Jeff Jarrett back running things in TNA


In the latest Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer says that Jeff Jarrett has now replaced John Gaburick as the top guy in TNA. Gaburick held the position of Executive Vice President of Creative & Talent Relations since his arrival in 2013 and was the number two guy behind Dixie Carter during the old TNA regime.

While there’s a change in the hierarchy, Gaburick is still with the company, although in what position remains to be seen. As Dixie’s right hand man, Gaburick had a lot of power but now with Dixie Carter completely gone, along with her husband, it will be interesting to see where Gaburick fits in the picture.

Jarrett will be running the creative department along with Dutch Mantel and Scott D’Amore from the next set of television tapings which will happen either late March or early April.