Tennessee company rumored to purchase big stake in TNA


The rumors floating around are that TNA Wrestling is just about to sell a stake to Aroluxe, a web development, advertising agency, and marketing consultants company based out of Brentwood, Tennessee. Two of the executives of Aroluxe are Ron and Don Harris, the former WWE, WCW, and TNA tag team.

The unclear question is if this sale will be a minority one or a majority stake and there could be some big changes if the sale is a majority one.

The news about the company behind the potential sale was broken by WrestlingObserver.com with Dave Meltzer reporting that Aroluxe paid for the last set of tapings as TNA’s financial situation is pretty bad. Meltzer adds that Dixie Carter, the current TNA President, still wants a controlling stake in the company which would mean she remains the ultimate decision maker.

Dixie Carter’s family purchased a 71% controlling interest in TNA Wrestling through their Panda Energy International company back in 2002. In 2015, Jeff Jarrett sold his remaining stake in TNA to Panda Energy.