Jeff Jarrett explains why he’s back for one more match in TNA


In a video interview with, Jeff Jarrett explained why he returned and what it means for him to be part of Slammiversary this Sunday.

“I’ve got hundreds, maybe thousands of memories of the Impact Zone,” Jarrett said, recounting some of those memories. “It’s sort of surreal,” he added, saying that the promo he cut in the ring was as real as it gets.

It was a tough decision to leave TNA and start up Global Force Wrestling and he will be giving out more information about his new company as time progresses but this week it’s all about Slammiversary.

He said this is the 13th year anniversary of the company he co-founded with his father Jerry and he’s fortunate and blessed to be given this opportunity and will make the most of his last TNA match and go out the right way.

Jarrett said that it’s no secret that there were a lot of ups and downs between the Jarrett family and TNA over the years but he doesn’t want to bring up the negatives and look only at the positives. He’s excited to have this chance and get closure this Sunday being part of the King of the Mountain match.