Nippon Television Network Corporation in Japan secures TNA TV rights


TNA Wrestling has signed a deal with Nippon Television Network Corporation in Japan to start airing TNA television in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Episodes of IMPACT will start airing every Saturday at 7:30PM on channel G+, a channel which is found on various cable networks across Japan as well as the satellite provider SkyPerfecTV. TNA pay-per-views will also be broadcast monthly on the channel.

“TNA IMPACT WRESTLING continues to build partnerships with the best broadcasters around the world. This agreement with Nippon Television’s G+ will allow TNA to deliver its exciting brand of professional wrestling to our ever growing Japanese fanbase. The history of wrestling in Japan is very long and very rich and everyone at TNA is thrilled that we’re now a full part of it,” said TNA Executive Vice President, Andy Barton.