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A record-breaking weekend awaits Randy Orton


It’s going to be a special weekend for Randy Orton as The Viper will be breaking a couple of WWE records tonight at the Survivor Series and tomorrow if he wrestles on Monday Night Raw.

In a tweet, Orton said that tonight he will set a new record for most pay-per-view matches by anyone in WWE history and if he has a match tomorrow night, he’ll have more matches on Raw than anyone in history.

“I saw this online, checked it, and it is true…kind of hard to believe, as it feels like I only started down in OVW yesterday,” Orton wrote. “I just wanna take a minute in light of these ‘stats’, and let everyone out there that’s ever supported me in any way know that I am thankful. I also know with all of my heart that I couldn’t have done it without you. Now on to my 15th Survivor Series…man time flies don’t it?”

His long-time WWE rival John Cena praised Orton and called his achievement “nothing short of mythical.” Cena wrote that he hopes that all WWE fans and Superstars understand just how incredible this record is.

“A milestone I’ll never reach and ALWAYS admire. So proud of you Randy. Thank you for the inspiration,” Cena tweeted, adding the hashtag #respect.