Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong deny reports of leaving TNA


Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell, the two TNA Knockouts who have been reported that they will be departing the company after tonight’s Slammiversary, are saying otherwise in separate posts on their Twitter accounts.

“Contrary to rumors, @IMPACTWRESTLING and I will ring in the new year together & I’ll ‘deck the halls’ of anyone who says otherwise,” wrote Awesome Kong, adding the hashtag #staying at the end.

Three minutes after that tweet, Taryn Terrell also posted her thoughts on the news. “Stop making up rumors Internet! I just started playing!! I’m not going ANYWHERE,” she wrote.

The two already taped weeks worth of Impact that will air over the next month and a half.

Meanwhile, TNA’s Bob Ryder also disputed the news which were initially reported by the Wrestling Observer, saying neither of their contracts are up “for several months.”