77 year old man shot in the eye more pissed about Punk losing title!


A 77 year old man who was shot in the eye during a robbery last week said that his week was ruined not by the robbery and getting shot, but because CM Punk lost the WWE title to The Rock!

In a story that was published by NewsChannel 9 WYSR in New York, Thomas Dotterer was back on the job this week with a new outlook on life after the robbery gone bad.

But still, what happened at the Rumble was the only thing that ruined his week.

“That’s the worst thing that happened to me all week, the Rock beat Punk. Did you know that?” he told the reporter.

The reporter who covered the story contacted Punk via Twitter to let him know about it and Punk requested confirmation of the story.

“Tom Dotterer is amazing. He’s got my respect. If he needs anything from me let me know,” Punk replied to the reporter.