Pop to become TNA Impact’s 4th home in 12 years


With TNA’s move to Pop, the company has now been on four different networks since it started operating a weekly television series.

TNA started on Fox Sports Net in 2004 before it moved to Spike TV in 2005. The 9 year relationship with Spike ended this year and TNA moved its flagship television program to Destination America, a largely unknown network owned by Discovery Communications.

Earlier this year, just months after TNA moved to Destination America, rumors were running wild that Discovery is dropping TNA from its schedule. Just like they did with their Spike TV news, TNA flat out refused all the allegations until Dixie Carter revealed during a Sports Illustrated interview that TNA will be without a home after January 2016 as Destination America has not renewed its contract.

Airing on Tuesdays is also a new night for TNA, having previously aired on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

After moving to Destination America from Spike, TNA’s ratings decreased by nearly 60% due to the the network airing in far more less homes. Pop is nearly as many homes as Spike, although around 15 million less.

The good news means that TNA will survive for at least another year. Several talent were concerned about their future as with no television clearance there would be no jobs.