AJ Lee makes it in Complex Magazine’s Top 100 list


WWE Diva AJ was made the Complex Magazine 100 Hottest Women Right Now list which was published today.

The 26 year old New Jersey native is half-way down (or up) the list, sitting in the 50th place. “Admit it, you’d love to have AJ Lee kick your ass. That’s one of the main appeals of the WWE’s lovely lineup of turnbuckle-leaping “Divas,” chief of which these days is AJ Lee,” says the excerpt regarding her.

“Aside from her physical prowess, the New Jersey native’s most cherished attribute, at least for the WWE’s legion of loud and proud fanboys, is her self-proclaimed “Geek Goddess” reputation. She’s just as apt to body-slam you as is she to play XBox and borrow your latest Spider-Man issue.”

The list is topped by Rihanna.