Karen Jarrett returns to Impact Wrestling


Karen Jarrett, the wife of Jeff Jarrett, made her return to Impact Wrestling on last night’s broadcast on POP TV. Jarrett was unveiled as the woman that everyone had been referring to as “she.”

This is her third return to the company, having previously returned in 2011 along with her new husband Jeff, then appearing again on Impact in 2015 when the TNA/GWF feud started which also saw the return of Jeff Jarrett.

“My family started this company,” she told Jeremy Borash in the ring. “They put their hard work, their sweat, their tears, everything they had into this company,” Karen continued, adding that the past few years have been difficult and humbling.

Karen was married to Kurt Angle and later started a romantic relationship with Jarrett while both were in TNA. A former TNA employee leaked the news that the two were in a relationship on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show back in 2009. TNA President Dixie Carter then placed Jeff Jarrett on a leave of absence to clam down the situation.