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Michael Elgin posts eye witness accounts to show he did nothing wrong in sexual abuse allegations

Michael Elgin, who was accused of inappropriate behavior during the #SpeakingOut movement, has published two eye witness accounts that corroborate his side of the story.

Elgin said that he was going to wait and was hoping that the proper channels would have already cleared the air, but he has a son and young family members who look up to him so he has to make things public. “They have been set to my employer and attorney,” Elgin said of the eye witness accounts.

The accusations date back to November 2011 when Elgin was wrestling for Ring of Honor. Elgin, along with a woman by the name of Layne, went to a bar with fellow wrestlers after television tapings in Louisville. He said that the two then went to the same hotel room where they shared the same bed, and asked her if she was interested in having sex.

“She said no you’re drunk. I then turned over and went to bed,” Elgin wrote. Elgin remarked how the next day he was being made fun of because Layne apparently told his friends that she turned him down.

Unnamed eye witnesses who were present that weekend gave Elgin e-mails confirming that nothing happened that would indicate assault and vouched for him.

Elgin also presented screenshots of DMs between him and Kaitlin Diemond, who accused him of sending a dick pic back in 2016. “To be fair with you, you literally did apologize immediately after doing it but like what was I to say ‘oh yes this is totally fine?’ Sometimes an apology isn’t enough,” Diemond wrote.

Impact Wrestling suspended Elgin last month and said that he would not appear on their television programs anymore.

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