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A look at MetLife Stadium, the host of WrestleMania 35


The MetLife Stadium is ready to host its second WrestleMania in the span of six years as WrestleMania 35 rolls into town today.

Opened in April 2010 at a cost of $1.6 billion, the stadium is jointly owned by the New York Giants and New York Jets under a company known as MetLife Stadium Company, LLC. While it sits 8 miles outside New York City, the stadium is the home of the NFL Giants and Jets and is currently the only NFL stadium shared by two clubs.

The stadium does not have a roof, so any event, even maybe WrestleMania, will be subject to mother nature. It has a capacity of 82,550 in a football setting and fans can follow the action via four 30 feet x 116 feet HD video displays which hang from each corner of the upper deck. MetLife Stadium is the largest NFL stadium in total seating and has 10,000 club seats and 218 luxury suites surrounding it.

The massive building is also somewhat environmental friendly and has 1,350 photovoltaic solar panels on the upper rim of the stadium. These solar panels illuminate with LED lights during events and generate 25 times the amount of electricity required to power the LEDs.

Two years ago, MetLife Stadium was named “Venue of the Year” by the Stadium Business Summit, an award which goes to the world’s best stadium, arena or sports venue, that deserves recognition for an outstanding performance over a 12-month period.

In 2013, WWE hosted WrestleMania 29 at the venue, drawing 80,676 fans, the third highest attendance for a WrestleMania. In 2020, the stadium will also be the home of the New York XFL team.