205 Live TV report for 11/29/2016

A quick background on this show: Most of the competitors in this division participated in the Cruiserweight Classic (CWC) that ran all summer on the WWE Network. The finals were held on a live broadcast, where Triple H declared that the winner of the tournament would become the first WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

In an incredible bout, TJ Perkins defeated Gran Metalik to win the title. TJ went on to hold the title until Hell in a Cell, where The Brian Kendrick made Perkins tap out with the Captain’s Hook. On the 11/22 Raw, Rich Swann defeated Noam Dar and TJ Perkins in a Triple Threat match to become the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. This gives us tonight’s main event, as Kendrick defends the title against Rich Swann.

We open with a video showing various clips of the Cruiserweight Classic. This is followed by a lead-in video showcasing the talent. The announcers for 205 Live are Mauro Ranallo, Corey Graves, and Austin Aries. Wait…Austin Aries?! Corey is enamored. Aries states that he wants a shot at the title.

They introduce the entire division at the top of the entrance ramp. Starting from the left, they introduce Rich Swann, TJ Perkins, Jack Gallagher, Ho Ho Lun, the Bollywood Boyz (Harv & Gurv Serha), Noam Dar, Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, Akira Tozawa, Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik and the Cruiserweight Champion, The Brian Kendrick. Huge Carolina pop for Cedric Alexander! There’s a positive reception for Akira Tozawa, as well.

We then go to a video package introducing the Bollywood Boyz. Nice tribute to the Hollywood Blondes with the camera taunt. They tell a story about their vision-impaired Grandfather (aged 95) being able to hear their entrance, and how much it meant to him. This leads into our opening contest.

Match #1: The Bollywood Boyz (Harv & Gurv Serha) vs. Drew Gulak & Tony Nese

Nese jumps right in and lands some haymakers. Harv & Gurv hit some basic double-team maneuvers leading to a double drop-kick. Nese makes the tag while Aries knocks it out of the park with some hilarious insults (calling the Bollywood Boyz “Herp” & “Derp”). Gulak enters the match and hits a nasty drop kick, followed by stomps to the guts. A body slam into the ropes gets a two-count for Gulak. Tag into Nese, who gets a running forearm for 2. Bodyscissors as the crowd tries to rally Gurv. Eventually, the hot tag is made to Harv, who is a house of fire! He hits Gulak with a crossbody on the floor. This leads to the finish, where the Bollywood Boyz hit the double superkick for the win!

Winners: The Bollywood Boyz

They dance and celebrate with the crowd, while Tom Phillips goes to interview Gulak and Nese. They complain about the competition (Gulak calls Harv and Gurv the “Bollywood Bozos”), as well as the conditions within the ring.

Video package for Noam Dar. They showcase him as the youngest talent in the division. They show clips from the CWC, including his trademark kneebar. He declares himself a “Cool Cat” and a “Supernova”. Okay, then.

Tom Phillips is with The Brian Kendrick. The Cruiserweight Champion asks Tom if he’s a gambling man, because he should bet everything on Kendrick retaining the title. The interview is interrupted by TJ Perkins, who reminds Kendrick that he’s still owed a rematch. He then wishes Kendrick good luck. Foreshadowing…?

Video package for Gran Metalik. This dude is completely out of this world. If you got a chance to see him during the CWC, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Match #2: Ariya Daivari vs. Jack Gallagher

Handshake slapped away to start. Early chain wrestling between the two, leading to Gallagher tying Ariya into a pretzel and laying back on it for a two-count! Daivari takes the advantage with a headlock, but Gallagher uses a handstand to escape the hold. Even Aries doesn’t know what to say after seeing that move! An irish whip by Daivari leads to a headstand on the buckle by Gallagher. This leads to a series of near-falls, as Gallagher transitions into an armbar. Another pretzel twist and Daivari is tied to…himself? As Daivari is tied up, Gallagher hits him with a RUNNING KICK IN THE ARSE! Daivari recovers and throws Jack out of the ring. As he comes back in, Ariya meets him with a knee-drop to the back of the head for two. Daivari continues to work on Gallagher’s back and neck with knees. A reversal by Jack leads to a series of dropkicks and a flying press for two. Daivari hits the signature elbow, but Gallagher returns serve with a headbutt to the chest and a running dropkick into the corner for the three-count!

Winner: Jack Gallagher

Video package for Lince Dorado, including clips from WWN. They show his shooting star press, as well as a brief look into his Puerto Rican background. He says the people will remember his name.

Main Event: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

The Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Rich Swann

The Champion enters first. This is followed by a video package for Rich Swann. Swann lost his parents at a young age, and says that wrestling pulled him out of a bad place (joining a gang and cocaine addiction, though it’s not discussed on-air). Swann talks about going all over the world, and that he’s ready to be the best. Swann’s entire presentation is memorable: He’s a fantastic dancer, great entertainer, and that “Can you handle this?” theme music is so damn catchy.

They trade armbars and Kendrick takes the early advantage. Fans are really behind Swann. Swann gets a headlock that’s reversed into an irish whip. Swann turns that into a running front flip, hitting a crisp drop kick for two. Swann takes the headlock, which is reversed by Kendrick, followed by a mafia kick and running forearms. Chops by Swann get the “Whoo!” treatment from the crowd. Swann is reversed as Kendrick targets the neck with elbows. A Sliced Bread #2 attempt is reversed, and Kendrick escapes for a breather. Swann interrupts that with a diving drop kick through the ropes. Swann runs on the barricade and hits a somersault cannonball onto Kendrick. They trade blows, and Kendrick grabs a german suplex for two. Kendrick applies the Captain’s Hook, but Swann gets the ropes. Kendrick attempts a dragon suplex, but that’s reversed by Swann into a bridging belly-to-back suplex for two. Swann has the advantage as they go to the top rope, but Kendrick hits a neckbreaker onto the post! Sick move!

Swann is selling the neck, and is barely able to get into the ring before the ten-count. Kendrick picks him up and hits a snap suplex for a very close two-count! Kendrick tries another Dragon Suplex, and is able to hit it this time. Swann barely gets out at two, but Kendrick lunges into the Captain’s Hook out of the near-fall. Swann is able to get out, but not before Kendrick grabs both arms and wraps them around his own neck. Swann cuts him off with a kick to the head, and then he hits a spinning Michinoku Driver for another two-count! Kendrick runs into another vicious kick! Swann tries the standing 450, but Kendrick gets the knees up. Kendrick gets a two count, and tries the Captain’s Hook once more. Swann fights to the ropes and eventually makes it. Kendrick goes up to the top, but Swann is ready to meet him with an elbow. Swann gets Kendrick in a front face lock, but Kendrick bites him in the hand and gives him Sliced Bread #2 from the top rope! One, two….No! Swann is still alive! Swann comes back to hit three spinning back kicks in a row to get the THREE COUNT! We have a NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Winner: Rich Swann (New WWE Cruiserweight Champion)

Swann grabs the mic and says this victory is for “all of us”. He goes on to dedicate the match to his deceased mother, saying that she’s there in spirit. Mr. T would be so proud. In the aisle way, Tom Phillips interviews a distraught Brian Kendrick, who says that tonight was supposed to be his night. He closes by saying “Don’t get used to this, and don’t get used to him!” The camera returns to Swann, who continues to dance and celebrate as the show comes to a close. See you next week!

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