Dynamite TV report for 06/19/2024

Venue: EagleBank Arena, Fairfax, VA


No intro again other than MJF’s music.  Max’s jacket even more leather than ever.  Crowd chanted along loudly with his name being announced.  Excalibur said Rush has been ‘here, busting heads’ for ‘months.’

Lies make Baby Jesus cry.

MJF vs Rush

Backstory: Rush is annoyed that MJF got opportunities right away when he’s been here ‘every week’ (except he hasn’t); they brawled almost inseparably last week

Rushing middle at the bell, they immediately brawled, Rush dropped down; Max strutted over the top and posed so got slapped.  What a babyface.  They took turns teeing off, Rush arms behind the back, offering his chest, Max working the crowd several times before poking the eye and posing again.

Beginning to seem like he hasn’t changed anything other than the look.

Rush headbutted him, this was supposed to be a heel thing, fans did boo, but dude just had his eye poked, turnabout is fair play.  A back body later and Max was lying on his back, bleeding, Rush seemed to lick some of the blood.

Max got two via sunset flip but was then knocked the F out with a big right.  To utter silence.  MJF’s getting his ass whooped fair and square, this is not what fans want from returning babyfaces.  Crowd chanted for him as Rush did the fake-out Bull’s Horns back into his pose.

Max rushed him with a leg dive but Rush immediately turned him over and kicked his ass again.  A rebound German and low dropkick followed, for two.  Another in the corner saw Max escape, both down, crowd chanting for MJF.  Who hooked an inside cradle for two.

Backslide for the same, thrust kick, hammerlock elevated ddt for the same again.  Max raked the back when Rush lowered his head, Max jammed his knee but recovered to hit a piledriver for two again.  Then showed his knee was fine.  But ran at Rush and was belly to bellied into the corner, something of a dueling chant now.  That’s not good for Max first time back against a guy who isn’t exactly pushed.

MJF seemed to slip off the middle ropes and was wiped out with a right and a piledriver for two.  A superman punch sent him through the ropes, Rush did his usual beat-the-guy-around-ringside stuff.

Max down, still bleeding slightly from his nose as Rush grabbed a chair and the ref happily played a dog – go get it boy! – so Rush could choke MJF with a rope.  It sure took that ref a long time.  Rush tore a fan’s sign then set MJF on a chair against the barricade but took a drop toe hold into it.

They fought on the apron, Max was belly to bellied off to the floor.  Then set against the buckle, Excalibur made it obvious the upcoming Bull’s Horns would miss as MJF nailed a lariat on approach.  A spinebuster and shots from the mount, Rush introduced to the buckle, ten in the corner, heatseeker through into a delayed brainbuster.

For the win.  Wow that didn’t seem like a finish.  Couldn’t get into this.  50/50 booking in the sense the obvious loser took most of the match before losing.  Max just isn’t doing it for me, a few of the more extreme things have been dropped like the kangaroo kick, otherwise it’s the same ol’ shtick dressed up in a leather jacket.

Winner: MJF

Swerve’s dregs and Hechicero appeared on the screen.  The Bucks have sent Cero after MJF or something.  Cero threatened to break MJF’s arm.  The crowd were silent.  Excalibur said that isn’t official until Tony or CD sign off on it.  We’ll see how long they keep that story straight.

The match was never officially announced.


They showed the qualifiers so far for the TNT ladder match and Jack Perry winning last week.  Highlights making his win look much more convincing than the match did.


The four babyfaces for later were with Renee, Orange basically told her that Mark Briscoe should do the promo.  Mark vowed that after losing last week that wasn’t happening again, today’s word is vengeance, and redemption, there are two words of the day, crowd laughed.

He was putting over all the guys when Jack Perry just walked through and glared at them.  They ignored him.

Mark told him to get his ass out.  Crowd laughed again.  The other faces left with Kyle saying he’d follow Mark anywhere.  Orange stayed with Renee and was sad again.  He gave her a bracelet.

Man AEW’s writers sure do love them some comedy lately.  And Briscoe’s good at organically putting it in his promos but it would’ve been nice if someone wanted to kick Jack Perry’s ass.


Ospreay’s music hit and the crowd went ape.  They actually have enough people tonight to light the damn place and it makes such a difference.  They were even able to pan out to a wide shot.  Should add a nice element to this exchange.  Which you might have thought they’d have hyped.  Heavily.  Maybe even saved it for the end of the show.

Strickland was plenty over too, though probably a little less than the Brit.  He was very serious, as befits the story.  Dueling chants, some not joining in with ‘Swerve’s house!’

Ospreay reminded Swerve he’d told him he couldn’t carry both belts last week.  But he insisted he’s very capable of doing so.  He once held three different belts from three different continents at the same time.  He’s about to test Swerve, Swerve’s about to find out what the world knows, that Ospreay’s the best wrestler in the world.

Swerve was quick to correct him – he’s the best.  But they’ve taken different career paths the last five years.  They’ve both had belts, Swerve’s done it all by himself, he wondered whether Will would have to call Don Callis to ‘try… and I do mean try’ to take the title from him.  Like he did with Kenny last year.

Ospreay asked the crowd whether they tought he needed Callis. He insisted he could do it himself, the Fam were shown watching backstage.  Ospreay said beating Omega was only the start of ‘The Summer of Ospreay.’ He beat Okada, then Shingo, then Jericho: ‘while you had a Hit Row, I had a hit list and I didn’t miss one of them.’ Crowd oohed.

He wondered whether at Forbidden Door Swerve will feel that pressure of facing the best in the world: everyone’s here to see him, ‘what if that killshot is just centimetres off?’

Is Swerve feeling ‘that confident cause I won’t hit that one move?’  He listed all of his various finishes and the damage they did.  Yet that pain won’t equal when he has to walk out after FD and acknowledge he lost his belt to the better man.

But then, if he uses the tiger driver, Swerve won’t be able to walk out.

Swerve said Ospreay keeps saying ‘if.’  Pointing out that this is ‘your first pay-per-view main event period, bruv.’  Ospreay has a lot of friends; he doesn’t have any, ‘they are bodies now,’ he got rid of them to become who he is.  What if he breaks Will’s arm or leg, who is Will Ospreay then?  You can break Swerve’s legs, arms but he can leave and become a rapper or podcaster.

He took off his shades to emphasize the need for sacrifice.  You have to sacarifice yourself, your wife, your son.  Osp cut him off, told him not to mention his kid again: ‘Don’t make this personal, bruv.’

Nana cut the tension by saying they needed to save it, ‘all you got,’ for when they meet for the world title.  He yelled, ‘Whose house!?’, Ospreay yelled ‘My house!’ and left, his music started to play.  He started to leave.

Swerve cut it all off, and said ‘what if I do make this personal?’  He told Will to send his regards to ‘Al’ and ‘Harry’(the names of his ‘missus’ and son).  Ospreay swooped back into the ring and they jawed face to face.

This was killer.  A couple quibbles – Swerve talking about the need to sacrifice for the business while also basically saying he didn’t need it was contradictory.  Though did help position him as the subtle heel in the feud.  And the ‘don’t mention my kid!’ stuff is so totally played out.  AEW do it far too often to spruce up feuds that don’t have anything.  And this ain’t one of those.

But mostly, this was intense, this felt real, this felt like two big stars who each wanted the biggest prize in the company, had an ego and felt they were the better man.  Loved Ospreay talking about the various means he had to finish Strickland, and the pressure.  All felt like a real sporting event, like a big Finals clash.  Excellent, excellent stuff.


Back to the Callis Fam.  Trent was blathering about Ospreay betraying them.  The faction he joined two weeks ago.  Callis said it’d all be fine.  The rest left, Fletcher looked conflicted or upset.

I generally want them to show this Callis Fam stuff but this was so not the time.  That previous exchange needed to be left to breathe.  We didn’t need distracting from it.  It was the best build to a world title match since at least last August (Max and Cole did do a couple good serious exchanges along with the other BS).

Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy, Mark Briscoe & Dante Martin vs Roderick Strong, Zack Sabre Jr., Konosuke Takeshita & Kyle Fletcher

Backstory: Shoves a bunch of feuds together, most of whom are in the TNT title match @ FD

Zack out first to minimal reaction.  Scratch that, all the heels came with.  Slightly weird.  Especially shocked Tony didn’t insist on Roddy getting his own entrance.  The faces all came out to Briscoe’s music.  The announcers made a point of noting Callis isn’t out here, perhaps dealing with Family business.  In some nice follow-up to the last segment.

The other six brawled outside, Orange and Zack took their time getting to scrapping, Zack waiting as Orange took all his gear off.  So long that Briscoe and Fletcher returned to boot them from the ring.  Fletcher hit a tope to Briscoe, Kyle came off the apron with both knees to Fletcher, Strong tried a cheap shot; Kyle got a leglock through the ropes.  Takeshita took great pleasure in cutting off Briscoe going for the off-the-chair cannonball.

Aubrey just left the chair there in the ring so they could do some spots around it.  Zack got an octopus on Orange as Briscoe hit said cannonball onto the guys remaining at ringside.  Dante rana’d Take outside then springboarded his way onto all the other guys, very happy at taking out his own teammates as he mugged for the camera.


To Orange and Zack, they worked around Orange trying to get the pockets, Zack trying to block it, very slick, Sabre reversed a crab into a cradle for two then got a cravate, holding on until a blind tag saw Takeshita utterly end Orange from behind with a right.

Strong tagged himself in, Take wasn’t happy, they shoved, Kyle just came in, guess he must’ve tagged, he took out both heels but was grabbed by one of the Kingdom geeks so took a backbreaker.  ‘I just don’t get all this,’ said Schiavone of that story line.  He’s been good on this stuff.

They brawled, exchange of chops, Kyle drove Strong shoulder-first to the mat, Dante and Zack in, the latter without a tag, Dante took down both via rana, he avoided and took out all of the heels, Fletcher took a springboard attack so Take didn’t have to.

Then swept the youngster off the ropes before supplying him up to Take on the buckle for an avalanche bomb for two.  Strong and Takeshita weren’t too happy with e/o again.


Briscoe fighting off Fletcher and Strong, enziguri sending Strong outside, Takeshita sneaking in behind Briscoe, gouging the eyes but swept up into a rolling dvd, to the top, Froggy Bow, Kyle and Dante following with moves from the top after blind tags, Orange too, three splashes in a row, the other heels broke the pin.

Punch coming with Orange and Take left, Zack grabbed the boot, Take left Orange on the deck, Sabre in to manipulate joints until Briscoe mocked him then flung him outside.  Everyone took out everyone until Strong hit a cheap shot backbreaker to Kyle, all ending with Orange being caught by Take but countering back into stundog, the faces all hit Take, Dante cannonball before diving onto the Kingdom, Briscoe hit his apron blockbuster, Sabre blocked an Orange tornado ddt and stundog, Orange countered back behind, rollup into a pin, Zack countered back into a european clutch for two.

Kyle sacrificed himself so Orange could nail a Punch on Strong to win.

This made last week’s six-man look like a time-limit draw from the 70s.  Which is not to praise or criticize it, just depends on your POV.  Apologies since I undoubtedly missed a lot here.  Rapid.

Jack Perry cheapshotted Dante (I think), the other TNT guys brawled to the back.  Zack and Orange jawed before the latter symbolically got the pockets for the first time all match.  Sabre left.  Orange/Zack stuff was good.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy, Mark Briscoe & Dante Martin

Dude this show is a blur.  To another Mercedes package.  Mone sounded mockingly, dismissively arrogant as she talked about beating Zeuxis.  Slipping in the word ‘bitch’ aimed at Stephanie (sigh).

They showed Mone working hard in the ring as she emphasized that contrary to what Vaquer claimed, she’s been working her ass off.  Along with all the red carpet stuff (Mone said something like Vaquer wasn’t invited to or couldn’t pull off).  She said it isn’t arrogance; it’s confidence (if Mercedes Varnado really believes that; someone needs to tell her).  She called herself ‘the Boss’ (in Spanish).

Pretty good as these Mercedes packages go.  It’s important to emphasize she’s a hard worker to mitigate her arrogance.  If indeed she’s supposed to be a babyface.


To Rush backstage after his loss.  A hand landed on his shoulder.  It was Callis.  He said he had an opportunity for Rush then left.  Rush was still pissed after losing.

Finally figured it out – the Family are a euphemism for AEW as a whole – they keep recruiting people despite not even being able to feature the guys they already have.


Bucks out, guess Pac/Claudio’s the main event.  Caster’s mic cut out on his rap, the Bucks acted all innocent.  Crowd booed.  They showed Okada smashing buttons backstage then mockingly saying he was sorry before dropping the now obligatory ‘…bitch.’  Which never fails to be hilarious.  He’s so good at comedy heel stuff.

Perhaps too good.  He’s getting trapped in that character.

Young Bucks vs Acclaimed (Tag Title Eliminator)

Backstory: Made last week; Bowens continued the strange storyline by vowing to take back the company along with their belts; Caster thought this was for the tag titles, because even AEW’s wrestlers get confused by these eliminators

They brawled around ringside until finally hitting the ring, crowd flat.  Make that very flat.  The Acclaimed went for scissor me timbers.  And hit.  Matt tagged in, Nick hit a cheapshot from the apron but Caster shook it off to continue dominating though Bowens was knocked off the apron.  Caster crashed and burned (intentionally) on a dive.


Bowens hot tag, rights, thrust kicks and a fameasser.  He’s milking a leg injury.  Maybe from when he fell off the apron.  The injury allowed Matt to hit a superkick.  Then target the leg again, holding Bowens in the ropes for a Nick senton as Caster saved the pin.

But was sent back out.  The Bucks readied an EVP Trigger, Bowens blocked it and fought back with another flurry until the numbers and injury saw him tripped down into a superkick party, the Bucks pumping up their Reeboks (more fans laughed than booed, by a lot) before another party.  Caster again broke the pin.

But Bowens was quickly 1:2 again.  Matt hit a low blow with the ref distracted, they prepped another Trigger, hit, Caster saved again at 2.9.  This match is weird: flat and repetitive.  To wit, the heels sent Caster outside again then hit a double-team sliced bread.  Bowens kicked out again.

We get it, he’s a babyface fighting against the odds.  The fans couldn’t care less.

Matt tried a belt shot, Bowens ducked, the ref removed the belt, the Acclaimed nailed a belt shot with the other belt – arrival, Mic Drop, win.  To the guys’ credit, fans did pop for the finish.

Though it should concern AEW how little fans cared about ostensibly the top heel act in the company.  Nor were the crowd exactly hot for the Acclaimed.  Billy Gunn raced out to soak up some of the glory.

Very similar to MJF/Rush – losers dominated the match.

Winner: The Acclaimed

To Joe and Hook.  Again we missed some of it because the sound wasn’t good at the start.  It seemed Joe was giving advice about living arrangement vs vicinity to good food places.  He told Hook he wanted him to be ‘extra’ as they prepared to launch into a locker room.

They barged in.  A note was left – Mark Sterling had challenged them for Collision.  Joe asked if they were all in, Hook said ‘bet,’ Shibata did more lame comedy via his phone.  He was the cameraman.

Hook/Joe remains good stuff, the former seems a little more like a real person each week while Joe does the heavy lifting.


To Mariah May in the ring to announce the contract signing.  She sang Mina’s name in introducing her.  Fans clapped along with Mina’s theme before May and Mina did a couple euro-style smooches on the cheek.  Storm came out, she deliberately did more kisses than Mina.

May said she knew what they were both capable of and that she loved them both.  ‘No matter what happens…’ she started.  Mina snatched the mic and told her to shut up.  She told Storm in Stardom she was a legend.  In AEW she became a star but as champion, ‘you… got… soft.’  Crowd oohed.

‘You… got… weak.  Everybody says – we want Mina.’ She smiled self-satisfactorily.  Crowd cheered a little.  Clearly enjoying Miss Shirakawa.  She signed the contract.  Crowd chanted lightly for her.

Storm vowed to slap her tits off if she raised her voice to Mariah again.  Then made more ‘comedic’ innuendo.  Then her stupid line which she jams into everything without it making any sense whatsoever.

May was about to close things when Mina demanded May ‘choose.’  Saraya came out, yelling as usual.  There was a third ‘bitch’ of the night.  Anna Jay attacked from behind.  The crowd could not have cared less.  At least until the heels propped a table in the corner.

They were going to put May through it till Storm saved her, taking them all out.  But put herself through the table when Saraya avoided a hip attack.  As Mina and Mariah cuddled atop the ramp.

Generally intriguing.  Fans were into the May/Mina/Storm stuff more than anything in a while.  Shirakawa particularly over here; unsurprising as she was very entertaining and put the feud and match over in a way Toni Storm just seems totally unwilling to do if it means sacrificing her stupid comedy and catchphrases.

Saraya’s clearly a vehicle to prolong May ‘choosing.’


Package for Pac/Claudio.  Claudio put them both over and said they should put on a show for ‘wrestling.’  Pretty good.


Brackets for the Owen:

Danielson vs Shingo, Fenix vs White, Jarrett vs Wild Card.

Willow vs Deeb, Nyla vs Stat, Deonna vs Shida, May vs Saraya

Assuming that ‘Wild Card’ is someone returning to wallop Jarrett in seconds like Kenny did Joey Janela a few years ago, those are decent brackets.  Though AEW can never quite commit to putting all the top guys in, which is very weird when the world title’s on the line.  It’s more ‘good matches’ stuff.

Though they have at least baked some feuds in.  Particularly with the women.  May vs Shida could be fun if it happens too.

Schiavone talked about Jarrett being a longtime friend of Owen Hart.  Being ‘real’ is good when it supports what you’re doing.  Putting sympathy on a heel isn’t on that list.

Kris Statlander vs Nyla Rose

Backstory: QF of the Women’s Owen Cup

Nyla very over here, think she’s in her home state or something.  Very little reaction for Statlander.

Each tried to knock the other over till Nyla succeeded.  Stat kipped back up, avoided Nyla in the corner, Nyla got a boot up and hit a cross body out of the corner.  Stat rolled outside.


Back to almost silence, Stat on Nyla’s back maintaining a sleeper.  Until being crushed in the corner, lariat, Stat down again, cannonball in the corner for two.  Stat fought out of the Beast Bomb, axe kick for two.  Nyla avoided a top-rope attack and bagged two.  Before heading upstairs herself.

But being crotched.  Stat hit a running boot then hauled her off the top into Wednesday Night Fever.  Cool finish.  Crowd actually made noise.

Same old conundrum: are we trying to get fresh heel Statlander over or have ‘good matches’?  Especially since we all knew Nyla didn’t have a chance.  But as with every other match all night, the loser took most of it.

Stokely talked trash to Willow.  Until the latter appeared on the big screen.  She congratulated Stat but promised to beat Serena Deeb, then ‘there will be no more running,’ she’ll ‘whoop’ Stat’s ass and get a step closer to her goal of Wembley.

Nice stuff.  Glad they haven’t forgotten Willow.  Stat yelling ‘I won!’ after was fun heel stuff.

Winner: Kris Statlander

Renee with Private Party after they showed them taking advantage of Jericho last week.  The latter interrupted with his usual loud overenunciating.  He advised them on how to take on luchadors.  Since they’re facing some on Friday.

For the second week in a row, he slipped a ‘that doesn’t work for me brother,’ into things, while basically saying he always refused to take piledrivers in Mexico.  He left, Bill said PP had made the wrong impression last week and they were looking forward to Saturday.  Bryan Keith was angry.

Isiah made fun of Jericho’s ‘thanks guys.’  Not as excruciating as past weeks.

Daniel Garcia vs Rhett Titus

Backstory: NONE

They are not leaving long for the main event.  Matt Menard on comms.

Garcia won quickly with his new finish.  Boy I sure feel like he deserves a title shot now.  Swerve’s ex-minions and Hechicero attacked.  The crowd whispered ‘boooo.’  Until MJF came back out.

Unfortunately, for the second time tonight, Max got his ass utterly and completely kicked.  He was in an armbreaker until Will Ospreay came out.  He cleaned the ring; Max helped, they ended up back-to-back, spinning on one-another in a face off.

Fans chanted ‘holy shit.’  Until Max left.

Generally like teases; nothing should be watering down Ospreay/Swerve given how well that’s going.  Will helped Garcia up.  Garcia made clear he wanted Ospreay’s belt.

Winner: Daniel Garcia

Not saying this to complain but to emphasize how much stuff they’ve jammed in – my arm is killing.


Ospreay backstage.  Renee asked what he and MJF was about.  Brian Cage tried to attack him but was held back.  They yelled at each other, Ospreay called him a ‘wanker’ but also gave him a title shot Saturday.

Yeah, if that’s all it takes Garcia prolly does deserve one.  Chalk up another pointless match for Collision!

Claudio Castagnoli vs PAC

Backstory: QF of the Owen Cup

Pac launched a shotgun at the bell, to the top, another, they brawled outside where Claudio took over until Pac reversed a whip to the barricade.  Danielson’s on comms btw.

Back to the ring, Pac back up top, another shotgun, Claudio bailed back outside, Pac followed and took a back body out there.  Nasty spill.  Guess that means CC’s the heel cause…


Fans quiet for this too.  Not been that into the matches most of the night.  After selling his hip earlier, Claudio hurt his shoulder missing a charge in the corner.  Pac hit a ‘rana off the apron, Asai moonsault following.  Very pretty – Danielson basically masturbated.  He’s always very good on comms.

Pac continued the assault with a tornado ddt outside then shoved Claudio in, springboard elbow drop for two.  Tony said he’d never seen Pac do that before; for once he might be right 😉.  Claudio trying to fire up, Pac talking smack as they brawled to their feet.  Pac ebound German, CC popped up, a flurry of kicks ending with a thrust knocked him right back down.

Damn Pac’s good.

To the top, Black Arrow coming, he landed on his feet when Claudio moved, right into a Claudio running uppercut for a near fall.  Repeat, Danielson’s excellent at announcing.

Swing coming, several rotations, Pac dizzy, a sucker for a big running lariat, Ricola coming, nope onto the shoulders, Pac slipping into a Brutalizer from the back of the big fella.

Claudio almost to his knees, dragging himself to the ropes, Pac tried to roll into a cradle, Claudio countered into a sharpshooter, nowhere near the ropes, great selling from the Geordie, screaming, arms captured, Claudio rolling through back middle into a crossface.

Until Pac pinned his shoulders and Claudio had to break the hold.  Each sought pins, inside cradle traded back and forth as each grabbed twos, another series of pins until Pac got the W with a crucifix.

Because that’s the only way names ever pin other names in AEW.  Though at least the winner here mostly dominated the match too.  After being all sporting in the pre-match promo, Claudio left the ring in a huff as Danielson said it (losing) happens to all of us.

They then jammed in a bunch of stuff for Collision and Dynamite literally as the show ended.  Almost as if they’d forgotten to do it.  Including an Okada title defense.  Man that dude’s an expensive afterthought.

Winner: PAC


Forbidden Door:

  • Zack Sabre Jr. vs Orange Cassidy
  • Bryan Danielson vs Shingo Takagi (Owen QF)

Next Collision:

  • Jericho & Big Bill vs Private Party
  • Ospreay vs Cage (Int’nl Title)
  • Ultimo Guerrero vs Kazuchika Okada (Continental Title)

Next Dynamite:

  • Jay White vs Rey Fenix (Owen QF)
  • May/Mina/Storm vs Saraya/Jay/Aussie lady
  • Swerve & Ospreay vs Gates of Agony (This WWE-style ‘enemies team!’ thing is getting old very fast)

Brackets for the Owen:

Danielson vs Shingo, Fenix vs White, Jarrett vs Wild Card, Pac advanced

Willow vs Deeb, Stat advanced, Deonna vs Shida, May vs Saraya

Thumbs Up/Down

  • Finishes were a little less predictable than usual
  • Swerve/Ospreay was excellent again
  • Mina/May/Storm was pretty good, largely thanks to Mina who AEW should probably sign if they get the chance
  • It was generally an entertaining show – none of the wrestling was outstanding; it was mostly good


  • Owen brackets weren’t a total negative but still disappointing considering they’re for a title shot at the biggest show of the year – it’d be like no top guys wanting to be in the Rumble
  • And it’s hard to see anyone but the Wild Card being competition for Danielson, making for no drama over finishes as usual
  • MJF, for reasons listed above, yet the way he was booked was even worse – arse handed to him over and over against guys who aren’t exactly top stars

Appreciate you reading.  Hope you’re having a good week.

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