Tommy Dreamer “rips” on Dixie Carter at HOH show for a TNA angle


There was an angle being shot at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore event on Friday night in Poughkeepsie, New York, with Bully Ray being “pulled” from the card by TNA President Dixie Carter.

Dreamer was going off how someone was going to be missing the main event because Dixie Carter called him at 11:30PM on Thursday to tell him that she was pulling Bully Ray from the show as he was booked on another show for Spike.

The former ECW champ then told fans to harass Carter on Twitter and then said that if you attend any of the TNA shows take your House of Hardcore ticket stub with you and Bully Ray will take a photo with you and sign an autograph.

Dreamer then promised he will get Carter back for what she did and Bully Ray then wrote on Twitter, “LONG STORY! Bottom line- @TNADixie completely screwed and hurt ALL @HouseofHardcore fans. I SWEAR TO MAKE IT UP TO ALL OF YOU. ALL @HouseofHardcore fans. Hold onto ticket stubs. Will personally meet all at PA or NYC TNA TV shows. Let @TNADixie know how ya feel.”