Dynamite TV report for 02/22/2023

Arena: Footprint Center

City: Phoenix, Az

Last Week’s Rating: 824,000 overall; 0.27 in 18-49 demo

With just two shows left, we’re now on a collison™ corse for Revultion.

It’s Wednesday night, it’s Dynamite.  Let’s go.


Wheeler Yuta vs Orange Cassidy, All-Atlantic Title

Backstory: Yuta came out of nowhere to interrupt Cassidy on Friday, whining that the Best Friends and never taught him anything and how much better off he is without them, that Cassidy didn’t care about his title so he wanted to take it from him (Cliff notes: Yuta was a little pr***)

The big crowds continue when AEW heads West.  Can’t help but contrast the storytelling here vs the whole Sami Zayn storyline.  AEW gave this deeply personal conflict a whole four days to develop.

Yuta took a cheap swing, Cassidy rolled him up for two, ducked under a leapfrog then nailed a cazadora into a bridge, the two rolling around in and out of pinfalls, each bagging a series of near-falls.

Yuta went outside for a breather but was baited into re-entry by Cassidy threatening to put his hands in his pockets.  Yuta got a couple more twos with various cradles, Cassidy countered by using Yuta’s own seatbelt against him.

Very fast start.  Very athletic.

Yuta again bailed, bringing Claudio Castagnoli to ringside to slap Yuta and tell him to stop being ‘pretty’.

After which, Yuta got aggressive, going after Orange, sending him through the ropes, nailing him with a tope then flinging him into the barricades and across a table at ringside.  Very heelish as the ref told him to get it back in the ring.

He obliged.  But left Cassidy struggling on the floor as Claudio headed backstage, his work done.

Weak boos for Yuta as he slapped and chopped his former friend in the corner.  Until Cassidy got his arms up, got the pockets, irritating Yuta who blistered him with strikes and chops.  Cassidy struck back with the kicks, slipping to the apron to plant Yuta into the buckle ten times.  But was caught coming off the top into a Manhattan drop, enziguri, diving elbow strike from the top.

Yuta then dropkicked Cassidy off the apron to bring the break.

And was up top again as we returned, missing badly on a splash, Orange trying to get himself going, launching an Orange Punch.  Yuta countered, eventually into a brainbuster.  Seeking wrist control, it backfired when Cassidy pulled him in, hitting up-kicks then hauling Yuta up into a hug.

Yuta responded with a headbutt then launched fists to the side of the head.  Orange slipped behind, Yuta twice swung himself back in through the ropes, then dropped under into a German, keeping his grip.  Cassidy countered into a German of his own, then rolled through into a two count.  Yuta responded with Cassidy’s mousetrap pin for 2.9.  The crowd applauded.

Both spat at each other as a fistfight broke out, launching into lariats at the same time to leave both down.

Cassidy dumped Yuta to the apron, Yuta dragged him out with him but ate a back body drop onto the hardest part of the ring.  And was then dropped via diving ddt off the apron.

A tornado one followed, this time in the ring.  Yuta countered Beach Break into a piledriver.  Cassidy kicked out at two as an aggressive Yuta launched H&A then hooked the Seatbelt.

Orange finally hit Beach Break, Yuta kicked out at two but was nailed with an Orange Punch despite begging-off as Cassidy retained.

I’m sure this was a very good match.  Slick, athletic, lots of counters and pin attempts.  I’m bored of Yuta, never thought he had a chance to win and there was no real reason to be invested in a match that went very long at over twenty minutes.

Afterwards, Cassidy wanted a hug, bringing Claudio back out to order Yuta not to.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Renee with Hangman and Evil Uno.  Page immediately interrupted Uno to reiterate that he didn’t want them involved.  Uno said that what he heard was Page saying they weren’t on his level, requesting Page stay away tonight.  Uno said Moxley would find out why his name was Evil Uno.

Because it was the last one left by the time you got there when they were handing them out?

Not a fan of angles like these: Uno thinking he’s on Mox or Page’s level makes him seem delusional.  Doesn’t make for much sympathy when Moxley beats the stuffing out of him.


Ricky Starks came out to a very nice reaction.  He accepted that the rematch would never happen so he’ll be moving on from Chris Jericho, offering an open challenge to face him at Revolution, noting that he knew there was someone back there who wanted to face him.

Jericho’s music hit and he hit the stage.

They played Jericho’s entire theme song while the two just stood there.

Jericho said he knew what Starks was trying to do, suggesting he take pride in the victory he did have and to leave it at that.  ‘You are not at my level.’  Then wishing him well in his open challenge.  Just as Peter Avalon’s music hit to answer it.

Jericho blasted him with a Judas Effect then headed to the ring.

The vet threatened to take the open contract and ‘embarrass’ Starks.  Starks wondered why Jericho needed the JAS if he was that good, questioning whether Jericho could ‘get the job done by yourself’.  Jericho of course took the bait, snatching the contract as the crowd chanted for him to ‘sign it!’.

He then said he could definitely beat Starks and would even sign an addendum that the JAS would stay in the back for the match.  But he didn’t have a pen.

‘I do…’ responded Ricky.  Jericho then signed and addended (is that a word?) the document to make the match official for the ppv.

Jericho exclaimed that ‘nobody outsmarts the Ocho’, as Ricky smiled because he’d done just that.  In contrast to the previous segment, here the babyface was smart.

Still not into this match but this was an effective segment and Starks came off like a star before a big crowd.


A quick promo video of all the contestants in the tag battle royale vowing to win it.  Short but makes the match seem more important.

The Acclaimed vs Big Bill & Lee Moriarty

Backstory: If there is one, I can’t think of it and watch every week

Caster threatened to remove the heels ‘like Robert Sarver’, then targeted Big Bill specifically – ‘your girl just text me, she says you’re S-A-W-F-T.’

Caster and Moriarty set us off, Caster landing an armdrag but being caught via a Big Bill knee from the apron.  Moriarty played air guitar but was a victim of a blind tag and a very nice double-team backbreaker as the ads arrived.

Bill had Bowens on his back as we returned.  The Gunns had hit the ramp as Bill missed a splash in the corner.  Bowens ran through Moriarty, dropping him off the shoulder via reverse fireman’s carry.

But the Acclaimed and Billy took too long scissoring and were attacked by Bill (more dumb babyfaces as even Schiavone said there was a time and a place).

The Gunns stomped away at their dad at ringside as Excalibur noted they hadn’t touched any competitors.  Moriarty hit a spinning slam, Bowens barely kicked out.  Fighting back, he hit the Arrival then tagged Bowens to hit the elbow to bag the win.

They absolutely aren’t, but you could easily believe someone was trying to sabotage the Acclaimed with their booking lately.  This should’ve been over quickly.  In dominant fashion too.

WINNER: The Acclaimed

Schiavone invited out Christian who didn’t make it to the mic, being speared and pounded by Jack Perry, left laying on the ramp as Perry fetched a pair of chairs.  Perry couldn’t decide whether to go through with a con-chair-to and was hit with a low blow by a ‘heel’ merely protecting himself from a devastating attack.

Excalibur called it a ‘moment’s hesitation’.  But it was a lot longer than that, and made Jungle Boy look really dumb.

Cage then smashed Perry’s head into a chair several times, the youngster limp and bleeding from the forehead.  The crowd were so concerned they began chanting for Aubrey.


Joe/Wardlow package.  They re-told the story from last week about Wardlow’s dad.  Joe said the biggest mistake Wardlow ever made was stepping back in the ring with him.

Saraya vs Skye Blue

Backstory: None

Only the former Paige’s third match in half-a-decade and it’s against Skye Blue with no build?

Blue didn’t even get an entrance, they immediately nearly messed-up a cazadora, Storm got up on the apron as Blue just stood and looked at her for a long time, allowing Saraya to attack.  This show is decimating babyfaces left, right and center.

Saraya got two after Toni suplexed Blue on the outside.  The crowd were almost silent.  Easily the quietest they’d been all night.

Though did come alive as Blue grabbed a submission.  Saraya got another two, ate an elbow in the corner, then a boot but caught Blue posing on the middle rope.  Blue fought her off, hit a cross body then a step-up knee strike and dropkick to the side of the head.

Storm stepped on the apron so Aubrey completely ignored the pin, Blue went after Toni but turned round into a kick to the head then was twisted up into a scorpion cross lock, tapping immediately.

We have a new definition for the word ‘sucked’.  This made Blue look stupid and Saraya look weak.

The second it’d finished, Jamie Hayter’s music hit, she and Britt flew to the ring as the heels bailed.  Just as they reached the top of the ramp, Ruby’s music played as she made the ‘belt’ motion at Hayter.

Can’t she just wrestle Shida again?  Please?

WINNER: Saraya

Justin introduced Bryan Danielson to another big reaction from the crowd.  Immediately playing to them, he promised to do everything in his power to beat MJF for his title.  But first wanted to talk about what MJF said last week, that MJF hated him.

Talking about all the things MJF had done to him and his friends ‘and he… hates… me?’.  Before he could get any further, Max’s music interrupted.  Max cried and whined about everyone always turning their back on him, including some girl he’d proposed to.

‘You deserve it!’

She left him and now all he has left is his title.  And Danielson’s trying to take it from him.  The only thing stopping him ‘from grabbing a fistful of pills and calling it a day’.

Whereas everyone loves Danielson.  Respects him.  And he has a family who loves him, which MJF said Danielson takes for granted.  He hates Danielson because he’s had more concussions than anyone and is still in ‘my sport’.

Every time Danielson steps through the ropes he’s saying wrestling is more important than his children, spitting in MJF’s face by taking everything Max would kill for ‘for granted’.  He’s even worse than his mentor Regal because he’s addicted to the spotlight.  And at Revolution, he’s going to give Danielson all the spotlight he could want.

Before addressing Danielson’s children through the camera as BD threatened to ‘kick the s*** outta you’ for doing so.

MJF promised to ‘make dadaa pay for all of his selfishness’ by ripping his arm out of the socket so ‘dadaa can never play with you again… never pick you up again’ by bringing ‘early onset CT…’ Danielson smacked him with a mic and pounded him from the mount before being quickly dragged away by security.

Though kept breaking free and having to be dragged away again.

This was a killer angle.  A genius-level promo and the first depthful storytelling on the whole show.

They even replayed it after the ads.


Then cut to Tony with Hayter and Britt.  Jamie isn’t a fan of what Saraya’s been doing, while acknowledging that she does deserve a title shot because she hasn’t lost.  Though Ruby also deserves a shot.  So challenged them to a triple threat at Revolution.

Revolution Tag Team Battle Royale

Contestants: Top Flight, Aussie Open, Lucha Bros, Jarrett & Lethal, Rush & Preston Vance, Silver & Reynolds, 2.0, Tony Nese & Ari Daivari, Best Friends, Butcher and Blade

These tag belts have come a long way the last couple years.  In the wrong direction.  The ‘champs’ have never been less credible.  And now we’ve gone from almost too many good teams to having to draft in Aussie Open.

No-one got an entrance, they all just piled into the ring as the bell rang.

Mark Briscoe came out and brawled with Josh Woods.

The Lucha Bros eliminated Ari Daivari to take it down to nine teams as the break beckoned.

Butcher and Blade eliminated Aussie Open & Darius Martin at the same time.

Silver got rid of Blade.

Penta eliminated Vance but Vance helped Rush get rid of Penta.  Fenix walked the ropes to pump kick Rush out of the match.  He’s amazing.  First good thing in the match.

Silver & Reynolds eliminated by Butcher.

Danhausen came in to Curse 2.0, they flung him out, he Cursed them from the outside as the Best Friends eliminated them.  Lethal and Jarrett immediately got rid of Taylor.

There’s a time and a place for comedy.

Dante Martin, Fenix, Trent, the J’s and Butcher were left as we went to our second break of the match.

Butcher stomped Martin off the apron and out of the match, Fenix got rid of Butcher, the J’s got rid of Rey who the crowd loved, leaving them and Trent.

Trent kept nearly eliminating both as Satnam Singh waited to catch them if they fell.  He prevented both from being eliminated at the same time after a shotgun dropkick.  If any of these teams were smart, they’d just hire a bunch of lumberjacks to catch them all match.

Jarrett hit the Stroke and threw Trent out.  He skinned the cat, was flung over by Lethal and skinned the cat again, helped by Orange.  Trent back body dropped Lethal to eliminate him.  Singh again stopped Jarrett being eliminated.

This is so bloody stupid.

Jarrett eliminated Trent to win.

I knew it.

WINNER: Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal (Advance to four-way at Revolution for tag belts)

The House of Black promo.  Thousands of people see the same thing they do.  A problem in the company that needs getting rid of.  They’ll purify AEW with a firestorm then rebuild.  They challenged the Elite to see them ‘face to face’ on Friday.


Renee was backstage with Tony Khan.  Since this announcement impacts the major stars in the company, he introduced Adam Cole to make the announcement.  Starting next month there’s a show called AEW All-Access airing for an hour immediately after Dynamite, like a documentary series.  There’ve been rumors about it for months.

The night that show debuts, he’s going to make his in-ring return on Dynamite.

Pleased for Cole but the announcement was a let-down as usual.


Promo from the J’s and etc.  The Gunns interrupted to suggest they take out the Acclaimed.  Lethal said that wasn’t a bad idea.

Jon Moxley vs Evil Uno

Backstory: Uno, kinda/sorta Hangman’s friend?, challenged Mox last week

Hangman was shown backstage with Uno as Mox made his entrance.  If – and that’s a big if – the latter wins, it’ll be his hundredth in AEW.

Uno made his entrance during the ads.

And was immediately on top, fighting Mox to the corner, flinging chops as Page was again shown watching backstage.  Ripping his vest off, he whipped and choked Moxley with it before launching splashes in the corner.

Then hauled him upstairs for a superplex.  Mox fought him off, ripping at the mask which the crowd booed but being booted off the apron.  Uno launched a senton off the top to the outside, raining down rights from the mount.

But made the mistake of pursuing Moxley and was introduced to the ring steps.  Somehow he was almost unconscious after one move.  Mox hammered away with cross faces as the blood poured from underneath Uno’s mask.

Uno responded with a piledriver, then another, count of two.  Blood was all over Uno’s upper chest.

Moxley slipped behind to lock in a sleeper, launching H&A elbows, back to the sleeper, over into the Bulldog Choke, really wrenching back as Uno was fading, the mat covered in blood.  Mox had to capture the legs too to finally get the submission.

But wouldn’t release the hold.  Bringing Silver and Reynolds down, they were intercepted by Claudio and Yuta, Hangman finally hit the scene, pounding Moxley around ringside and readying a Buckshot when Mox headed for the hills.

Moxley should’ve been more dominant for this to really be effective.

WINNER: Jon Moxley


Next Rampage:

  • Young Bucks vs Aussie Open (something to look forward to)
  • The HOB have challenged the Elite to meet them face to face
  • Sammy Guevara vs Action Andretti
  • Willow Nightingale vs Toni Storm
  • Lance Archer wrestles
  • Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes promo seg.

Next Dynamite:

  • The second Tag Team Casino Battle Royale
  • Hook (reinstated out of nowhere) vs Someone picked by Stokely Hathaway
  • More TBA on Rampage

Added to Revolution:

  • Ricky Starks vs Chris Jericho, JAS banned from ringside
  • Hayter vs Saraya vs Soho, Women’s Title


Overall impressions

The worst episode of Dynamite I have ever seen.  Outside of one tremendous promo this show offered nothing outside of predictable outcomes and terrible booking.

If you like wrestling the opener was very good.  I do like wrestling, but I like there to be a reason for it and some chance of both guys winning.  A story more developed than ‘he challenged him last Friday’.  And the constant title matches are a crutch which serve only to make the outcome even more obvious.

Grumpy Guy out.  Have a great rest of the week.

Check Out

  • The MJF/Danielson angle


Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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