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AEW Dynamite Report for 11/02/2022


Arena: Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena
City: Baltimore, MD

Last Week’s Rating: 997,000 overall; 0.32 in 18-49 demo

Hope everyone’s feeling Uce-y.

It’s Wednesday night, it’s Dynamite.  Let’s go.


To give AEW credit, they’ve begun to actually run down what’s on the show.  Which they did here.  And at a speed a little bit slower than warp.

Jay Lethal vs Darby Allin

Backstory: Lethal & Dutt are threatening to reveal someone from Allin’s past who knows his weakness

This match actually stands out tonight.  Why?  It’s the only match on the show not for a title/title shot.  Think about that.  It’s about as backward as it gets.

Lethal stormed down the aisle: met there by Allin, they set to brawling, Darby launching himself off the ringside table.  Until Satnam Singh got in the way of a Darby dive, allowing Jay to take a cheap shot then begin working on Allin’s injured ribs (they trapped them under a garage door a couple weeks back).

A wicked release-German on the apron brought the break with the heel on top.

Just as we came back, Darby gouged the eyes, coffin splash off the middle rope; Lethal responded with a boot to the face then a sit-out reverse ddt.  Taking to the air for an elbow, the heel very obviously landed short in order to be rolled up for two.  Then thought Lethal Injection but Allin snatched him into a rear naked choke.

After bashing Allin into the buckle, Jay freed himself but was immediately hit with the flipping Stunner, Darby clutching his ribs as he headed topside, Lethal bailing outside.  Where this time Darby thought ‘screw it’, launching himself into Singh, bouncing off, the big guy didn’t budge, but did get ejected from ringside.

Leaving Allin alone on the outside, where a guy in a black mask and trench-coat with a scorpion on it attacked him.  Then threw him back in to eat a Lethal Injection and a loss.

I’m far from the biggest Darby guy, but he’s a young guy who’s drawn ratings in the past, and was beaten pillar to post here by an older guy who might as well have ‘mid-card’ stamped on his forehead.  Guess it pays to be friends with a guy who’s on the creative team.

‘Sting’ was then unmasked as ‘Cole Karter from the Factory’.  It’s a good thing the announcers said it, because nobody had a clue who he was.  Is there such a thing as negative noise?

The four then beat him down until Sting’s music hit, allowing Jeff Jarrett to attack from behind.  And of course, break a guitar over Allin’s head.

Calling himself the Last Outlaw, he claimed that Sting was Allin’s weakness.  Then named a bunch of people in production before targeting the ‘insane, delusional A-E-Dubya fanbase’.  Before he’s done, there are gonna be bodybags, ‘so AEW fanbase, you can choke on that, slapnutz’.  Excalibur translated that he’d declared war on AEW.  We were then treated to his abysmal TNA music.

I don’t even want to watch the rest of the show.  This might be my breaking point.

WINNER: Jay Lethal

Thank God for a Jon Moxley promo.

Just another night for him; the biggest of Moriarty’s life.  Put over Lee’s ability but he and Danielson had decided he wasn’t quite violent enough for the BCC.  So tonight, he wants to bring that out of the youngster.

The surest antidote for Jeff Jarrett.

(So I missed something here.  For which I apologize.  Footage of the Elite being removed and replaced with Death Triangle.  Seems the EVP’s are getting their belts back so that Pac can finally split from the Bros.)

Jon Moxley vs Lee Moriarty, Eliminator Match

Backstory: Lee & Hathaway challenged Mox on Friday, if Lee wins he gets a title shot

As the champ made his entrance, the commentators talked about the toll Moxley was putting on his body by wrestling so often.  Ethan Page joined them at the desk.

Grappling contest to start – cravate from Moriarty, Mox to a headlock, an exchange of legkicks ended badly for Moriarty with a shot to the head, ten punches in the corner, bite to the forehead, neck chancery-throw, transitioning smoothly back into a headlock.

Page talked about how MJF had no chance vs Mox, that he was a liar.  Taz had the subtle comedy line of the night with ‘he does lie a lot’.  It was in the delivery.

Smacking the youngster with a clothesline in the corner, Mox followed with a running shoulder but Moriarty darted out the way at the last second as the break beckoned.  Crowd absolutely silent whenever Moxley isn’t on offense.

The two were brawling as a ‘Moxley’ chant played when we returned, Lee coming out on top with a springboard dive, suplex into a bridge for two, straight into ground and pound before locking the wrist for Kick Your Head In stomps.

Battling to his feet with the wrists still locked, Mox hit headbutts then blasted the youngster with the KKL.  Before KYHI stomps of his own, from which Moriarty again targeted the shoulder until the champ hit his cutter-out-of-nowhere.  Beckoning Moriarty to his feet, Moxley ate a bunch of shots from the youngster before absolutely smacking him silly.

Before an exchange of suplexes saw both immediately pop back up, Moxley snatching the juijigatame, from which Moriarty transitioned into the Border City Stretch.  To absolutely no reaction.

Ethan Page has been excellent on comms., putting over both Moriarty and the storylines.

Fighting free, Mox went to the hammer and anvils, right back into the juijigatame for the quick tap.

You could hear the headset drop the second the ref counted three as Page flew to the ring to knock-out the champ, standing over him arms raised as the segment ended.

One of these days a challenger might even win one of these Eliminator matches.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

Renee was with Saraya.  Britt decided not to show.  Saraya noted that Britt wasn’t appreciative of the TV time because she’d had things easy.  Before the million-dollar question – can she wrestle?  The Brit said that’d have to wait a week because ‘there’s one more doctor I’d like to consult on this’.

This should’ve been done her second week in.

Schiavone was with William Regal, who talked about how Max had ‘all the potential in the world but a long way to go to be a true villain’.  Do I smell these two joining forces?

Daddy Ass Bday Bash

Backstory: It’s Billy’s birthday, days after Swerve seemingly chopped his finger off with pliers (you read correctly)

After being very serious on Friday, the Acclaimed were all jokes and smiles again tonight, despite Gunn having both hands bandaged.  Though Bowens did not straight away that they’d had a tough weekend.  Because after Swerve’s attack, Billy can’t scissor.

But they can change that with gift number one.  Acclaimed foam Scissor Fingers.  Then a ‘World’s Greatest Daddy’ trophy.  Bowens dropped a line about guys from Billy’s past not being able to make it.  Last but not least, a certificate of adoption: they’ve both signed it, all they need now is Billy’s signature.

At which the Ass Boys interrupted.  Hurt at their lack of invitation.  But they’d got Billy a gift anyway, at which point W. Morissey attacked.  Bringing FTR to the ring as the heels legged it.  The vets pointedly handed the tag belts back to the Acclaimed.

Went a little long but harmless.


Britt and Jamie Hayter were with Tony.  Britt was with her people for the interview because of past conspiracies.  The pair just want to wrestle, so they’ll do that Friday.

Chris Jericho vs Colt Cabana, ROH Title

Backstory: Jericho’s now targeting anyone associated w ROH, made an open challenge

Someone in the front row had come to the show on their honeymoon.  And been treated to Jeff Jarrett.  Riccaboni on comms.

Jericho roused the crowd like no-one had all night by threatening to whip ‘Lamar Jackson’s ass’ as he built intrigue for his mystery opponent.

Well, isn’t this interesting.  Colt looked genuinely emotional as he came to the ring.  Loud ‘Welcome Back’ chant from the crowd as he and Jericho went face to face.  An aggressive Cabana ran through Jericho with a pair of shoulder blocks, shots to the face, kick to the gut, boot in the corner and a roll-up for two.

More shots followed as Jericho headed for the outside, where Colt pursued him, bringing things back in, Colt looking for the Chicago Skyline, Jericho out of desperation dragging both from the top to the outside as the ads arrived.  Nasty spill.

Slugfest in the middle, broken up via Flying Apple, falling splash out of the corner for two. Colt back to the top and crotched for his trouble, then being hauled onto Jericho’s shoulders but fighting free into a roll-up for another two, Jericho looking for the Walls as they both got up, another cradle for another two from Colt, who began to jab Jericho until a thumb to the eye.  From which the Ocho launched a Judas Effect but missed, right into the Billy Goat’s Curse (reverse Walls).

Kicked away, Colt rebounded into a Superman pin, broken up by Hager at 2 ½.  For which Colt hit he and Garcia with a springboard moonsault before heading back in, where he was caught in a Codebreaker as Jericho snatched the win.

Pleased for Colt and the fans enjoyed him but Jericho’s had better title defences.  Garcia still looks completely out of place among the Sports Entertainers.

As they reached the top of the ramp, 2.0 grabbed Riccaboni and Jericho was preparing to blast him with the belt when Claudio launched himself at Jericho.  Danielson joining, then Yuta, as refs separated them.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Renee with Death Triangle.  He and Penta were all happy at Rey potentially becoming a double champ, a serious Pac cut them off to offer Rey the hammer – his ‘golden ticket’ to victory.

Orange Cassidy vs Luchasaurus vs Rey Fenix, All-Atlantic Title

Backstory: In exactly the same fashion as his previous title defense, Cassidy found two guys arguing and made a triple threat

Rey wore a cape to the ring, which is fitting.  He and Orange got a nice reaction.  The usual smattering of kids in the crowd dressed as the latter.

‘Freshly squeezed’ chant as both faces immediately attacked the bigger heel.

A pair of thrust kicks and a double dropkick sent him outside as Cassidy launched the kicks on Rey, who responded with his rebound heel-kick, Cassidy ducked, launching an aerial armdrag, but was caught with a boot, then a diving stomp, before another on the mat missed.  Orange with a tornado ddt for two, reversed by Rey into a cradle for two of his own, both kipping up at the same time afterwards.  Breathless.

Just as the big guy arrived back inside, double shoulder tackle, drop suplex on Cassidy, double clothesline to both, the crowd all-but silent for the heel after loving the exchange between the faces.  Not sure why you wouldn’t have gone to ads on that instead.

Christian had joined on comms during the break.

As Cassidy and Rey launched flying attacks sending Luchasaurus back outside.  Both launched topes but Saurus caught Cassidy, sending him into the post, then blasted Rey through a table via chokeslam.  A pumpkick then sent Cassidy halfway up the ramp, where he setup a chokeslam until Jungle Boy returned with a chair, chasing away Christian before launching himself at Luchasaurus, both plummeting off the ramp through a bunch of tables.

Leaving the two faces to struggle back inside.  Which is when Pac came down, handing the hammer to Rey, who threw it away disgustedly.  Pair of pin attempts, thrustkick, Rey setting up for his rolling, leaping cutter, Cassidy meeting him at the pinnacle with an Orange Punch to retain.

Pac attacked immediately after the bell, grabbing the hammer until Katsuori Shibata’s music hit, bringing Rocky Romero and Best Friends with him.  Giving Pac second thoughts.  Shibata then pointed at the title before signing the Dream Match contract for Rampage.

Hard to believe they’re just throwing that match out there on two days notice.

While this match would’ve been much better without Luchasaurus in it.  Though they did continue the storyline with JB.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Schiavone with Swerve in our Glory and ‘the God of Lemon/Pepper Rick Ross’.  Keith Lee came in. Swerve hadn’t answered any texts in a week and had cheated to win last week.  ‘Accusations!’ interjected Ross.

Also, who was behind the camera on Friday?  Swerve had an eight-man tag setup – they and the Gunn Club vs the Acclaimed & FTR.  Wouldn’t like those odds if I was Keith Lee.  Who reluctantly toasted with Ross & Strickland.

Ross was great here.  A bastion of charisma.

Jade Cargill vs Marina Shafir, TBS Title

Backstory: Nyla Rose has stolen Jade’s TBS title, Jade challenged her associate Shafir for the title she doesn’t possess

So who’s excited for this one?

On a brighter note, I finally figured out that the random woman with Nyla & Vickie is Marina, all by myself too.

Nyla’s music interrupted straight away as Vickie shrieked.  There are a lot of acts straight out of 2005 tonight.  The pair did commentary via the mic to try and distract the champ.  No idea who’s supposed to be the heel in this feud.  Guess it’s Nyla since she backed down when Jade came for her.

Pumpkick and Jaded, Problem solved.

Kiera Hogan tried to snatch the belt but Nyla took off with it.

WINNER: Jade Cargill

Video package seemingly showing Julia Hart resurrecting the House of Black members.  Different.  And good.  The last words were unmistakeably Malakai’s: ‘Forget me not Father, see me now Mother’.

Video package showing Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter living together during the pandemic.  Best friends.  But when Toni came to AEW, she wouldn’t talk to her, she’d changed.  Which Jamie disputed.  Might’ve been nice if they’d told us this months ago so it could build.

Samoa Joe vs Bryan Cage, ROH TV Title

Backstory: Cage & the Empire attacked Wardlow & Joe Friday

So as usual, instead of building a feud, AEW rushed a ‘title match’ to TV.  Learning nothing from how good Cage/Wardlow was.

‘Joe’s gonna kill you!’ played as the two big bulls locked up and clashed in the middle, neither budging the other until Joe built up some steam, running over Cage.  Who responded with shots to the face until Joe snapped back with rapid jabs and a step-up enziguri in the corner.  Snapmare out, chop to the spine, stiff kick across the back, elbow drop but Cage kicked out at a dodo-rare count of one.

Which is when Prince Nana distracted Joe, leaving him open for a leaping dropkick.  Cage then taking Joe to the corner, driving the shoulder, couple chops, choking the vet with the top rope as he took over.  A big clothesline knocked Joe down in the middle.  Then Cage’s patented flurry: elbow strike in the corner, straight into an enziguri and finishing with a German suplex as the final break beckoned.

Cage was mid-flight as we came back, striking with a senton over the top but making the mistake of posing.  Allowing Joe to come back into it with a Manhattan Drop and a big kick to the face for two.  Snap powerslam out of the corner for another.  Thrust kick from Cage in response, very slow 619 kick, elbow drop from the top for another close count.

Impressive face-first pumphandle for two of his own.  Cage shook off the choke, returning fire with a discus lariat for yet another two count.  Cage then tried to lift Joe onto his back, where the vet locked in the choke for the win.

Decent enough match, nowhere near as good as Cage/Wardlow and Joe sold for the vast majority of the match.  Didn’t feel like a main event.

The Gates of Agony attacked straight afterwards until Wardlow made the save.  Excalibur further attacked his own credibility by telling us he and Joe were a ‘dominant team’.  When?  When have they even wrestled as a team?  Once?  On Dark?

Lastly, Will Hobbs caught Wardlow from behind, dropping him with a Spinebuster to end the show.

WINNER: Samoa Joe


Next Rampage:

  • Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs
  • Orange Cassidy vs Katsuori Shibata, All-Atlantic Title
  • Mike Tyson on comms

Next Dynamite:

  • Swerve in our Glory & the Gunn Club vs FTR & the Acclaimed
  • More announced on Friday

Full Gear:

  • Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm, AEW Women’s Title


Overall impressions

It’s rare for Dynamite to feel miss-able.  But this absolutely was.  There was nothing great here, either promo or match.  And nothing groundbreaking happened.  Plus, they brought back Jeff Jarrett.  Those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

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