Dynamite TV report for 03/13/2024

Venue: TD Garden, Boston, MA


Not much teasing here – Renee running down the card as they showed the home of the Celtics.  A Mercedes pulled up.  Door opened though we couldn’t see who’s inside.  Gee, I wonder…

We cut to the arena, announcers ran down the card, Excalibur made a ‘Bruin(g) in Boston’ joke, I think.  Crowd amped.  ‘AE-dub’ chants.

A theme played and ‘CEO’ appeared on the screen.  Then ‘Mercedes Mone’ and out she came.  Not a fan of the theme.  She did her usual WWE entrance, at least as best I remember it.  Big shades, white floor-length fur coat with ‘CEO’ on it, very loud outfit.

She smiled broadly, taking in the crowd who went ape.  And continued chanting ‘CEO’ after the theme finished.  Her hair also says ‘All Elite CEO’ on it.  The chanting continued, loudly, she continued smiling.

Then said ‘BOSSSSSTOOOON… I’m home.’  They chanted ‘welcome home.’  She said her heart was beating out of her chest, the first thing she wants to say is ‘thank you,’ for having her back the past two years, giving her the courage and strength to be here.  And for being there for all the big moments she’s had.

And said there were more moments to come which we’d create ‘together’.  The fans are the reason she’s here.  She said ‘thank you’ again and ‘I love you.’  The ‘C-E-O’ chants started again.

She said if we only knew how much this and ‘wrestling’ means to her.  Wrestling has changed and saved her life.  It’s given her hope, a place to dream, people like Eddie Guerrero made her believe she could do it too.  Fans chanted for him.  She thanked him for allowing her to believe in her dreams.

Her dreams got her to lead ‘a women’s evolution,’ (wait, I thought that was all Stephanie!!???) and become the first ever woman to main event a ppv in this very building.  They started when she was ten.  When she was thirteen she dropped out of school to take care of her brother.  At eighteen they took her to a place where she trained to become a wrestler and started her dream to become the greatest women’s wrestler of all time.

And she wants people to know, if she can do it, we can do it too.

‘So let’s get down to business huh?  You wanna know why I’m here?  I need to be here, I want to be here’ (it’s important she said that after the unfortunate clip at the weekend).  Because AEW is the only place she can make ‘the revolution global, and we are going to make that happen.’  She’s been watching.  And can’t wait to tear it up with everyone.

Starting with tonight’s main event… Riho vs Willow Nightingale.  She mentioned Willow and the fans booed – (I’d heard Sasha’s fans were pretty cray, these boos were instant) she and Willow have ‘unfinished business.  But right now, at Big Business, Mercedes Mone is All Elite.’

Graphic came up, crowd went gaga again.  She thanked Tony Khan, fans in the arena and watching at home, ‘please say hello to your new C-E-O.’  She dropped her coat then dropped the mic and smiled again.  Then danced.

I haven’t seen Sasha Banks properly for years.  I remembered her as one of the best all rounders in the business.  And this did nothing to change that.  Fabulous mic work; presence and charisma off the charts.  Felt like such a star.  In fact the only AEW act who’s come close for months and months is Will Ospreay.

Now, the question is, what do they have ready for her?  If it is Willow, they should’ve started subtly mentioning her beating Mercedes a long time ago.  And if there is an angle later, she should’ve damn near said she’s coming back out.


To highlights of Joe and Swerve beating the Kingdom last week then Joe choking Swerve after Wardlow came out to challenge him.

Renee backstage with Joe.  She welcomed Mercedes to AEW then asked Joe about Wardlow.  Joe said tonight feels like money.  But what doesn’t feel different is Wardlow – ‘once again being sent forth by lesser men to pay for crimes that you did not commit… or did you?’

He hasn’t forgotten what happened last time they were in the ring together.  And Wardlow’s far overdue.  He emphasized he doesn’t lose championships ‘in the garden’.

AEW gon’ AEW: I’d sure like to know what happened last time they met.  So god help any new fans tuning in for Mercedes.


Undisputed Kingdom package.  Religious music and Adam Cole reading a book: once upon a time there was a warrior named Wardlow.  For years he was locked away by an evil man, an unruly devil (cut to shots of MJF), the only way to freedom was to become the unruly warrior he was destined to be.

He longed for company who hated the man as much as he did.  He marched into war with the most dominant beast known to man (Joe), the gold was captured, prophecy fulfilled, kingdom became whole.

Meh.  Nice they remembered MJF (though have to admit, I’m not missing him).

Samoa Joe vs Wardlow (AEW Title)

Backstory: Wardlow won an 8-man scramble for a shot

Joe came out to his usual strong reaction.  Wardlow came with the Disputed Kingdom, guessing Cole hasn’t made the trip.

He raced at Joe before the bell then beat him around ringside.  Boos for the challenger.  He flung him into the steps then ripped a fan’s ‘Joe’s gonna kill you’ sign.  Crowd really booed that.

Joe hit a brief flurry back inside but ran into a spinebuster.  Count of one.  Wardlow continued to dominate, shoulders to the gut in the corner, more loud boos.  Joe came out of the corner with chops and jabs until a Wardlow knee to the gut but came back with a running back elbow, Wardlow down.

More jabs, rights this time, whip to the corner, back elbow, turn around enziguri, headbutt as Wardlow tried to fight back.  He then placed Wardlow up top, seeking a belly to back, Wardlow fought him off and hit a shout in the wind.


Chants of ‘Joe’ as we returned, cheers as he teed off with chops.  Wardlow faked Joe out to avoid the walk away then nailed a diving shoulder for two.  The announcers finally mentioned these two used to be partners.  Wardlow’s bleeding from the mouth.

Joe hit a Manhattan drop, big boot, senton splash but too beat up to make the cover, both down.  Crowd into this.

Yay/boo exchange, Wardlow on top with big rights until running into a snap powerslam as the champ bagged two.  Muscle Buster coming, nope, instead he went for a stampede, Wardlow fell behind, his knee buckled and the ref checked on him.  The ref’s a moron so Wardlow used this to gouge the eyes, hit ‘the knee’ per Excalibur – the draping one from the buckle.

Joe kicked out, avoided a senton atomico, shoved the challenger to the corner for punches but was powerbombed back down, straps down, Powerbomb coming.  Joe swept the legs, was kicked away though rebounded behind into the Kokina, Wardlow desperately tried to grab the ropes but missed them, dropped back and went out.

Surprised by that finish.  Nice energetic opener before a hot crowd.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Swerve stormed the ramp with a chain and fought off a bunch of security.  Seemed to be a mix of boos and ‘Whose house?’  Joe calmly walked away as Strickland’s music played.  Swerve looked pissed; Joe smug; Wardlow already forgotten.


We rushed away to ‘Al Scoops’ (eugh) with the Elite.  They rolled up in suits, Al asked Okada why he’d aligned with them.  Nicholas got hot because he addressed Okada as ‘Okada’ r/t his ‘full-ass name, the Rainmaker, Ka-zoooch-KA Okada’ (you either laughed at that or thought it was OTT, I laughed).

He warned Marvez to show more respect to the ‘greatest wrestler alive’, Matt told Alex he was doing a great job.  He answered for Okada.  There’s a ‘synergy’ between three of the best athletes in the world and fourteen years of friendship, they’ve each helped e/o out at their ‘lowest of lows’ (Okada nodded at this).

‘But if we want to get technical he can think of fourteen million other reasons why he joined the Elite, huh Rainmaker?’ (that’s Okada’s salary per Tokyo Sports, Matt also had a ‘BEST BOSS’ mug).

Okada said ‘Penta, Pac, Eddie – I’m coming for you’ – crowd cheered – then told Marvez to ‘say happy birthday to Matthew.’  Marvez apologized and said ‘happy birthday’.  Okada threateningly put his arm around his shoulders and said ‘No, no, no ,no – sing it!’ (crowd laughed).

Marvez began to sing, crowd joined in, we cut away.

Gonna be very hard to keep Okada heel anyway but this was more funny than it was – man I feel sorry for Marvez.  Though his mannerisms and facials are excellent.  English is good too.

The Elite vs Eddie Kingston, Pac & Penta

Backstory: Pac returned Sat to save Kingston and Penta from a beatdown, sent Okada packing, and Kingston made this challenge

To wit: the Bucks’ music got a pop as it hit.  They did the excessive entrance a la Cody, Matt then pulled out a coin as he did Saturday, flipped it and Okada’s music hit, to a huge cheer.  He got one as he hit the ramp too.  Though glared at the crowd like they were pieces of crap.

They replayed him essentially beating three guys single handed then the after-match angle as per ‘Backstory’ above.

Penta got a nice reaction, Pac a big cheer, Kingston probably the biggest of the lot – loud ‘Eddie’ chants.

Okada and Eddie to start, crowd chanting for the latter so the booking’s worked in that respect.  Okada deliberately tagging out helped – big boos.  Matt offered a fistbump to Eddie and said ‘I love you to death.’  Kingston offered a chop and a chance to face Pac.  Matt tried again with the fistbump and took a spin kick to the gut, shoulder block, a second, Pac avoided a monkey flip, step-up headscissors, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, rapid.

He eyed Okada but Matt recovered, struck him in the throat and tagged his brother.  Penta in too but right into a cutter, though hit back via thrust kick, boot up in the corner, another thrust kick, spinning DVD for just about two.

Pac back in, they teed off on Nick with kicks, tandem dropkick to the back, Matt came in and took more of the same: double superkick, zero miedo, dropkick to the yambags off the top.

Crowd clapping as they tagged in Kingston, Nick hit a jawbreaker and tagged Okada.  Who had a great cocky grin as they went at it – chops and forearms – Okada holding his chest out deliberately until nailing the dropkick as Kingston rebounded off the ropes.  Taz said it reminded him of Hardcore Holly (who did throw a hell of a dropkick but come on man, compare him to a star).

The Japanese tagged back out, Kingston in the heel corner, Matt tagged Nick, the three of them worked over Eddie – Bucks hit synchronized gamengiris as Okada nailed a running elbow in the corner.  Crowd ‘oohed’.  The Elite then posed.

Ads.  Really enjoying this act, working with Okada seems to have refreshed the Bucks.

Back to Kingston trying to fight back to his corner, crowd behind him, Matt leapt off the top into an exploder, both down, Kingston making the crawl, both partners with their arms out, until being dragged off the apron by Nick and Okada.  The latter then hopped on the apron, casually offered Eddie a tag, then his chin, but hopped back down as Kingston swung.

Heel Okada’s a hoot.

All of which allowed Matt to take Eddie down, he and Okada fist-bumped.  Matt launched ten punches but saw a whip reversed into an overhead belly to belly, crowd clapping, tag made, Penta in via cross body onto both Bucks, slingblades too, cazadora on Okada into a double ddt on the Bucks.

Okada held the ropes to block a backstabber, took a thrust kick, Pac in via springboard dropkick, crowd loud.  He and Penta hit synchronized dives to the Bucks.  Penta diving stomp off the top to Nick, Pac followed via 450, Okada saving the pin.

Nick fought off Pac, tag to Okada who ran right into a Pac rebound German, tag to Kingston, Okada begging off, still selling his neck.  He tried a cheap shot, took a series of chops, ducked an Uriken, hit a ddt, Pac came in, step-up enziguri, Matt cazadora into a facebuster on Pac, Penta destroyer on Matt, Nick blindside superkick to Penta, Eddie stungunned Nick, crowd chanting for him as wanted a piece of Okada.

But the Bucks intercepted him, Matt took the ref, Nick low blow, Rainmaker, win.  They actually did this well for once (if you ignore everyone being in the ring too long), Knox was momentarily occupied with his back to Nick, who raced up and nailed the low blow.

Fun match with everything you’d expect from the Bucks, Pac and Penta.

The Bucks and Okada posed on the ramp, smiling at Kingston as he glared at them from the mat.

Still not sure they’ll be able to keep Okada as a heel, but it’s working against Kingston at least, and they’re doing enough heel stuff during the matches to at least give it a chance.

Winner: The Elite

Package pushing Copeland/Cage for next week.  Solid work.


To Schiavone in the ring, to talk about AEW Dynasty, one match already signed between Danielson and his guest at this time… Will Ospreay.  Huge reaction and he positively bounced out.  Excalibur said he hasn’t just arrived in AEW he’s exploded onto the scene.

(Love the bit where he gets each section of the crowd to chant to his theme, very atmospheric.)

A ‘bruv’ chant interrupted Schiavone asking about the match vs BD.  Ospreay said they asked what he wanted to do tonight – he said he wanted to talk to the beautiful people of Boston.  All his career he’s wanted to emulate Bryan Danielson – his performances, his love for the business, his effort.

And he’s glad Danielson’s a fan of his work, since he obviously paid attention to what he’s been saying in Japan all these years about being the best.  After his match vs Kenny Omega last year, when everyone was talking about the Tiger Driver ’91, Danielson asked ‘Was it worth it?’

As the guy who won while ‘pissing’ blood out of his head, he can absolutely say it was.  Another ‘bruv’ chant.  And while he respects BD, it means more to him because since he came to AEW, a phrase has been following him, everyone here knows it – ‘’Restore the feeling,’’ … ‘Bruv, I am the feeling.’

He pitched their match as best wrestler in the world today vs best of the 21st Century.  The one thing he’s learned from Danielson is that he can respect his opponent but when he’s in the ring it’s ‘your life or it’s mine and I don’t plan on dying bruv’.  This is about finding out who the best wrestler in the world is, he’s Will Ospreay and he’s on another level.

Played babyface well again, crowd loved him, promo was a bit mixed – no idea what that restore the feeling thing is.  Some backstage motto?  And while it’s nice when wrestlers talk seriously about their matches, ‘dying’ is a bit much.


Backstage to Deonna Purrazzo saying her feud with Toni and Mariah isn’t over.  If they think it is, they’ve learned nothing.  She’ll find a partner and see them both next Wednesday.  She suggests ‘you watch for the shoe, because it’s headed right up your ass’.

Crowd liked that last line.  Deonna does have some good ones.  Shame she delivers them like a heel.

Jay White vs Darby Allin

Backstory: They had a heated exchange on the mic last week, this is Allin’s last match before leaving to climb Mt. Everest

On to BCG’s beasty entrance theme.  Though to my mind that’s the three most interesting matches out the way early.

Darby nice pop, Excalibur talked about this being White’s first singles in ages.  They showed Allin crashing through the glass and then helping Sting win at the ppv.  Darby now seems to be bringing the bat with him everywhere he goes.

Bell rings, Darby removes his jacket, back and ribs/kidneys all wrapped up.  White immediately went for the back, break in the ropes, back to a lockup, White headlock takeover, another, continuing the attack on Allin’s injuries.

A shoulder block continued the assault, shoulders in the corner, Allin really selling, crowd very quiet.  Until a stinging chop woke them.  They really reacted so White hit another, this pissed Darby off, he hit back with a shotgun dropkick but hurt his own back on the landing, White rolled outside, Allin hit a senton off the top.

Back is clearly genuinely sore since he took the fall on his legs.

White tried to flee to the other side, Allin hit his bullet tope.  Crowd still very quiet.  He sat Jay in a chair at ringside then rammed him back toward the barricade.  Until White countered by hooking him onto the chair via something like an underhook suplex, right on his back, the chair crumpled, White then sent him into the steps.

Crowd finally woke a little at the last two moves.  Ads.

Back to Allin getting a two count but being snapped back-first onto the top buckle.  Then placed against the middle rope – chops to the back of the neck, more in the corner, White whoo’d like Sting (the crowd just joined in, this didn’t get any boos, which might happen when you position a guy as a babyface for a month) but missed the Splash, Allin tried his over the shoulder stunner, White caught him into Bladerunner position twice, Allin twice escaped, Darby finally hit the stunner, sunset flip/code red, last supper, both for near falls.

Both down, crowd clapping politely but that’s about it.  They zoomed in on Allin’s purple chest from the chops.

Up at six, Allin landed a big forearm, whip reversed, White turned a coffin splash into a German, big uranage for two.  Allin hit the apron, White tried to suplex him in, Allin landed behind, Death Drop, White got his foot on the ropes to save the pin.

Allin thinking Coffin Drop, White very obviously moved himself so his head was hanging over the apron, the announcers had to try to cover for it.  Allin dived and only really brushed the apron and smashed to the floor.  Very ugly landing.  Taz said ‘Check on him’ – twice, and was serious.  Allin just got back in at nine but ran right into a Bladerunner as White won cleanly.

Not nearly as good as it might have been.  Not close in fact.  Really not helped by a very flat atmosphere.  Damage has been done to White but this crowd weren’t really into Darby either.  They popped for a few risky spots but otherwise couldn’t have cared less.

AEW should be concerned that the extra folks who turned up over their usual few thousand didn’t care about a guy who just main evented their ppv.

Winner: Jay White

The Gunns joined Jay in the ring, White offered a hand but pulled away, did the gun motion, the Gunns started beating on Allin.  White grabbed a chair, they prepared to Pillman-ize his ankle using the chair and the bat.

The Acclaimed’s music interrupted right as they were going to do it, the Acclaimed and Billy stopped them and asked what they were thinking.  The Acclaimed helped Darby out of the ring, White and Billy were left, Billy grabbed the bat, turned around and took a chair shot to the head from Jay (he got his hands in front pretty good but still).

The Acclaimed raced in to scrap with the Gunns but were nailed with belt shots.  There was a modicum of muted booing for this.  As befits such a lame angle.

White gave Billy a Bladerunner.  The Gunns then flung the limp Allin back in and they went back to attempting to Pillman-ize him.  And did.  Might’ve been more effective if Allin didn’t tell us he was leaving last week.

Hopefully that’s not the last time we ever see Darby.  Best of luck.

As for White, beating Allin should lead to him moving up the card, not getting stuck in a lame six-man angle with comedy goofs, one of whom may still be crushing on MJF.

Chris Jericho & Hook vs Gates of Agony

Backstory: Jericho and Hook each saved the other from a 2-on-1 beatdown

Jericho’s pretending to be someone else again – he’s Lionheart guys, honest!  Excalibur said Darby couldn’t put weight on his leg and had to be helped out.  Then called this team ‘LionHook.’  Anyone else vomit?

Odd choice to have a team even hardcore AEW fans know little about appear before an audience which surely has some casual viewers, whether tv or arena.

Kaun and Hook to start, the latter dropstepped behind, knee to the gut, Kaun blocked a suplex, Hook tagged out, they hit it via double team.  Sounded like some boos as Jericho came in.  They suplexed Leona too.

Crowd is soooo quiet.

Jericho launched chops in the corner.  They’re about the only thing the crowd’s reacted to in the last two matches.  Leona hit a big lariat, draped Jericho across the top rope then tagged Kaun who smashed into him, knocking him out to the floor.

Then dragging him back in, crushing splash in the corner, shoulders to the gut, another splash; Jericho avoided it, crowd couldn’t have cared less.  Kaun then knocked he and Hook off the apron.


Jericho trying to fight back, big boot to Kaun, Hook held his hand out for the tag, decent-ish pop as he came in, lariats for all, big T-bone for Kaun, Leona blocked one, was bridged outside, Kaun got Hook on his shoulders, Hook escaped, northern lights, Leona made the save at two.

Hook got a near fall via schoolboy then hit a German to Leona.  Kaun hit him with knees to the gut for two.

Jericho hit a Lionsault, Kaun tapped to Redrum.  The way the announcers talked made it seem this team – and name – is permanent.

Winner: Chris Jericho & Hook

Renee with Kyle O’Reilly.  She asked what he thinks about AEW now, he said after finally coming back he wonders if he can still hang with the most competitive roster in wrestling.  But he’s had his sights set on Bryan Keith.

Roderick Strong yelled ‘KYLE!’ then entered.  He said he has respect for Kyle and if he needs to do it on his own, he should.  O’Reilly then realized he had to win by himself and looked nervous.

Wanting your first match in two years to be against Bryan Keith is like fasting for two weeks then choosing celery.


Video package pushing Willow/Riho.  Cheap.  You don’t suddenly throw the women in the main event with no story.  You show they’re worth it by featuring them over a longer period.  And in Riho’s case more than twice a year.

Riho was backstage, Mercedes introduced herself in Japanese and said she was looking forward to her match.  It’s partly because of the gaudy outfit and etc but Mone almost glows, comes off as so much bigger (figuratively) than the other women.


Backstage, Renee with Jericho and Hook.  LOUD boos.  Especially by this crowd’s standards.  Jericho said he can see Hook being a future champion but wants to see for himself so is challenging him for next week, ‘first time ever.’

Hook said ‘Let’s do it’.  Crowd booed some more.

I’m with Boston.

Willow Nightingale vs Riho

Backstory: Willow wants to win this so she can challenge for the TBS Title

They keep talking about Willow beating Mercedes last year.  Shame they didn’t start doing so last year, then they might actually have a good story for Mone’s debut.

Dueling chant as we got going, Riho using her speed, Willow keeps countering and blocking her using her strength.  She hit a low body splash, Riho bridged up at two, shotgun dropkick, running knee in the corner, another, both looked great, Willow got a boot up on a third, shotgun off the middle buckle, crowd popped for the first time since Ospreay.


Dueling chant once more, at least from a chunk of the crowd.  Riho cartwheeled through into a tejeiras, 619, to the top, cross body, two only.  Crowd way more into this than the past two matches.

Willow blocked a northern lights, Riho slipped behind, running knee, Willow again blocked a northern lights, Willow nearly got Babe with the Powerbomb – Riho rana’d out, crowd loved that.  Riho then finally ‘hit’ the northern lights (Willow very clearly leapt into it and nearly landed on her head, nearly very, very bad).

Willow avoided the stomp off the top, Riho rolled through but right into a pounce, which sent her outside.  Where she avoided a cannonball off the apron, Willow landing with a thud.  Looked like it sucked.  Riho hit the stomp off the apron, TiA from the crowd, Willow being counted out, Riho met her on the apron at four and hit a dragon suplex out there.

Another stomp, Willow just out before three.  Crowd really into this.

She avoided a running knee strike, Riho aiming forearms, another running knee but it only saw Willow rebound into a big lariat.  Straps down, Riho onto her shoulders, Riho slipped behind into a jackknife pin, Willow popped out, dragging her up into a gutwrench, right up into Babe with the Powerbomb for the win.

Good match with some cool moves.  Some of the spots with Riho ‘lifting’ Willow were a little hard to believe but crowd really into it.  Girls worked hard and took some gnarly bumps.

Will take much more than good matches though to make this women’s division seem a ‘thing’.  And more importantly, to keep Mercedes happy.

The two hugged afterward, Willow celebrated.  Until the lights went out.  This HOB shtick is so tired.  And backfired.  Because the crowd thought they were getting something more exciting than Julia Hart posing on the ramp to ‘distract’ Willow so Skye Blue could attack from behind.

They were beating her down, crowd chanting ‘CEO’, Julia readied a belt shot which brought Mercedes back out.  In a whole new outfit.  She didn’t exactly rush though.  Blue was laid out with one shot, she blocked a Hart kick and nailed her off-the-back ddt.

Crowd chanted ‘CEO’ again.  She turned to eye Willow – who seemed to be crying.  Willow raised Mercedes’ arm, crowd cheered, Mone posed to close the show.

Winner: Willow Nightingale

Much like Collision, the show started well then really trailed off, and the crowd did the same.  Until the main event which ended the show on a high.


Next Collision:

  • Kyle O’Reilly vs Bryan Keith

Next Dynamite:

  • Adam Copeland vs Christian Cage (TNT Title, I Quit)
  • Jericho vs Hook
  • Eddie Kingston vs Kazuchika Okada (Continental Championship, ‘on its own’ per Excalibur, guess that’s one of the three belts?  This is so dumb)
  • ‘Hear from’ Mercedes

Thumbs Up/Down

  • Mercedes spoke so well and was such a star, let’s see if AEW are able to keep her at that level
  • Putting the title match right after was a good idea to keep viewers and had a nice energy
  • Six-man was good and they’re not messing around with Okada – seems they might put that belt on him next week
  • And I love the act – the Bucks are complete buffoons but no-one ‘gets to’ Okada – who’s portrayed as a serious, BITW wrestler
  • Ospreay continues to come off as a star


  • Half-assed decision to ‘push’ the women
  • This whole BCG/Acclaimed angle was lame, predictable and hurt(s) Jay White
  • Real lack of atmosphere for everything post-Ospreay until the main event
  • Lineup next week feels a little hotshot-y
  • After no-one turned up for Collision because they didn’t advertise anything in time, they advertised even less, including nothing for the tag tournament which only starts… this Saturday!
  • Where the hell’s Takeshita?

Appreciate you reading.  Hope you’re having a good week.

Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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