The Jarretts and Bob Ryder in big argument backstage at Impact tapings


Yesterday, former wrestling announcer Mark Madden wrote on Twitter that there was a backstage incident during the Impact Wrestling tapings that could have “major repercussions” if details of the incident go public, adding that nothing about it is really surprising though. reports that the incident involved Bob Ryder and the Jarretts, who during the final Impact taping on Sunday ended up in a “loud and ugly argument” backstage. The website says that Karen Jarrett tore into Ryder over a booking of a hotel room and afterward, Ryder got chewed out by Jeff Jarrett in front of everyone as well and ordered to leave the tapings.  

“There was a lot of sympathy for Ryder after the incident because his health has not been the best in recent months,” the report, written by Mike Johnson, said.

Bob Ryder has been with Impact Wrestling since pretty much day zero and was there with both Jeff and Jerry Jarrett when the TNA concept was conceived. The former owner of the then-popular website handled all the travel for the company before getting a promotion in the talent relations department.

Ryder went back working at the Impact offices in Nashville following the end of the tapings although it’s not clear how long he will last after this big argument with his bosses.