AJ Lee is back…and she takes the Divas title


Chris Jericho was not the only former champion to return on RAW last night as AJ Lee also came back from hiatus and won the WWE Divas title.

AJ left WWE the day after WrestleMania for some personal time, dropping the title to newcomer Paige in a hot segment on the post-Mania RAW. She got married to CM Punk last month in a small and private ceremony.

Her return to RAW yesterday was sealed with a win and regaining the WWE Divas title. Lee interrupted Paige and basically did what Paige did to her on RAW following WrestleMania – talk her into a match for the title. The roles were reversed as a cocky Paige basically turned heel while the returning AJ was the face. AJ won the title in a very quick match, leaving the British-born Diva crying.

AJ currently holds the record of the longest Divas champion with 295 consecutive days with the belt.