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A behind-the-scenes look at how CM Punk made it to WWE Backstage for the surprise


The WWE on FOX social media account uploaded a seven-minute video of the behind the scenes logistics that took place to get CM Punk to the FOX Sports studios in Los Angeles in secret for his surprise debut on WWE Backstage.

At 7PM PT, Punk hopped in a car and was asked by one of the producers if he was nervous. Punk replied saying that he would not be able to tell him with a straight face that he is not nervous. “It’s a space I have not been in in five, six years, compounded by the fans who always clamored for me to come back to this space. Even if it’s not me wrestling, it still feels like it’s kind of a big deal. But nerves are good. If you don’t feel nervous it means you don’t care enough to make it entertaining,” Punk said.

43 minutes after he left his original location, Punk arrived at the FOX studios lot. Sporting a hat and a hoodie, Punk was told to cover his face with a fabric until he reached a conference room where he was held until it was go time.

With 15 minutes to go to his cue, Punk, still covered, moved out of the conference room and walked to the WWE Backstage studio where he was met by producers who mic’ed him up and gave him instructions on how the whole thing is going to pan out.

With the clock at five minutes until showtime, Punk was asked by the producer if he has any final words before he breaks the internet. “I’m not going to break the internet. I’m going to break the world,” Punk said while walking to his position. With two minutes to go, Punk was in the proverbial “Gorilla position” as Renee Young transitioned to the final segment of the show and the eventual surprise.

A female producer gave him the final instructions as he waited behind the doors. “3, 2, 1…” said Renee, as his music hits. Punk smiles when he hears the Backstage cast go crazy and a second or so later, the producer told him “Go” as the doors opened.

You can see it in full below.