Matt Hardy confirms TNA exit


Former TNA champion Matt Hardy confirmed that the Hardys are packing their bags and moving out of TNA after an amazing stint that saw the birth of one of the greatest characters in professional wrestling today, the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick.

“My stint with @IMPACTWRESTLING was DELIGHTFUL. EXCEPTIONAL talent & locker room. A great, respectful team that worked hard in tough times,” Hardy wrote in a post on Twitter. “I wish @IMPACTWRESTLING all the best going forward, especially the INDUSTRIOUS talent. I hope they’re all treated with respect & fairness.”

Regarding the future, which he described as exhilarating, Matt said that he’s never been more awake and this creative renaissance is just the beginning. “Anything is possible in my #BROKEN Universe…ANYTHING.”

He then used a popular Roddy Piper quote to address those who think they know everything. “When you think you know all the answers, #HouseHardy will change the questions. We are MAGIC.”

Meanwhile, his wife Reby was not too thrilled about hearing that TNA was trying to paint her in a negative light after all communications broke down. “Should I help em out & clarify a few things? SURPRISE! Yes, I am a HUGE BITCH if you disrespect me or my family,” she wrote. “Are you surprised Oh, no? Okay, can we move on now?”

She also wrote how TNA was the perfect place for her family and how she was grateful for the open communication and respect they showed before.

“Now think about what kinda negative changes & straight f*ckery would have to go down for us to leave,” she added.