Tommy Dreamer invited to Impact by Dixie Carter following HoH angle


The angle that started at the House of Hardcore show last week involving Tommy Dreamer running down Dixie Carter after she “pulled” Bully Ray from his show will play out this Thursday on Impact.

Dreamer told fans in the arena that he received a call from Dixie Carter the day before and told him that Bully Ray would not be appearing as he was booked for something else. Dreamer then invited fans to harass Carter on Twitter and then Bully Ray on Twitter as well said that if anyone comes to TNA live events with the House of Hardcore ticket he would sign and take a photo with the ticket holder to make up for him being screwed by Dixie.

Tommy Dreamer, in reality, works for TNA and now the angle that kicked off on a non-televised event in Poughkeepsie, New York, will transition to national television after yet another Twitter rant by Carter.

“After the success of #Slammiversary, I want to address @TheTommyDreamer. You ran your mouth to your “horde of hardcore” fans and on Twitter,” Carter wrote. “I’m inviting @THETOMMYDREAMER and his “horde of hardcores” to come to Bethlehem, PA for #ImpactLIVE this Thursday!“

She then told Dreamer that she will hand him a live mic and dared him to say the things he said to the fans about her to her face.