After an 11-year absence, Kurt Angle gets short notice to step back in a WWE ring


It has been seven months since Kurt Angle laced up his wrestling boots and now on a three-day notice, he will find himself in the main event of TLC replacing Roman Reigns who is out with an illness.

The last time Kurt wrestled inside in a WWE ring was in August 2006, 11 years ago when at the time he wrestled Sabu in a match on ECW TV. Since returning, Kurt has often stated that his ultimate goal will be to step back in the ring and be an active competitor once again.

That decision was in the sole hands of one person – Vince McMahon – and during several interviews, Angle said that he did not discuss his in-ring return yet with WWE management and was happy to play the role of Raw GM for the time being.

The Olympic gold medalist also added that while he is drug tested as part of the Wellness Program, he never did the physical tests required to step back in the ring.

It’s not known when Angle found out that he will be wrestling again this coming Sunday or if he did indeed do any of the physical tests in the meantime. One thing is for sure, a return which could have been properly promoted is now going to happen with just an announcement on WWE.COM.