Dynamite TV report for 06/07/2023

AEW Dynamite tonight comes to us from the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC.  After last week drawing 903,000 & 0.33 in the 18-49 demo.  That ties the second-best demo of 2023.


MJF vs Adam Cole (World Title Eliminator)

Backstory: Cole last week baited Max into granting him a match – if he wins, he gets a title shot

Right to it, Adam Cole’s music hit to a huge pop.  Thought this’d main event.  Does this suggest shenanigans?  The champ out to mostly boos for a rare Dynamite match.

The lights went down, came back up again, the two stared each at other across the ring, the fans frenzied in support of the challenger.  Finally to a lock up: Max whipped in, rebounding to shoulder tackle Cole to the mat.  Trying again, Cole dropped down, Max strutted over his back.

And again – this time Max leapfrogged to avoid a backdrop.  Though fell down and cowered back to the corner as Cole feinted a superkick.  Before doing the ‘Adam Cole bay bay!’ thing.  An irritated Max headed outside, even snatching something from a fan as he threatened to leave through the crowd.  Knocking the glasses off another then returning to ringside.

Cole waiting patiently as the crowd yelled ‘asshole’.  More stalling as Max yelled at the fans before finally going back to the lock up, on the losing end of it until poking Cole’s eye.  Then stomping a mudhole in the corner.

(The Elite vs BCC will main event.  Presumably that suggests big returns and maybe even debuts?)

Posing atop the buckle, boos continued to pour down until Cole lured Max in, stomping away himself then landing ten rights in the corner.  Before backdropping Max outside – though after Max had snapped Cole’s arm against the ropes.  Continuing that assault, Max smacked it against the apron after luring Cole outside.

Then stomped the hand against the steps before flinging Cole back in and applying a top wrist-lock.  Cole briefly freed himself with shots to the gut; Max grabbed the hair to slam Cole to the mat.  The left arm continuing to be a target – right back to the wrist-lock.

Cole again gut-shot his way free; Max again immediately cut him off by ducking a lariat and driving Cole’s shoulder to the mat.  Then bagged two with the first pin of the match after a beautiful pump-handle driver.

Duelling chants now as Max posed a la Shawn Michaels – complete with elaborate gum-chewing – to mock the Heartbreak Kid’s former favorite.  Confirming it by stomping away in the corner as if readying Sweet Chin Music.  Paying for it as Cole struck with a superkick of his own, blood pouring from Max’s mouth afterward (this was never mentioned again).  Picking up now, Cole got going with a lariat and big boot, the crowd rallying to him, Max slipped behind; Cole smacked him with an enziguri then a backstabber for two of his own.

More duelling chants as Cole hit the buckle for Panama Sunrise.  Max blocked it, snapping Cole’s arm against the ropes, Cole blocked Heat Seeker, Max avoided the Boom and hit a shoulder-breaker, Cole countered another into one of his own.

Count of two.

Excalibur put over Cole’s level of preparation.  As he hooked Max onto his shoulder, his left knee buckling as he hit another shoulder breaker.  Assuming it’s not legit since the commentators immediately mentioned it.  Putting across Cole’s mounting injuries.

To the apron, Max readied a tombstone, Cole snapped his legs together to free himself, then hit the buckle for Panama Sunrise.  The champ was ready once more, landing a tombstone onto the apron, both tumbling to ringside as the ads arrived more than fifteen minutes into the show.

Cole in trouble, on his knees as MJF berated him, mocked him, spat on him.  Before firing stiff chops, Cole coming back with occasional forearms until Max again poked the eye.  Cole got a boot up, pump kick, faked a superkick, hit one to the knees then one to the face, rebounding off the ropes as Max threw a desperate lariat to leave both down.

Ref’s count at ‘5’ – Max tried a cover, Cole switched into a cross face, the crowd roaring with Max’s tapping hand poised.  Max slipped into a pin then Salt of the Earth.  Cole rolled free into an ankle lock, hauling the champ back dead center with him nearly at the ropes.

Until MJF rolled to release the pressure then applied a face lock, quickly back to the arm via armbar as he frothed about the crowd’s chants for the challenger.  Cole finally getting a boot on the bottom rope to big cheers.

Cole again blocked Heat Seeker, Max hit a knee to the face, then got it at the second attempt.  Count of two.  As Justin ruined the outcome by announcing how long was left.  Seemed the crowd had the same thought since they briefly went quiet.

Dragging the challenger outside, Max placed him on the table at ringside then headed up top.  A sign of his desperation as he came off with an elbow drop, which, wouldn’t you know it, looked an awful lot like Shawn’s.

‘A-E-Dub’ chants from the crowd as the ref and doctor checked on the pair.  Max wobbled his way inside.  Cole still down.

Just making it in at nine-and-a-half, disbelief on the champ’s face as he hovered over the challenger.  Meeting him on the apron where he ate a superkick and a straight-jacket German.  The champ now struggling to stand, Cole on his knees, the ref checking on both.

Max fled from Panama Sunrise, luring Cole in to target the arm again then hit a stomp to it from the top.  Pausing to berate the ref for not counting Cole out earlier.  Shenanigans ensued, Max collided with the ref, immediately grabbing his title, pulling an Eddie Guerrero as he dumped it to Cole.  But the ref staggered to his feet then dropped once more.

I think the story was supposed to be that the ref was aware of what happened so pulled an Eddie himself since he was pissed at Max.  Since that’s what they hinted on comms.

Allowing Cole to whack MJF with the belt, hit the Boom, cover, count, Max kicked out!

Cole readied another Boom, Max slumped to the mat before he could hit it.  Cole dragged Max up, he grabbed the ref and hit a mule kick to Cole.  Diamond ring ready, the ref grabbed his hand to stop the shot, leaving him open for a superkick.  Cole to the top, Panama Sunrise, another Boom.

They were very visibly a few seconds early so Cole stalled long enough for the time-keeper to ring the bell with the ref’s hand poised to count ‘three’.  Very loud boos.

As Cole took a mic to demand ‘Five. More. Minutes.’.  Max left with his belt.

The finish doesn’t nullify maybe the best AEW tv match this year but does detract from it.  Cole needed to either win or be totally screwed.  And he was neither.  It didn’t seem he’d done anything to warrant another five minutes.

I only realized afterward exactly what I didn’t like about these two’s segment last week.  A title match should be between the two best guys in the company.  And after cutting each other down, neither felt like it.  But this was going a long way towards undoing that before the over-booking.  It was a fantastic match, telling a great story of Max taking short cuts and Cole fighting back.

Just don’t know why all those shenanigans were needed on top of a time-limit draw.

An AEW match with TNA booking.

Winner: Time-limit draw

The crowd continued to vociferously boo as the announcers tried to move on.  Though did cheer Cole as he left.


CM Punk video package.  With fresh promo work.  Very clearly trying to package him as a fighter going back to his roots – pull-ups in an old garage etc.  He modified a Sting line about the only thing about him being certain, is nothing’s certain.

Then said he’s coming back for the same reason he came to the company in the first place – ‘I got scores to settle, there’s still things left to do’.  On Saturday, ‘I won’t know what I’m gonna do or say, until I have that microphone in my hand… I have a lot of things to get off my chest’.  Finishing with a shot of him in ‘pipebomb’ position.

Don’t think this was wise.  Not only did they very clearly suggest he was going to talk about Brawl Out (which all the reporting says both sides have signed legal docs saying they can’t).  But he came across as the same old guy.  There was no ‘humble’ about him.  And that’s what he needs to be.  Perhaps not to his fans, but to all the fans who support AEW before they support CM Punk.

Btw, he will be booed Saturday.


On that subject, Sammy Guevara was booed as he was introduced by Renee.  Though he was in a bad spot tbf: the crowd still annoyed after that finish.

They did cheer when Renee mentioned Tay’s pregnancy.  But there were boos when Sammy tried to use it to keep himself ‘babyface’.

He’s gone from high to low, between the pregnancy and nearly winning the title.  He pledged to have his baby in one arm and the belt in the other.  More boos.  Though first, he has to make some changes.

As Darby Allin interrupted.

Renee handed Guevara the mic and hit the bricks.  Allin congratulated him about the baby then said ‘it sounds like they’re (the fans) starting to love you again’.  So cringe.  Some were.  Lots were not.

Allin asked if Sammy would stand by himself or continue with the JAS.  Before Guevara could answer, Judas hit.  Refreshingly, Jericho demanded they ‘shut off’ the music.  More boos.  As he told Allin to ‘mind his own business’, ‘kid’.

Then moved to Sammy.  Who never once asked Jericho to help him during his pursuit of the title.  If he had, he’d be the AEW champion.  Sammy said that was funny.  Since he thought that if Jericho had called him, he wouldn’t have lost to Adam Cole… ‘twice’.

Jericho demanded an apology.  ‘I’m not aplogisin for shit’ the response.  As Jericho tried to remind him of the ‘hierarchy’.  Perhaps they should tag next week to remind Sammy ‘who your boss really is’.

Darby, who gets better on the mic every week, interrupted.  ‘You call yourself a wizard right? When it comes to this ring, the magic is gone’.  Great line.  The crowd oohed.

The vet asked Allin if he was sure he wanted this.  Then threatened a two-on-one beat-down.

‘I’m not really alone’.

Cue Sting to a huge pop.  Schiavone did his whole ‘STIIIIIIIIING’ thing, Excalibur suggested it was the first time he and Jericho had been in the ring together.  As they circled, each clutching a bat.  Until Jericho poked him with it, the same way Sting used to ‘test’ people back in the day.  Sting did the same to Jericho, then batted Floyd out of the ring.

Jericho this week on Twitter said he was ‘not interested’ in a match with Sting.  Presumably, he knew this was coming.  Effective nonetheless.

I’m still not sure Sammy’s going to get the response AEW wants from the crowd.  Otherwise, this was a fun segment presumably building what should be an intriguing tag and the start of Sammy striking out on his own.  Which he badly needs to do.

Big tick.


Cut to a video of a suited and booted guy rocking sunglasses and a belt over his shoulder with ‘IWGP’ on it.  SANADA, as we were told.  At Forbidden Door, he promises to show the ‘strength’ of himself as champion, issuing an open challenge to anyone in AEW.

Removing his sunglasses to say ‘See you next time’.

All I know about SANADA is that he’s undergone a character change recently.  Certainly looks the part.

Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage & Gates of Agony vs Orange Cassidy, Sting, Darby Allin & Keith Lee

Backstory: Sting & Allin saved Cassidy from a Mogul Affiliates beatdown last week after Cassidy defeated Swerve; Swerve & Lee actually began feuding the same night Frank Gotch made his debut

Cassidy was the only one to get his entrance (Sting and Darby remained out there after the previous seg).  Brian Cage now looks like a Road Warrior with blue and red face paint.

This one started fast, the faces flying at the heels, leaving Swerve alone to be squashed in the corner via consecutive Stinger Splashes by the vet and Allin.


The fans were chanting ‘We want Sting’ as we returned, Allin flung into a Cage powerbomb by the Gates then smacked with a Swerve heel kick, Cassidy saved the pin.  As Daniel Garcia was shown watching (this gimmick is being wildly overused now).

Slowing down, Strickland grabbed an armbar, cutting off Darby, who slipped free, countered a JML driver into a rollup for two, cut off again before turning another JML attempt into an over-the-shoulder stunner to finally bag the tag.  Incredibly athletic sequence from both guys.

Lee in, big cheer, he fought off the other members of the Embassy, still unable to get to Swerve which AEW are saving for their ten-year anniversary show.  Lee didn’t quite land on his feet as supposed-to after a Cage monkey flip but did recover to smash both Gates with a double clothesline, hit an elbow strike to Cage and snatched-up Strickland as the latter tried a sneak attack.

Though he was again cut off as the rest of the Embassy saved their leader.  They held Lee in place for a triple powerbomb/Swerve Stomp combo which looked great.  Allin stopped the count at nearly three.

Cassidy in to plant Swerve via tornado ddt, Cage countered a Punch but was sent outside by Allin who was planted by Kaun who was fought off by Sting, who was planted in the corner by Leona.

Both gates were removed by Lee, Swerve attacked but was flapjacked to the mat, Allin took out the Gates wuth a Coffin Drop to the outside, Sting rebounded out of the corner to clothesline Cage, Death Drop ready, Cage scooped Sting onto his shoulders, Orange hit the Punch, into the Death Drop, for the win.  Really nice finishing sequence.

This was absolutely breathless.  Didn’t go long but a nightmare to cover.  A caffeine injection after a slow-building opener and a couple segs without wrestling.

Backstage, Garcia gave the thumbs down.

Little disappointed since it seems Swerve is done with his Cassidy feud.  Had hoped he might win here to get another shot.  Especially if Garcia is the alternative.

Winner: Orange Cassidy, Sting, Darby Allin & Keith Lee

Footage of last week’s main event with the Gunns costing Starks against Jay White.  Before cutting to the duo with Renee.

Who asked their relationship with White.  They played dumb and changed the subject to themselves.  Since they’re the best brother-tag-team in AEW, challenging the Hardys who are ‘washed and over the hill’ (really shouldn’t say that when it’s so obviously true) next Wednesday.

Wardlow vs Jake Hager (TNT Title)

Backstory: None

Excalibur called these two ‘longtime rivals’ without any further explanation.  After thinking hard, I barely remembered they’d had an issue when Max was with the Inner Circle.  Says everything about AEW’s story telling.  More assuming.

Since this is so heated, Hager attacked during Wardlow’s entrance, another thing totally overdone in the company.  Things like that should be saved for blood feuds, not to try to perk-up a drab title match.

Hager fired shots in the corner.  Looks like he’s slimmed down even further as Wardlow struck back with lariats and a release German.  Before charging Hager in the corner and dumping him over the top and into the steps.  Nasty looking spill.

As Excalibur finally explained their past feud, since this is the ‘rubber match’.  Gee, whoever will win?


Wardlow was stuck in the ankle lock as we came back, kicking his way free, big spinebuster, powerbomb ready as 2.0 hit the aisle for the distraction.  Totally fine now, Brock Anderson attacked from behind.  Seems Marvez was worried for nothing last week.

All allowing Hager to strike with a slam, Wardlow kicked out at one.  Hager Bomb attempted, Wardlow got his feet up, clotheslined Hager out then followed with a vaulting cross body.

Before heading to the top for a senton, straps down, Powerbomb Symphony, win.

Every time Wardlow comes out it might as well be 2022.  So stale.

Cage and Luchasaurus appeared on the big screen, drink at home, because we couldn’t hear a word.  Even Wardlow and the announcers had to awkwardly acknowledge it.

Finally, we heard Cage accept Wardlow’s open challenge, Luchasaurus will face the champ Saturday.  Cheap Heat Christian then wondered what’ll happen when Wardlow’s ‘new daddy’ isn’t there to save him.

Revealing a bloodied and beaten Arn (he and Brock had wandered backstage pursuing 2.0).  Wardlow ran to the back.

Yet another AEW staple, a beating we’re never shown.  Right after Brock was shown to be fine a week after the last one too.  Though at least Arn and Wardlow have a long and storied history to make the attack extra meaningful.  This company just do not know how to tell stories.  It’s shortcut after shortcut after shortcut.

To that effect, we raced away to the next segment.  Arn’ll be just fine in the hands of the heels.

Winner: Wardlow

For a Hiroshi Tanahashi promo.

After coming ‘this close’ to winning it last year, he challenged MJF to a match for the AEW title.

Cut to Max backstage being worked on.  He was told by Renee he’ll be facing Tanahashi.  Max said ‘no’ to facing someone from a ‘rinky-dink’ company like NJPW.  As far as Tony Khan booking it, it ‘wouldn’t be the first time I no-showed something he booked me for’.

He made a fart-noise and gave the thumbs down.

Really liked all of this except for the continued insider references.  Max should turn this down and be forced into it since he always craps on New Japan.


Renee now with Orange Cassidy.  They basically joked about and acknowledged that someone was about to walk in and challenge him.  It was Zack Sabre Jr.  To a big pop.

He liked the idea of being a double champ and challenged Cassidy for Forbidden Door.  Garcia interrupted to ask Cassidy where Shibata was.  Orange said he’ll be here next week, challenging the pair to a tag on Dynamite.

Garcia looked for a handshake, Sabre told him to ‘pack it in’.  (Basically means ‘stop it/get lost’.)

Toni Storm vs Skye Blue (Women’s Title)

Backstory: After not appearing on tv and never winning, Blue stole an unconvincing pin in a Rampage four-way

The run of high-stakes title matches continued as Skye Blue made her entrance, hugging her mum in the front row.

The Outcasts got no reaction as usual.  Saraya continues to be absent.  Explained away as her not wanting to set foot in Washington.

Storm rushed in, Blue avoided it, stomping and striking, forearms in the corner, one from the apron, boot to Ruby, cross body from the top.  Really nice flurry.

Storm badly telegraphed a hip attack obviously intended to miss, Blue hit one of her own to knock Storm off the apron.  The heels sprayed Blue’s mum in the face.  Skye was so angry she watched it then took her time to launch a tope.  Which is what we’d all do if our mums were in trouble right?


Slugging it out in the middle, Blue hit a headscissors, step-up knee strike, her low enziguri; Toni used the tights to send her outside in a very awkward sequence.  She and Ruby hugged.

Soho slipped Storm the spraypaint then took the ref, Blue got it and sprayed Storm, hit Code Blue, Soho got on the apron again, was hit with a superkick, allowing Storm to hit Storm Zero.  Blue kicked out.  But then quickly tapped to a Clover Leaf.

What the hell was this intended to achieve?  If it was making Blue seem credible – that ended when she quickly tapped to a submission Storm never uses.

And since this Outcasts vs Originals feud is so intense, why do the babyfaces allow themselves to face the heels single-handed every week?

Case in point, the heels attacked after the bell.  Until Willow Nightingale ran them off.  At least they got maybe the most popular woman in the division a rare appearance on proper tv.

Winner: Toni Storm

Renee with ‘JungleHook’.  So they haven’t dropped that.

Perry said it was their summer, he feels ‘naked’ standing next to Hook so accepted SANADA’s challenge for the IWGP title.  Renee asked Hook for his thoughts, Perry interrupted to say Hook was his ‘best friend’ (that was quick) and asked him to have his back at Forbidden Door.

Hook gave a reluctant fist-bump.

Outside the ‘Four Pillars’ and given his firm mid-card status the last couple weeks, Perry doesn’t feel remotely on the level of a world title challenger.  This felt flat.


Bryan Danielson’s music hit as he came to join comms once more.

Pause for a video package pushing the ppv.  They then ran down the card.  Including MJF vs Tanahashi which is now just happening again.  So much for that story.

Another mixed reaction for Punk (though better than last week) as they ran down the Collision card.  Promos from Bullet Club and FTR.  FTR called Punk their ‘best friend’.

White promised it wouldn’t be the homecoming they were envisioning.  FTR combined theirs and Punk’s catchphrases in a nice touch – ‘It’s clobberin’ time, Top Guys… out’.

The announcement of Miro got a noticeably bigger reaction than Punk.  Nothing but cheers.  Andrade might’ve got a bigger reaction too.  Though his was also mixed.

Young Bucks & Hangman Page vs Wheeler Yuta, Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli

Backstory: After losing due to interference at DoN & without Omega, the good guys challenged the BCC to a match without Takeshita & Danielson

For anyone wondering, the whole ‘Hung Bucks’ name is since:

  1. The gag used to be that Page is well endowed
  2. It rhymes with Young Bucks

To that end, the graphic above their name said ‘Formerly known by a sexually suggestive and anatomically misleading team name’.  I laughed.  Whoever does that always messes with Page.

Wild Thing hit as the BCC made their way through the crowd, Mox in his DEATH JITSU hoody again.  The Elite came out to ‘Wayward Son’, the Bucks dressed as cowboys.

Mox and Page got face-to-face real quick as Danielson purred on commentary.  Right to a fist-fight, the rest of the BCC and the Bucks joining in.  Really like that continuity, Page and Mox might end up being AEW’s feud of the year and they behaved like it.

The BCC got the better of it but rebounded off the ropes to eat triple superkicks, Matt powerbombed Yuta against the apron in a nasty-looking bump.  Nick hit his step-up escaleira as Page came off the top with his moonsault, both to the heels at ringside.

The Bucks held Yuta draping off the apron for Page to hit a standing moonsault.  Before Page slugged away again with Mox before tagging Matt.  Who was quickly beaten down in the corner, Mox flipping-off the crowd, Matt double-leg and shots, tag to his brother who came in via cross body, slugged Claudio then hit his out-to-in facebuster on Mox but was caught by Claudio on the subsequent moonsault and muscled up into a pop-up uppercut outside.

Page went after the Swiss with a big lariat, Mox took flight via tope onto Page, Matt came off the top via cross body to both, Yuta understandably still dead somewhere after a couple crazy moves.

Excalibur explained that this was the first time Page and the Bucks had teamed in AEW.  Danielson understands storytelling so asked ‘why?’, prompting Excalibur to explain some of the backstory, which they’ve still not really done since the Elite reunited.

Matt looked for the tag from the apron, Yuta hooked him off then hit a German outside, Mox annihilated Nick via KKL, count of two.

Ads.  Wild start.

Mox bodyslam to Nick, missed an elbow, Nick ducking and dodging the other BCC, cut-off from a tag by Mox, hit a dropkick, the crowd willing the tag, made to Page, who ran through the BCC with boots, shots, springboard clothesline to CC, fallaway to Yuta, kip-up, vaulting cross body to Claudio, Yuta sent off the apron, hit with a tope, to the top, the crowd feverish at this fantastic hot-tag as Page came off with a forearm strike.

Yuta kicked out at two as Danielson reprimanded him for not doing so more strongly.  Page powerbombed Yuta into Bucks’ enziguris from the apron.  Matt in, locomotion Northern lights to Yuta, Mox returning just in time to eat one along with his partner.

Matt catapulted Yuta into a Nick gamengiri then stomp off the top, Mox took out Nick with a cutter, Matt him via superkick, Claudio him via lariat, Page him via elbow strike, Yuta him via big boot until being blasted to the apron via Matt superkick.

But grabbing the ropes to slip back inside, duck under, German with a bridge, count of two.

Crowd absolutely loving this.

Both guys down, Mox waiting for the tag; instead of going after Matt in the ring, he went after Page outside, sending him to the steps then hitting a domesday device to Matt with Claudio’s help.  For another two.

Frustrated, Mox went to work with H&A, into the choke, Claudio cut-off Page, H&A to him too, Nick broke it all up via senton, but was sent outside.  Claudio blocked a superkick, hit a chokeslam, rocket launchered Yuta onto Matt who got the knees up.

Superkick party to the Swiss, Mox too, finally Yuta, tag to Page.  Who drilled Yuta via powerbomb, Bucks BTE Trigger, holding Yuta up long enough to eat the Buckshot, 1, 2, 3.

‘What a matchup, what… a friggin’ matchup!’ Yelled Schiavone.

This might have been better than the opener.  Totally different style admittedly.  That was an old-fashioned ‘title match’ that built brilliantly; this was frantic, aggressive and chaotic.

Either way, the show was bookended by fabulous matches.

Immediately this one finished, the BCC pounced, beating the Elite around ringside, though Danielson stayed on comms.  Until Eddie Kingston’s music hit (thank God he’s back from ROH purgatory!) to double-leg Claudio and fire from the mount.  A loud ‘Eddie’ chant playing as he knocked Yuta loopy via Uriken then sent Castagnoli outside via lariat.

Mox snuck behind but hesitated, the two locking eyes until Matt Jackson attacked Mox.  Eddie pulled him off, Mox went face-to-face with Kingston, Takeshita hit the ring to loud boos, blindsiding both Bucks, smashing Nick outside via lariat, leaving him standing tall in the ring.

Right as Omega’s music hit, Kenny sprinting to the ring, slugging away as the crowd went wild once more, big knee strike, the Bucks hit superkicks, snapdragon, the BCC returned, taken out by the Bucks and and Page.

They then went to a very tight shot of Omega as he readied a v-trigger to Takeshita, which he hit but was then struck by Will Ospreay to another huge pop.

Pointing to his head where Omega had injured him, he then walloped Omega with the Hidden Blade.  As Danielson predicted the Brit would be the victor at Forbidden Door.  Ospreay planted Omega with a Stormbreaker and his music played as Danielson applauded from atop the ramp.

My constant complaining about storytelling and continuity aside, this was a very, very good show.  Full of great matches and good build to the ppv.

Winner: Young Bucks & Hangman Page


Next Rampage:

  • Ospreay ‘will be wrestling’


  • Samoa Joe, Jay White & Juice Robinson vs CM Punk & FTR
  • Wardlow vs Luchasaurus (TNT Title)
  • Miro returns
  • Skye Blue & Willow Nightingale vs Toni Storm and Ruby Soho
  • Buddy Matthews vs Andrade El Idolo

Next Dynamite:

  • The Gunns vs the Hardys
  • Orange Cassidy & Katsuyori Shibata vs Zack Sabre Jr & Daniel Garcia

Added to Forbidden Door:

  • SANADA vs Jack Perry (IWGP Title)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi vs MJF (AEW Title)

Thumbs Up/Down

  • MJF vs Cole (sans the finish)
  • Cassidy & etc vs Swerve & etc
  • Jericho, Sting, Sammy, Darby seg and probable match
  • Nice job adding to the Forbidden Door card and adding some fun mixed-matches next week
  • Elite vs BCC


  • The finish to MJF/Cole
  • Lack of creativity – people watching backstage, attacking on the ramp, beatdowns we don’t see
  • Meaningless title matches

Appreciate you reading.  Have a good week.


Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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