TNA teasing a new arrival on tomorrow’s Impact


TNA is teasing a debut for tomorrow’s Impact, releasing a video which says, “His past is behind. His future is now. All roads lead to tomorrow night. He arrives.”

The only shots of the mystery wrestler making his debut tomorrow in the video are of him arranging his tie and cuffs in up-close shots to conceal his identity. The rumors are that it will be former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes, making his first televised appearance since leaving WWE a few months ago.

Rhodes was locked in a battle to keep using the name Cody Rhodes outside WWE since the company owns the name. Cody never used the name outside WWE and only wrestled for WWE since his debut. He hinted on Twitter earlier that he will fight to keep the name and will not allow anyone to stop him from using the name Rhodes.

One more important thing to note is that Cody also said in the past that he will not sign any exclusive deals so even if he appears on TNA, expect him to show up at other independent events.

Tomorrow’s Impact has already been taped so any debut will have to come in a different form than appearing in front of a live crowd. Cody’s wife Brandi also signed a TNA deal, a deal which was announced on Monday.