Sorensen talks about Dixie Carter’s broken promises


Former TNA Superstar Jesse Sorensen enlisted the help of fundraising website to try and raise $600 so he can enter a bodybuilding competition that he had to drop out from after he was released from his TNA contract.

In less than 24 hours, 13 people contributed $630 at time of this writing, beating the goal by $30 already.

In his profile, Sorensen wrote that TNA President Dixie Carter promised him a job for life with the company and now he was shown “that those promises were false.”

Sorensen wrote that the promise was made while he was recovering from bis broken C-1 vertebrae and herniated C-5 and C-6 after a move gone wrong while wrestling Zema Ion on pay-per-view last year.

Sorensen has been working for TNA as a production assistant while he was on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff also commented on Sorensen’s release in a message on Twitter. “Nothing but respect and support for Jesse Sorensen. Stay strong, never lose your determination, and success will find you.”