Dynamite TV report for 10/26/2022

AEW Dynamite, Weds 10/26/22

Arena: Chartway Arena

City:Norfolk, VA

Last Week’s Rating: 752,000 overall; 0.26 in 18-49 demo

A few updates on Brawl Out.

Per Fightful, the Elite could be back, at least in a backstage role, ‘’imminently’’.  While Wrestling Inc. heard from Punk’s ‘camp’ that his dog Larry was accidentally injured when the Elite ‘’kicked in’’ the door to his dressing room.  Oh yeah, also that the scrum itself wasn’t a big deal, only escalating due to the above.

Delusion or Stupidity are the only choices.

It’s Wednesday night, it’s Dynamite.  Let’s go.


Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia vs Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

Backstory: Yuta & Claudio seeking revenge after Garcia turned on Bryan Danielson amid months-long BCC/JAS feud; Yuta also jealous of Danielson’s regard for Garcia

Let’s get this out of the way.  The whole Garcia/Danielson storyline was made stupid by the fact that Garcia fought both Jericho and Sammy only a week before revealing that it was all a part of the plan as he turned on Danielson.  Classic Swerve Bro!

Logically, it should lead to a fired-up BCC uniting to kick the heels’ asses.  Instead, Yuta is in his feelings because Danielson said Garcia can be the best wrestler in the world.  Infighting storylines – with rare exception – suck.

Regal joined on comms.

The vets kicked things off, Jericho bird-ing the crowd from both hands, Claudio launching into uppercuts, backing him into the corner, dropping him via clothesline as Jericho fled for a tag to Garcia.  Castagnoli did the same, the youngsters in, dropkick by Yuta, straight to work on the wrist and arm, chops and punches in the corner until Garcia landed a headbutt.

But was caught into a powerslam, then a senton splash as Claudio intercepted Jericho and the BCC went to work with dual hammer and anvils.  2.0 interfered after Hager took the ref, not that it helped much, Yuta still in charge, tag to Castagnoli, big uppercut for the first two-count of the evening.

Garcia slipped out of a suplex but bailed after nearly being caught in the Giant Swing, bringing Jericho back.  A very pre-determined looking spot brought the break, Claudio basically waiting on the apron for the springboard dropkick.

Pretty redundant so far.

Loud boos brought us back, Garcia clambering all over Claudio with a sleeper locked in.  The Swiss muscling him up off his back and into a suplex.  Both guys down, Garcia quicker to tag, Jericho nearly got the Walls but Claudio shook him off, then walloped him with the lifting uppercut.

Allowing the tag to Yuta, splash off the top for two, ground and pound as Garcia came in.  Until Jericho poked the eye, Claudio back in, caught in the Codebreaker mid-springboard.

Regal’s great.  Quietly and intently rooting for his men.  Not remotely over the top.

Having enough of the interference, Yuta took out both 2.0 and Garcia.  Castagnoli set up Jericho for the Swing, again doing a double-shift as Garcia climbed on his back mid-way through.  More inteference from Hager – Claudio attacked him with a cannonball off the apron, then ran through all the heels on the outside, Neutralizer inside to Jericho.  1, 2, 3.

Guess Claudio’s getting a rematch?

Most of this was fine.  The ending flurry from Claudio was great, making him look strong.  And made the crowd happy.

WINNER: Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

Rene with Bryan Danielson.  Who’s frustrated about losing to Jericho, that Garcia turned on him and that Yuta talked back to him last week.  He’s gonna take it all out on Sammy tonight.  Which is when Yuta arrived back from his match.  Immediately getting in Danielson’s face.  The youngster came across as arrogant and sarcastic.  I hope he’s supposed to be the heel.

Claudio was the voice of reason.

Video package for the Elite.  Hard to describe.  Bunch of random quotes in voiceover format, beginning by showing them at the announcement of the company and ending with a burning AEW logo.

Guess the reports were true.

JAS interview with Tony.  The audio cut in-and-out throughout.  Jericho’s now going after all Ring of Honor titles and performers.  Open challenge for any ex-ROH next week.

FTR vs Swerve in our Glory, #1 Contendership Match

Backstory: FTR have been the #1 contenders since they beat T-Rex & Triceratops, but agreed to give the ex-champs a chance to earn back their titles: winners face the Acclaimed at Full Gear

Nice reactions for all.  Particularly FTR.  The Gunn Club were in the front row dressed as Dax and Cash.

Before things got going, the champs came out to watch, scissoring with steel chairs before taking a seat at the top of the ramp.

Tentative start from Swerve and Cash, the latter working a headlock until an athletic sequence from Strickland culminated in a headscissors, leading to him showing off.

Harwood in, short leg-drop, two count.  Shot to the kidney allowed Swerve to tag in the Big Man.  Who FTR immediately tried to Big Rig with little-to-no luck.  The Big Fella then leapfrogged both before crashing into them via crossbody as the ads arrived.

Crowd oohed and aahed at that sequence.

Strickland had Cash stuck in the wrong corner as we returned.  Tag to Lee, Wheeler desperate to tag out but muscled back towards Swerve, who tagged himself in, again cutting off the ring.

Until Wheeler got a back body drop, bringing Dax in to assault Strickland with hard chops, slaps and shots to the face.  To such an extent that Lee came in to aid his partner, Dax darting out the way as the big man crashed through the ropes to the outside.

Series of close falls from both: Swerve slipped coming off the top, big German by Dax, tag to Cash, Swerve blasted by shots from both, Dragon Suplex into a bridge for a close two.

FTR do such a great job making it seem like theyre trying desperately to get the tag.

Series of uppercuts from Swerve, who vaulted off Dax on the apron, allowing the tag to Lee, huge spinning kick from Strickland to Dax, then a Lee powerbomb from at least three stories for another very close count.

FTR chant from the crowd as Swerve and Lee setup their finish, Cash slipped out, Swerve went for the Stomp, Dax caught him, crazy sequence with the two fighting for control until Harwood eventually dropped him via slingshot bomb.  For which Lee blasted him with a pounce.

‘This is awesome!’

FTR perched Lee up top, Harwood looking for a superplex, Cash tagging in, Powerplex, Cash landing on Lee’s back, the commentators explaining that this was the only reason the big guy kicked out.

Big Rig setup again but Swerve interfered. Leading to Cash attakcing him, after which they finally landed the Big Rig on Lee.  1, 2… Strickland with the desperation save.  The action quickly spilled outside where he sent Wheeler into the Gunns in the front row.  Dax got a rollup inside for another two on Lee.  But with both the ref and Lee distracted, Swerve landed a shot to the ‘groin’ of Dax and an unaware Lee took advantage for the surprise win.

Rapid contest almost impossible to keep up with.  FTR are a perfect contrast for almost every team in the company, meshing traditional tag team concepts with modern day speed.

Post-match, the Ass Boys tried to attack but the Acclaimed quickly cut them off.

Can understand not wanting to beat FTR at the PPV or take the belts off the Acclaimed, but I really hope AEW have something good planned for FTR at Full Gear.

WINNER: Swerve in our Glory

Renee with Saraya.  The two friends were catching up when Britt immediately interrupted.  Renee told them if they wanted to talk they could ‘do it properly’.  Which somehow quelled a heated argument.  Another nothing segment with Saraya.  She loses star-power every week.  And she’s not to blame.  Next week’s segment needs to feel and be big.

Back with Renee, this time on the stage to bring out MJF.  Of course, the wife of his next opponent.  LOUD MJF chant.  Totally playing up the babyface thing, he asked if there were ‘any devil worshippers in the house’.  Renee asked how he felt about his upcoming match.

Max mimicked Mox – including threatening to ‘gargle’ MJF’s piss.

Backing up a little, Max admitted that when he said he wanted to win clean, he ‘meant relatively clean.’  Though he did promise not to use his diamond ring in the match.  Because he didn’t need to.  He has a chip on his shoulder, and at Full Gear, he’s not facing Mox or Penta, but everyone who ever doubted him, ‘when I become your new AEW champion of the world!’

Stokely Hathaway came out, implying they’d attack Mox before the match.  Max got pissed: if Hathaway ‘even looked at’ Mox, ‘you’re fired’.  He counted down to his catchphrase so the crowd could join in.

This was classic babyface with a wink and a nod.

The Kingdom/WarJoe video promo (the Kingdom are an ROH trio comprised of Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis).  Match between Wardlow and Taven set for ROHmpage.

Bryan Danielson vs Sammy Guevara

Backstory: Danielson seeking revenge after being turned on and attacked by Daniel Garcia; also looking to prove his commitment to BCC after it was questioned by Yuta

Big response for Danielson.  Regal back on comms.  The vet refusing to answer questions about BCC problems.

Charging right for each other, Guevara won out via kick to the face, step-up enziguri in the corner, springboard cutter for a very early two which the crowd did not buy.

‘Sammy sucks’ chant as he set-up for GTH, Danielson switched to a German, Sammy flipped out but was caught by Danielson and locked into the Romero Special slap bang in the middle.

Vicious knees to the head followed, Guevara on the mat, picked up into an uppercut, then another, a chop waking Guevara.  Who fired back with some of his own, firing off shots to the face which Danielson ate every one of, backing Guevara back into the corner, then dropping him with another stiff uppercut.

Next targeting the wrists as Excalibur finally gave us an update on Hangman, who’s apparently doing well.  Into ground and pound – the vet launching hard punches to the head before announcing that it was head kicking time.  Leading to Guevara bailing outside, where he met a Danielson tope with a rising knee, then a spectacular Asai Moonsault.

Continuing where he left off, Sammy was working over Danielson with No! kicks, the vet catching the last one, slapping Guevara to his knees, backing him into the corner, firing off Yes! kicks, whipping him into the ropes, duck under, leaping elbow strike to the face.  Rapid sequence.

Guevara back-body dropped outside, landing on his feet but blasted by another Danielson elbow through the ropes.  After dragging him back in, the vet hit a shotgun dropkick off the top.

Guevara got to his knees, open for Yes! kicks, but suckering BD into a standing Spanish Fly.  Before heading to the top but being crotched, Danielson hooking an avalanche belly to back from which Sammy again landed on his feet.  Straight back to the top: double moonsault, Danielson avoided both, standing shooting star from which Danielson snatched him into the LeBell Lock.

That definitely should’ve been the finish, absolutely fantastic sequence, but Sammy got the ropes with his feet.

A top rope Spanish Fly got Sammy two.  After which he fired shots to the face, bite to the forehead, up for the GTH, Danielson countered with a poisonrana as the crowd clapped along.  Then blistered Sammy with a Busaiku knee, kick your head in stomps, into the Triangle, elbows to the head while in the hold.  Referee stoppage for the win.

This was fantastic.  Sammy’s really spectacular and it’s nice to see contrasting styles make for a helluva fight.  Refreshingly, given the last week or so, not a jot of outside interference.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

The very busy Renee was joined by Rey Fenix and Alex Abrahantes to ask about tonight’s main event.  After saying Penta would become a double champ, Rey said maybe he should too, the All-Atlantic title his target.  Which is when Christian interrupted, saying Luchasaurus wanted it.  Triple Threat match made for next week.

Riho vs Jamie Hayter

Backstory: Riho cleared the ring of Rebel and Hayter upon returning last week

Announcers talked up the size difference as we got started, Hayter using it well – backing Riho into the corner, knocking her down with shoulder blocks but being caught via headscissors.  Britt interfered but Hayter was low-bridged to the outside, Riho then launching from the top via cross body.

Just like last week.

Pissed, Hayter began flinging her lighter opponent around ringside before taking her back in for a snap suplex into a powerslam for two.  Then another.  Very unique move.  Hayter well on top with a knee to the neck as the break beckoned.

Riho fired back with a dropkick, rolling through an attempted cazadora into a leaping stomp to the gut, both emerging in opposite corners, Riho launching herself at Hayter, then knocking Rebel – attempting to interfere -off the apron.

Cross body from the top, Hayter caught her and rolled through into a sheer-drop brainbuster for two.  Crowd very quiet.

Shot to Riho’s spine, Riho got the boots up in the corner, tejeiras as Britt again grabbed the boot.  A very orchestrated-looking Code Red to Hayter for another two.  Diving foot stomp off the top missed, Hayter hit a backbreaker across the knee, missed with a ripcord lariat missed, allowing Riho to hook a Dragon Suplex for yet another two.

Riho grabbed another two with a roll-up, Hayter popped up and finally landed the Ripcord Lariat – which Riho kept avoiding – for the win.

Between the crowd reaction and the incessant interference, I couldn’t get into this despite looking forward to it.

Afterwards, Toni Storm came out to wave.

WINNER: Jamie Hayter

‘What up sis’.  Eddie Kingston with Renee.  Kingston put on a false smile when asked about his friends being concerned about him.  Eddie said he thought Moxley would win.  ‘Everyone else, leave me alone.’

Darby Allin promo.  He wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear.  Sting convinced him not to, leading Darby to ask the vet to let him prove himself alone.  Then referenced Lethal saying an old friend had told them Allin’s weakness, challenging them to produce the guy next week.

Dutt countered by saying ‘be careful what you wish for ‘cause you might get it’.  Think that up all by yourself Sonjay?

Jon Moxley vs Penta, AEW Title

Backstory: Moxley made a challenge for an opponent he hasn’t beaten before, Penta accepted

I talked post-Rampage about the importance of title matches being meaningful.  Perfect example here.  Penta’s one of my favorite guys.  But he’s done nothing to earn this, there’s no backstory and his already slim chance of winning is rendered null by the announcement of the PPV main event last week.

Non-title would’ve been fine.

Taz did a nice job highlighting that Mox couldn’t let the potential match with MJF distract him.

‘Zero Miedo’ played as the two met in the middle, head-to-head, couple pushes, wary start.

A frantic exchange of open-hand slaps and chops really got us going, graduating into a slugfest.  Mox kick to the knee, looking for the Paradigm Shift, Penta blasted him with a thust kick, Regal Knee avoided, rollup for two.

Moxley was thinking KKL, Penta cut him off with a wagging finger – ‘zero… miedo’.  Mox responded with a bird but was sent outside and hit with a plancha.

Back inside, Mox on his knees in the ropes, Penta striking with stiff kicks, forearm to the face but the champ caught him with a boot then flung him belly to belly style into the buckle.  Ten of the best followed, the champ stopping for a snack – on Penta’s forehead – things then sped up as both ducked and dodged while running the ropes, a Slingblade seeing Penta look for Fear Factor but Mox snapped up into a Cutter.

Afterwards targeting his opponent with hammer and anvils while in a choke/headlock.  Undoing his mask to escape, Penta immediately thought armbreaker, Moxley responded with stomps to the face, Penta slipped back out into the armbreaker, this time hitting it to bag a two count.

Taking the fight to the apron, Penta hit an enziguri, looking for a destroyer on the steps but eating a ddt on the steel instead.

Taking it back inside, Moxley landed the KKL for two slaps of the mat.  Then hauled Penta topside, firing away, Penta slipping out, kick to the knee, diving footstomp, Fear Factor in the middle, Mox just kicking out before three.

Pausing for ‘Zero… Miedo’, Penta thought springboard, was caught with a kick to the gut and a pair of Death Riders as the champ retained.  Morrisey (remember they hired him?) and the Firm attacked immediately afterward, beating down Mox.

Good match.  Penta in particular shone here.

We cut backstage to where the BCC had been locked in their dressing room.

Finally, MJF came to the ramp, wracked by whether to help or not, before finally deciding to disrupt the attack and fire Hathaway.  After which Ethan Page blasted him.  The commentators tried so hard to convince us that Morrisey and Page were big deals.

Two years of TV tells otherwise.

After minutes of kicking and punching, Page hit an Ego’s Edge to MJF.  But we still weren’t done.  This went on.  And on.  And on.  Finally ending with MJF being chokeslammed through a table by W.

Reminiscent of when Dynamite ended with the Dark Order beating down the Elite in one of the most unpopular endings in the show’s history.

WINNER: Jon Moxley


Next Rampage:

  • Wardlow vs Matt Taven, TNT Title
  • Rayne vs Melo
  • Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta vs 2.0

Next Dynamite:

  • Darby Allin vs Jay Lethal
  • Orange Cassidy vs Luchasaurus vs Rey Fenix, All-Atlantic Title
  • Renee sits down with Britt Baker & Saraya
  • Jericho vs a former ROH champ, ROH Title
  • ‘Daddy Ass Bday Bash’


Overall impressions

An incredibly busy show with good action but which lacked last week’s variety.  And that ending sucked.  The Firm storyline makes absolutely no sense, and those involved make absolutely no impression.  If they’re allowed to become a fixture in the feud surrounding the world championship, they’ll drag it down.

Check Out

  • Swerve in our Glory vs FTR
  • Sammy Guevara vs Bryan Danielson

Thanks for reading.  See you for ROHmpage ;).

Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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