A fantastic cinematic ending to night one of WrestleMania


Night one of WrestleMania 36 had one of the most memorable main events ever, if not the most memorable one in the history of the show. With all matches pre-recorded, WWE had a chance to think outside the box for some of its gimmick matches and did just that for the boneyard match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles.

This was no ordinary match, there wasn’t even a ring or a referee, just two future Hall of Famers beating the crap out of each other in the dirt. And WWE gave it a cinematic look to make it stand out above the rest with its own score, presenting it more like a movie rather than a regular wrestling match.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson also got involved during the fight along with a bunch of other druids, all of whom got their asses whopped by The Undertaker who brought back his American Badass persona, even riding in with a motorbike to Metallica’s Now That We’re Dead music.

The fight ended after The Undertaker put AJ in a grave and dumped the dirt from a tractor on him. A shot showed AJ Styles’ hand and glove trying to reach out from the dirt but the former WWE champion was buried alive. Taker then unveiled a headstone which showed Styles’ name and the year he was born and died.

This was similar to one of Matt Hardy’s matches at his compound but with production value ramped up 1,000 times more. It was a fitting way to end the first night of a weird WrestleMania with no fans.

Judging by the reaction online, fans and critics loved the boneyard match and the production aspect of it and how it was presented. WWE Superstars were tweeting about it during the match and were just as surprised as everyone else. Even Metallica tweeted about it saying that Taker came out to their song.