcers tried to stop and say well, it should be called the Brooklyn Crab to stay safe from the Boston and New York sports rivalry.

Winners of the Match – Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, and The Brooklyn Brawler via submission.

Our 8th Match is Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena in a Ladders Match for Dolph’s Money in the Bank Contract.

John doesn’t get a warm welcome right here in, Brooklyn, New York.

Dolph Ziggler got himself a main event match on PPV, just not the way I think he wanted it. He would rather have a title in hand instead but we start with Cena showing over with a shoulder shot to Ziggler. The crowd is in this match, they have not been this loud all night. Ziggler is shown to be a fan favorite tonight. Crowd chanting for Ziggler.

Ziggler responds by holding the ropes to avoid Cena but Cena responds by taking Ziggler down to the mat with a head lock. Now the “You cant wrestle” rains from the crowd as Ziggler reverses the headlock and applies it himself. Fisherman suplex from Cena allow him to throw Ziggler to the outside. While in the ring, most fans boo him.

Ziggler grabs a chair and nails Cena in the gut then enteres the ring with Cena. He places the chair in between the top and middle rop. Cena quickly takes out Ziggler in the ring then he grabs a ladder.

Ziggler with a sliding kick places the ladder into Cenas head very nicely. Ziggler tries to setup the ladder but then Cena runs in, stops him, then nails Ziggler in the head with the top of the ladder. Cena then takes Ziggler to the other announce table, then begins to grab the stairs. he lifts them and runs directly into the head of Ziggler hard.

Cena then grabs a table to places it in the ring while Ziggler is still down outside. He grabs Ziggler but eats top rope instead. This gets Ziggler to setup the ladder and he begins to crawl up the ladder but Cena stops him with a shot to the kidney.

Now both men trade viscous shouts back and forth then Ziggler applies his sleeper hold. Cena fades to one knee then gets up and begins to crawl up the ladder while Ziggler still has the hold.

At the top of the ladder, while trying to grab the briefcase, they both fall backwards right on a table.

Right now, there is a huge issue happening to Cena’s left eye. It is swelling really bad. The refs have applied the rubber gloves and a camera shot shows a ref clearing blood off Ziggler’s leg.

Ziggler tried to climb the ladder. Cena then closes the ladder and Cena lifts the ladder and Ziggler in an attempt to hit the AA. Ziggler does avoid it but Cena attacks Ziggler multiple times. Ziggler does counter one to take out Cena.

As Ziggler awake, he applies the STF and Ziggler taps but you cant win that way. Cena breaks the hold after a minute. Cena gain tries to hit the AA but Ziggler counters and hits a reverse STO. He then sets up a table in the corner but Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. As Cena gain goes for the AA, Ziggler counter to nail a huge DDT.

Ziggler then goes out to grab a huge ladder, 15 footer it seems and sets it up in the ring. He climbs the ladder but Cena reaches the top too.

They trade shots on top of the ladder and Ziggler falls down. Cena gets close but then Ziggler is able to stop him. They both crawl back down from the ladder with Ziggler throwing Cena into the ladder.

Cena counters with a flying head scissors and this causes Ziggler to go through the table in the corner of the ring. This allows Cena to close the larger ladder and but Ziggler drop kicks Cena which then causes the only ladder in the ring to fall over and out of the ring.

As Ziggler tries to throw Cena into the chair he setup before, Cena stops him but loses a battle of punches on the top rope. Ziggler, still on the top rope, hits a crossbody but Cena rolls through, Picks up Ziggler. Ziggler able to grab a chair before Cena hits the AA and hits Cena twice.

Ziggler then clears the entire ring of everything but misses a superkick. Cena then nails the AA. Vicki then runs to the ring with a chair but Aj stop her from doing anything. AJ takes out Vicki with a 5 knuckle shuffle. She is using all of John Cenas 3 moves.

Now, Cena enters and grabs a ladder and begins to crawl up the ladder but then…..

AJ pushes the ladder with Cena on it he falls on the ropes then Ziggler with a kick to the head of Cena. She then looks over to Ziggler, smiles then leaves the ring. Ziggler then crawls up the ladder and grabs HIS CASE!

Winners of the Match – Dolph Ziggler via grabbing the Money in the Bank Contract.

Shock runs wild as everyone is surprised with the AJ betrayal. Cena awakens, wondering what happened and why…….as the PPV ends.

This was a great PPV, the matches were awesome and a few surprises ends the match.

Our Next PPV will be the Road to Wrestlemania, The 2013 Royal Rumble. Remember, The Rock is to face whomever the WWE Champion is. As of right now, Its CM Punk!

Good night!

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