Lack of payments affecting TNA production crew too


Brian Fritz from The Sporting News is reporting that it’s not just TNA talent that has not been paid, but their production staff, most of who are freelancers, have also not been paid lately.

Fritz says that according to one person from the production crew who wished to remain anonymous, they have not been paid yet for the One Night Only PPV tapings from mid February. The company just cleared checks for the UK tour which happened at the end of January but the freelancers received around $1,000 each less for their services.

The anonymous crew member said that the company told them that they issued checks for the February shows but no one received them.

“They are just blatantly lying to us all of the time,” he said. “They’re probably still on the floor in Dallas at the office of Panda Energy.” He added that the crew is tired of being treated like that with the company showing no respect for them.