Dynamite TV report for 05/31/2023

AEW Dynamite tonight comes to us from the Viejas Arena in San Diego, CA .  After last week drawing 846,000 & 0.32 in the 18-49 demo.

Man I loved that world title match.  Made me realize what I’m missing about the current product – I don’t want a ton of ex-WWE guys: I want young, fresh, different.

Seems the show wasn’t all that well received.  I actually only watched the last two matches and the end of the battle royal.  Sounds like it was a good choice.

Hope you guys enjoyed it anyway.


Blackpool Combat Club vs Lucha Bros & Bandido

Backstory: Lucha Bros beat Claudio & Yuta last week

Danielson’s the one not wrestling here, joining comms instead.  Mox positively strutted to the ring.  With a ‘DEATH JITSU’ hoodie.  The Dragon ducked a question about Callis & Takeshita joining the BCC: Callis will speak later.

Both teams got full entrances, the show didn’t seem as rushed as usual.  And they pushed some of the ppv happenings and what’s to come later.

The Bros massively over with the locals, who might already have gotten louder than Vegas ever did.

Straight to a six-way brawl, the BCC were blasted outside with thrust kicks but came back to block stereo dives.  The brawl moving outside as Mox used ‘technical wrestling in violent ways’ per Danielson – that’s Death Jitsu.

Yuta flung Bandido back in, the bell finally ringing, something cool happened outside but we missed it (the Bros, CC & Mox continued fighting out there).  As Yuta got two after a slam.

Then looked for a suplex which was blocked into Bandido’s delayed one, the Bros fending off interference with superkicks and arm locks.  For a crowd count of sixty!  Bandido holding one hand out to indicate the numbers.  The ref only got to two on his count.

Fear Factor readied, Yuta slipped free but ate a rope-walk punt, Penta hit a back cracker off the buckle to Mox.  Bandido missed a springboard cross body and was quickly dragged outside for a double team piledriver by Mox and Claudio.

Break.  Nice action before a very energetic crowd.  Makes such a difference.

Bandido in a face lock, briefly freeing himself before Mox re-established control with forearms in the corner.  Bandido hit a spectacular tornillo off the top buckle, tag to Rey, Claudio in too, a blur of activity: Rey thrust kick, Yuta in, Rey springboard spin kick, tag to Penta, uno dos tres kicks, Penta slingblade to Claudio, elevated thrust kick to the face, cazadora into a ddt on Mox as he entered, Castagnoli blasted Penta with a lariat, all three down.

Yuta and Bandido once more – yay/boo – for ages, the crowd roaring until Yuta took a shortcut by biting the head.  Bandido snapped back with a pop-up cutter, headed upstairs, the Bros taking out the other two with dives as Bandido came off the top via splash.  Yuta just kicked out.

Bandido hit a knee strike.  But from outside, Mox blocked 21-plex, Claudio hit an uppercut through the ropes, leaping knee from Yuta, H&A, Bandido already out of it as Yuta bagged the win with a seatbelt pin.

Seems they’re pushing him for something.  Danielson kept mentioning he’d pinned Omega Sunday, insisting on hitting the ring to raise Yuta’s hand.

This match was mental.  I undoubtedly missed stuff.  Absolutely rapid, all six flying all over the place before a hot crowd.  Perfect opener.

Winner: BCC

Marvez with the Elite (sans Kenny).  Matt was having his foot seen to.  He said the BCC brought out the worst in the Elite, made them do things they never thought they’d do.

Nick and Hangman insisted they remained the heart and soul of AEW.  And weren’t done yet.  ‘We’re still standing’ – as Matt unsuccessfully tried to stand.  That was amusing.  Maybe not the time for it?

The Dark Order interrupted to passive aggressively guilt trip Hangman.  Might have been my imagination, but it seemed you could hear the crowd die when they appeared.  If they insist on doing this angle, it needs to be done quickly.  Like in one show.  It’s damaging for Page.

Marvez asked Hangman about Omega.  Page confirmed he’s out of the country – hurt and pissed.  ‘But he’s not in Canada…’  Before rushing off after the DO.

Kenny’s recruiting…


Schiavone in the ring to intro Bullet Club Gold.  Nice pop for White.  Both put their arms round Tony like they were the best of friends.  Messing with him a la DX in ’97.  White said Starks must feel on top of the world after eliminating them from the Battle Royal.

But he didn’t win either.  ‘And that brings us to FTR’.  Since they saved Ricky.

They knew the champs were dumb but didn’t know they were dumb enough to get involved in Bullet Club business.  The tag champs took the bait, out immediately as Juice insisted they weren’t looking for a fight.  Especially since FTR must be here to apologize.  And maybe even join BCG.

All they had to do was ask, noted White.  ‘Just make sure you do it politely’.

Juice threw a cheap shot, Dax stayed down from it as they beat down Cash.  Before Juice pulled Dax up to hit Juice is Loose as White hit the Bladerunner on Cash.  A little too late, Ricky Starks ran them off.  Grabbing a mic to insist he and Jay settle things next Wednesday.

Really nice angle.  Brawl felt heated.  White’s so good on the mic.  I’m as biased as it gets but this already feels better than the previous tag title build.


It’s Wednesday, so Tony Khan has a major announcement: more info on the debut Collision.  Confirming it ‘will feature’ CM Punk.  So ticks ain’t movin’.

To confirm this, Excalibur pushed them immediately.

Seemed a mixed response to Punk again from the crowd.  Maybe slightly more cheers than boos.

Swerve Strickland vs Big Bill vs Trent Beretta

Backstory: None

Big Bill’s music sounds like it occupied as much thought as his name.  They really pushed that Strickland had ‘swerved’ Bill in the battle royal.  You know, the one that was every-man-for-himself for a title shot.

Then showed some highlights from that match as Strickland made his entrance.  The end with Cassidy vs Swerve was very, very good.

Sticking to his latest tactic, Strickland immediately left the ring to observe (obSwerve?  sorry…).  Trent didn’t allow him long out there, hitting a suicide dive then dragging him back in.

Where both smaller guys tried to work over Bill.  Who easily overpowered both, squashing them in opposite corners with running splashes then hitting a flapjack to Trent after dumping Swerve outside.  Really nice flurry.  The crowd responded as the ads arrived.

Trent and Swerve brawled on the apron, fighting in and out of moves until Trent pulled Swerve’s head in the path of a Big Bill boot.  Sending him off the apron.  Then knocked the big man out there too, coming off via moonsault to lay out Bill but get blasted by a Strickland kick from the apron.

Trent flung back inside, Swerve to the top, cut off by Bill, the big fella joining him up there.  Trent joined too, Bill had a double chokeslam ready but the others fought him off to launch a double-team superplex.  The crowd exploded again.

Should’ve done the ppv here.  Excalibur pushed Punk’s re-debut again.  And tickets.

As Trent flung Swerve outside via suplex, was snatched into a Bossman slam, Strickland broke up the pin at nearly three, bagged a close one of his own on Bill, hit Trent with a rolling flatliner, missed the Stomp, Trent hit a running knee strike, piledriver, Bill broke that up just in time.

Really enjoying this.

Bill and Trent to the apron, Beretta coming off worse on a chop exchange then being chokeslammed into the ring.  Swerve hit a Stomp to knock Bill off the apron and steal the pin on Trent.  The announcers pushed him as an opportunist who picks his moments.

This was very good.  Swerve for the International title?  Be a damn good choice.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

Backstage footage from Sunday of Kris Statlander with her newly won TBS title.  Very emotional, she’d wondered if she deserved the title but is going to prove herself and have the ‘best damn title reign anyone’s ever seen’.  Came across as very genuine and likeable.  This wasn’t a ‘promo’ so much as a real person talking.


Renee brought the Acclaimed & Billy Gunn to the ramp.  Things didn’t go their way Sunday.  Gunn regrets letting down the other two.  Caster told him not to worry.  They’re a team.

They finally remembered they were screwed out of the tag team belts.  Bowens though said it was Gunn who deserved to ‘hold gold one more time’.  Oh no.  Enough with the Attitude Era wrestlers.

‘Everybody loves the Acclaimed!’.

This just didn’t seem to have a purpose.  Which is why the act feels so repetitive.


Schiavone to the ring once more.  To bring out Don Callis & Konosuke Takeshita.  Thunderous boos for Callis.  Excalibur said the Elite had left the arena.

Callis ‘sincerely hope(d)’ the boos were for Kenny Omega.  Because Callis is the real victim.

As he was absolutely drowned in boos.  This made Christian seem like he gets no reaction.

He’d made Omega successful, but Kenny chose his friends instead.  He blames Omega for the scar on his head.

Still booing.

Callis ‘lost a nephew but gained a son’.  As he pointed to Takeshita.  The ‘best athlete I’ve ever seen in wrestling’.  Better than ‘Rikidozan, Inoki, Maeda, Muto and oh yeah… better than Okada’.  Omega too, he noted.

Takeshita cut an aggressive promo entirely in Japanese.  ‘Kenny Omega’ and ‘Elite’ the only discernable words.  Callis finished by saying Omega destroyed Callis’ family so he’s going to build a new one.

This crowd is AWESOME.  So much fun.


Wardlow and Arn Anderson package as they showed clips from Sunday’s match.  Going forward there are ‘no limits’ to what they’ll do.  If Luchasaurus wants some, Wardlow’ll be more than happy to finish the job.

Gates of Agony vs Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

Backstory: None

The hot crowd left momentarily because the Gates of Agony barely appear on tv.  They quickly returned though as Darby’s music kicked in.

The Gates attacked immediately, one hit an overhead belly to belly to Orange in the ring as Darby took care of the other outside.  Before entering, his shoulder heavily taped after Sunday, the crowd chanting his name as he was absolutely run over by Toa.

In similar fashion, Allin then looked for a springboard Coffin Drop and was absolutely pounced out of his boots in mid-air.  As Swerve & co hit the ramp to watch.

‘Let’s go Darby’ chants as he struggled to his feet only to be absolutely crushed again by Toa via a body splash in the corner.  Escaping briefly, Allin slipped to the apron but was dragged off and battered into the barricades around ringside by Kaun (feels a bit overdone lately, seems most Dynamite matches contain this).

The beating continuing, Darby was hauled upstairs and backbreaker-ed across the turnbuckle.  As Cassidy was knocked off the apron.  The crowd again trying to raise Allin, who collapsed to the mat after being lifted to his feet.

A brief flurry saw him dive for the tag but get cut off, he got a boot up in the corner, looked for a sunset bomb, banged the heels together then bagged the tag to Cassidy.  Who ran through his pockets routine, ducking & dodging, forcing the partners to collide before bagging two after a tornado ddt.  His hand, back and knee taped.

Missing badly on an Orange Punch he was hit with a Samoan drop then a double-team palm thrust.  Tag to Allin, he hit splashes in the corner to both, Orange hit the Punch to Toa on the apron, Darby speared him off as Cassidy hit a stundog to Kaun, Allin hit an assisted code red then the Coffin Drop to win.

This was so AEW.  It was good action and the Gates looked impressive.  But no-one cared about them, they’re not featured and yet they absolutely annihilated one of Sunday’s contenders for the world championship.  And one who, judging by that finish, will be seeing Max again sooner or later.  Baffling.

Swerve and Cage then headed to the ring with evil intentions as Sting’s music played to a huge pop.  Bat in hand, he made the heels think better of any nefariousness.

Winner: Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

AEW then remembered they had a world champion who’d retained his belt.  Cutting to MJF saying the clock is ticking.  He goaded Allin for losing to a headlock takeover.  There’s no competition.  AEW are running out of people who can beat him.

‘No-one is on the level… of the Devil’.

I get that this is presumably building to a New Japan guy challenging since there isn’t enough internal competition.  But the past two segments highlighted a distinct lack of focus and importance being placed on the title and its contenders.  We should not get 80 mins into a post-ppv show before we see the champ.


The busy Schiavone again hit the ring.  And was interrupted by Hook’s music.  ‘What is next for Hook?’  Just as the youngster was about to respond, La Faccion Ingobernables (sans Rush) interrupted.  To complain about television time.

Jose had Preston Vance & Dralistico attack Hook.  Quickly bringing Jungle Boy to the rescue.  He smashed through the heels with a chair.  Then pushed Jose into a Hook suplex.  Perry and Hook exchanged a fist bump.  This was easily the best follow-up so far of any of the world title participants.  And yet still wasn’t close to good enough.


Renee with the Outcasts and new champ Toni Storm.  Toni said it wasn’t luck that she’s champion, she’s wrestled since she was 13 – there’s no one good enough to compete with her (a heel champ who believes no-one’s good enough to compete.  Where’ve I heard that one before?).

Ruby fawned over Storm.  Toni said she’ll be defending the title regularly.  Saraya fawned over her too.  And didn’t say a single word about the main event she’s participating in later tonight.

Toni finished by saying the only ‘lucky’ people are ‘the AEW fans’ (because they get to see her).  Decent promo, just a little similar in content to MJF a couple segments back.

Kris Statlander vs Nyla Rose, TBS Title

Backstory: None

Getting Statlander a win on tv.  Sure.

But why does it have to be a title match?  All that does is make the outcome even more obvious for no gain.  Not a single person is buying this as a real championship match.  Nyla hasn’t won on tv in recent memory.

Right to a lockup, Nyla backed the champ to the corner, Statlander ducked a shot, hit a running dropkick, the two fought in and out of a bodyslam until Nyla landed one.  But missed a sit-down senton and was immediately wrapped in a body scissors.

Until getting the rope break.  Then ramming Statlander’s head into the buckle.  The two then fought around a suplex, both blocking several attempts until Rose again won out as Taya Valkyrie was shown watching.

Break.  It at least feels very different to all the other matches so far.  It’s slower with a focus on both powerful women battling to show their strength.

Statlander kipped up and was smashed back down via lariat, Nyla missed a splash, Kris hit a discus lariat, kick to the back of the head, running elbow in the corner, running knee too, sit-out powerbomb for two.

Nyla swept the leg, Statlander slipped outside but was pursued via cannonball off the apron then flung into the barricade (of course) and cannonballed against that too.  Then planted with a chokeslam after returning to the ring.  For two.

Statlander fought her off then hit a 450 to bag the win (very risky after two ACL tears).  Taya looked livid backstage (I HATE quick turns like this if it is one).

Winner: Kris Statlander

They finally previewed the main event for the first time all night.

Chris Jericho & Saraya vs Adam Cole & Britt Baker

Backstory: The heels demanded this after Britt destroyed both with a kendo stick & Cole beat Jericho defenseless

Actually thought this is where they were going for the ppv after the initial attack on Britt.

A good fifteen minutes’ tv time left as Jericho and Cole brawled to a start, the heel easily getting the better of it, leaving Cole down in the corner.  Before both went at it again with aggressive, stinging chops.

Jericho thumbed the eye right in front of the ref, threw another chop in the neutral corner but bailed to his own after Cole responded.  To tag Saraya, meaning Baker has to come in.  For some Britt on Brit violence, throwing shots to the face, hitting a slingblade, then stopping to draw ‘DMD’ in the air.

Allowing Jericho to trip her as she hit the ropes and leaving Saraya on top as the break beckoned.  A livid Cole was stopped by the ref from going after the Ocho.

The Outcasts attacked Britt on the ramp as the ref was dumb enough to leave his back turned but strong enough to keep Cole from getting to Jericho.  Shida’s kendo stick evened the odds as Britt bagged two via the most devastating move in wrestling – the Distraction Rollup.

They cut to a pic-in-pic simply to push Collision tickets.  Wow.

As Cole and Jericho brawled again.  Cole hit a pumpkick then an enziguri but telegraphed a dropkick, allowing Jericho to land the Lionsault for two.  The ladies back in as the crowd loudly chanted ‘Y2J’, Saraya slipped out of a neckbreaker then cut Britt off up top.  Baker shoved her off and was preparing a splash when Jericho flung his body atop his partner.  Britt hit the splash anyway.  Bagging her a close two.

The guys in, Cole hit a pumpkick and backstabber, Panama Sunrise ready, Jericho countered into the Walls, the crowd cheering loudly, Saraya knocked Baker off the apron.  As Cole struggled from the middle of the ring to the ropes, nearly there when he was dragged back center.  In the hold now for a good two minutes until Britt clasped the Lockjaw on the vet to a nice pop, quickly broken by Saraya.

The other three down, Cole readied a superkick but ran into a Codebreaker for another close call.  To their feet, yay/boo shots and strikes, both hit clotheslines simultaneously, leaving both to crawl and tag, Britt and Saraya exchanging a flurry, Saraya again blocked a neckbreaker, hit RamPaige, Britt just kicked out.

As Jericho entered the ring with Floyd: Britt ducked, Cole hit a superkick, he and Britt hit a superkick party, Baker tagged Cole, who rolled the pad down, hit the Boom, 1, 2, 3.

There are clearly big plans for Cole.  Who’s now decisively beaten Jericho twice.  Seemingly ending the feud.  But he got a mixed reaction here.  Boos at times.

Pretty fun tag.  Saraya looks like she’s still a bit rusty.  More tags are probably a good idea as she continues her return.

Winner: Adam Cole & Britt Baker


Next Rampage:

  • Willow Nightingale vs Emi Sakura (Maybe for the Strong title?  Excal was even faster than usual here)
  • Action Andretti vs Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Katsuyori Shibata (who has left New Japan) vs Lee Moriarty
  • Dralistico vs Komander vs Vikingo, AAA Mega Title

Next Dynamite:

  • Jay White vs Ricky Starks
  • Orange Cassidy vs Swerve Strickland, International Title

Thumbs Up/Down

  • Hot crowd gave the show a nice energy
  • Swerve vs Trent vs Big Bill
  • BCC vs Bros & Bandido
  • Proper explanation of Callis’ turn on Omega. Nuclear heat and a nice beginning of the build to Forbidden Door: Kenny’s in Japan, Okada’s name brought up by Callis.  Really like subtle storytelling like this.


  • Follow up for the Pillars? This was crucial and ranged from bewildering (Darby) to an afterthought (the champ, no less) to decent but not good enough (Perry) to nothing (Sammy)
  • No in-show build for the main event – Saraya even had promo time and didn’t mention it

Appreciate you reading.  Have a good week.



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