Kurt Angle recounts how WWE blew him off last year


In an interview on Sports Illustrated, Olympic gold medalist and TNA champion Kurt Angle revealed that WWE basically blew him off when he called for work at the end of last year after his contract with TNA ran out.

Angle said that when he called McMahon, Vince told him to talk to Paul (Triple H) as he was in charge of talent and when he called him, he was told that they had enough talent.

“For the Vince McMahon who I knew, enough was never enough. He always wanted more. I don’t know what was going on over there, but they even canceled our meeting. I never went to see them. They didn’t even sit me down and talk to me,” Angle said, adding that the experience was extremely humbling.

TNA President Dixie Carter eventually gave Angle a fair deal and decided to take care of him so he re-signed with TNA where he expects to see out his wrestling career.

In the interview, Angle also talked about the day he and Lesnar wrestled – for real – for 15 minutes before a WWE live event, his thoughts on Lesnar, Paul Heyman, working in TNA, and much more.

You can read the full interview at SportsIllustrated.com.